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Mariah Carey’s Manager Defends Singer’s NYE Meltdown

An estimated one million people shuffled into Times Square in New York City on New Years Eve, joined by several million watching from the comfort of their homes. We had witnessed a historical year, and some things are not exactly considered to be fantastic milestones. The events of 2016 contained the loss of so many beloved artists, actors, and entertainers -- right up until the end. The anticipation of we...

Britney Spears ‘Realizes’ Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Gay In Throwback Viral Video

With his perfectly coiffed hair, excellent fashion sense, and always perfectly tailored looks Ryan Seacrest is basically the epitome of metrosexual. Sometimes people make assumptions about his sexuality because of this...Even pop princesses who probably encounter many metrosexual men while traveling the globe are prone to make that mistake, like Britney Spears (apparently).In a

American Idol Says Goodbye With Jam Packed Show

American Idol out.....for now?The final words of Ryan Seacrest during last nights massive Idol finale definitely stirred the pot as to what the future holds for the iconic show, but let's get to the show itself.Before announcing Trent Harmon as the series (?) finale winner, we were treated to a spectacle that featured Idols past and present in a showstopping two hour ...

Blake Shelton Hates To See Gwen Stefani Go, But He Loves To Watch Her Leave

Did Blake Shelton just blatantly check out Gwen Stefani's butt in a paparazzi photo? Sure looks like it...Have you seen this picture, yet?Is Blake Shelton looking at Gwen Stefani’s behind? It sure does look like it...The two The Voice coaches were recently photographed from outside of their truck.

Celebrity Rapper Auditions For American Idol

There is a big surprise in the audition room on American Idol in January 2016. American rapper, Kanye West, comes into the judging room and his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, waits behind the curtain listening in. West is famous for songs including: "Heartless", "Runaway", "Blood On the Leaves", etc. These songs have made spots on Billboard Hot 100 to getting West a Grammy A...

Macy’s Features A Star-Studded Cast In Their Black Friday Promo Spot

Macy's knows how to do things big for the holiday season!  We're officially less than a week away from coming off of a Thanksgiving dinner high, which means that every second we are rapidly inching closer to Black Friday deals!Between their Thanksgiving Day Parade to their Black Friday deals and steals, few companies do this holiday quite as well as Macy's does.   Macy's is well aware, and they decided to show off a bit with their

Karrueche Tran Talks Chris Brown: “There’s No Drama”

Despite going through a difficult relationship which saw her and ex Chris Brown regularly arguing, not helped by the news that he had fathered a baby girl, Royalty, with another woman,  Karrueche Tran seems unable to stop talking about the singer.

Both individuals are undoubtedly guilty of airing and sharing their ...

American Idol Season Finale Part 2: The Winner Is……

Should I drag this out or get right to the good stuff?Tonight on the season 14 finale of 'American Idol', Ryan Seacrest announced who took the crown between Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani after a JAM PACKED two hours of great performances.Before we get into those said performances, it's all about the winner.And he turned out to be....   NICK FRADIANI!!!!!It truly was a great season, and both guys really brought it las...

Remember Brian Dunkleman? Original ‘American Idol’ Co-Host HILARIOUSLY Reacts To Cancellation!!

BEST. TWEET.When news broke earlier today of the cancellation of 'American Idol' after 15 seasons, many involved with the show expressed their gratitude for the experience.As did season 1 co-host Brian Dunkleman!!Remember him!?Brian joined Ryan Seacrest for the very first season of the show, which saw the coronation of Kelly Clarkson as the original Idol.Today, Brian took to his Twitter to hilariously react to the cancellation news: 

American Idol Season Finale Part 1: Your Top 2 Revealed

Clark Beckham.....Jax.......Nick Fradiani.....One of them would become season 14's 'American Idol' tomorrow night......while one of them would be going home tonight!!While we're all still recovering from the cancellation news of our beloved Idol, we still have to get through this current season, and right now?It was ANYONE'S to lose!!Clark and Jax have been consistent from the start, while Nick has come from behind and really peaked during the right time. ...

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