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Ed Sheeran Returns To Us With New Songs

At the end of 2015, British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran announced on Twitter and Instagram that he was taking a break from social media and, because he's such a low-key guy, proceeded to basically drop off the face of the earth for all of 2016. But now the hiatus is over, and Ed is back -- and he brings the gift of music!

Singer-Songwriter Naeya Has Had ‘Enough’ With New Music Video

San Francisco native Naeya is getting ready to make her own way into the music scene. From a young age, Naeya had a dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. The dream took her all the way through high school and college. It wasn’t until after her college graduation that a family friend convinced her to post her first ever video on YouTube.

Farahri Is Part Of A Tug-Of-War In New Music Video

Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter Farahri has broken her shyness and has opened herself up to the world. Throughout her story, and as seem in her variety of Pop and R&B stylings, Farahri embodies initiatives to make courageous life choices through music. At the simple age of 15, she made the move to publicly perform with her group of friends. “I finally felt like I belonged when I was jamming with those guys,” Farahri reveals.