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The Rock Calls CM Punk From The Middle Of The Ring Following RAW

Ever since Phil "CM Punk" Brooks left WWE on bad terms in January of 2014, WWE shows all around the globe have been characterized by recurring crowd chants for the superstar. Usually, these chants are done to express disinterest in WWE's current product or just to get under the skin of WWE management. According to a recent report, this past Monday Night RAW...

Kurt Cobain And Nirvana: The Ten Best Songs Of A Revolutionary

It goes without saying that anyone familiar with the history of mainstream music will have, in some form, heard the tragic tale of a rock band called Nirvana and the fate of their conflicted but iconic front-man Kurt Cobain, who (allegedly) took his own life at the height of his popularity on April 5, 1994 at the age of 27.

Top 10 Best Songs By Marilyn Manson

When most people hear the name Marilyn Manson, they tend to picture a controversial, somewhat androgynous, psychologically disturbing, heavy metal superstar -- and they'd be exactly right. <...

Vino Alan Releases New Single “Time To Let It Go”

There once was a time when a resurgence of talent shows ruled the primetime spots on television. Shows like American Idol ruled supreme and paved the way for The Voice and X-Factor. Every once in a while, there would be those artists who left their mark, although many have disappeared from the public eye. Some voices and the stories of the people from which they emanate stay with us long after their time on these fleeting programs end. V...

Pop10 Boys Like Girls Songs

Music can be a magical thing in a person's life. With just a couple of notes, a song can send you back to a time in your life that you might have only vaguely remembered from Timehop or some other nostalgia-inducing app.At 22, I try my best to forget what I was like ten years ago. But this summer, I remembered exactly what it was like to be an awkward preteen who had no idea what she was doing with her life because I got a chance to f...

Happy 90th Birthday, Chuck Berry! Here Are His Pop10 Songs

Chuck Berry is still around. It’s something that I, embarrassingly, take for granted much of the time. “Oh yeah,” I’ll remember. “Cool.” He’s just, you know, the original rock ‘n’ roller (arguable, I suppose, considering, well, Elvis, Little Richard, Bill Haley, Fats Domino and Jackie Brenston/Ike Turner also exist ... whatever). Berry is THE “guitar hero.” The guitarist who inspired countless other greats, most notably Keith Richards. A true...

VARNA Chat “Living A Lie” And Dream Show Line Ups

Having earned themselves support from the likes of The Los Angeles Music Awards since bursting on to the scene back in 2013 with their EP This Time, It’s Personal, VARNA, fronted by vocalist Tiana Woods, are a band that are hard to ignore. As they promote and prepare to release the lyric video for their new track “Living A Lie”, Tiana and drummer Sean kindly agreed to this interview to chat dream shows, social media and song-writi...

Concert Review: Marianas Trench At The Diamond Ballroom

If the first stop on a tour is any indication of how well the rest of the tour will go, I'd say Marianas Trench is in for a wild summer! The Canadian band kicked off their SPF 80s tour at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City and we were lucky enough to witness the magic.The first of two opening acts was a local band called Saint Loretto, lead by front-man Evan Crowley, formerly of an Okie-pop group called Paperscissor. The band played a slew...

Zonnis Offers Up ‘Rise Of The Sheep’

For Victoria, BC’s interesting folky/blues/rock musical act Zonnis, music is a dance between catchy and humorous, with a little tongue in cheek attitude to boot. Releasing their heavily harmonized album titled Rise Of The Sheep, this pleasant duo has given us an album that’s a little bit of fun meets a lot of skill.Right away I am going to shine a light on the obvious elephant in the room. The catchy opening track titled “Too Li...

AMFM Talk “Heroes”, Influences & Dream Show Line-Ups

Fresh from the release of their first single "Heroes", Brooklyn based indie rockers AMFM are set to truly make their mark on the music world later this year with the release of their debut EP. With big plans for the future and already working on their next record, front-man David Caruso kindly agreed to this interview to chat social media, Madison Square Garden and The Beatles.PW: Please introduce the band for us.

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