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Vino Alan Releases New Single “Time To Let It Go”

There once was a time when a resurgence of talent shows ruled the primetime spots on television. Shows like American Idol ruled supreme and paved the way for The Voice and X-Factor. Every once in a while, there would be those artists who left their mark, although many have disappeared from the public eye. Some voices and the stories of the people from which they emanate stay with us long after their time on these fleeting programs end. V...

Kesha Records Duet With Mystery Artist

In the wake of a not-so-great year, Kesha will hopefully be making a comeback with a duet that brought her to tears.

Ryan Adams Releases A New Song From Emotional Album

Legendary musician Ryan Adams has released “To Be Without You”, the second single from his latest album, Prisoners.This record is more than just another piece of work for the musician. While every song and every album is important to the artist who recorded them, sometimes one comes out that is much closer to their hearts than the rest.

Ivy Mode Releases New Single “Money Can’t Buy”

Ivy Mode isn't your typical Belgian 21 year old. She is getting ready to take the music scene by storm. Mode involves herself in everything regarding her music, from developing the tracks to creating the artwork and even styling her performances. She is a one-of-a-kind artist. Mode's unique sounds come from inspirations such as Banks, Nick Murphy and James Blake.

Walking The Story-Driven Road: Russell Lee Releases New Album ‘What Do I Do’

Creating music from the heart is something that Canadian singer-songwriter Russell Lee is very serious about. Offering up his most recent and emotionally charged work to date, Russell has released both a new album, entitled What Do I Do, along with a story-driven and thoughtful new music video for the lead single, “Picture”. On...

Eminem Brands Trump A “Loose Cannon” In New Single “Campaign Speech”

It is no secret that a large number of cultural icons and celebrities do not like Trump. Despite all this, he is still able to maintain a large number of loyal followers.With this in mind, the stars have utilized whatever medium they coul...

Exclusive: Carrie Lane Premieres Her New Single “Drowning”

Having first made a name for herself as a model hailing from MSA models of New York and Los Angeles, one of the most reputable modeling agencies on the planet, Carrie Lane made the move into the music world, and, if her new single "Drowning", which PopWrapped is delighted to premiere, is anything to go by, she's going to be a part of it for a very long time to come.Lane released her freshman EP Bows Before Bros in June of last year an...

Melanie C Prepares To Release Her Sixth Album ‘Version Of Me’

As my favourite of the Spice Girls, I've always had a thing for Melanie Chisholm, known to fans simply as Mel C. That is why I, for one, am excited about the news that she is to release her sixth album on October 21st.The album titled Version Of Me has been created with the help of Melanie C's longtime co-writers Adam Argyle and Peter Vettese, together with London production duo, Sons Of Sonix, who have worked with Tinie Tempah and Ar...

Doreen Taylor Releases Her New Album ‘Happily Ever After’

Having just released her sophomore album Happily Ever After, Doreen Taylor is making a name for herself as a real artist to watch in a music industry making and breaking the careers of thousands around the world.Having earned herself degrees in both opera and vocal performance, Doreen began her career on the stage, performing in an array of musicals before switching things up and moving her focus to song-writing and recording. She, th...

The Chordaes Talk ‘Touch The Ground’ And Tour Plans

Blending melodic rock with power-pop, The Chordaes, influenced by the likes of The Cure, Coldplay and The Strokes, recently brought out their debut album Touch The Ground and are certainly making a name for themselves as a band to keep an eye on. Looking to get back in the studio to work on new material in the near future and with tour plans in the works, Leo and Ethan from the band kindly agreed to this interview to chat social media, dream shows and adv...

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