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Google Has Something To Say About The WikiLeaks Disclosure

The latest news from WikiLeaks is that any device with a camera can be used as a CIA spy device. Phones, tablets, televisions, even wireless baby monitors. But, just like Apple has been saying, if we update our devices regularly, we "should be safe." Google is the latest in a series of tech companies to "weigh in" on the statement in an attempt to p...

Samsung Debuts Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer Exclusively On The Galaxy Tab 5 At ComiCon

Roxanne Powell Senior Content Editor @roxipowellWith ComiCon only a couple days away, folks are flying in from all over to secure their hotel rooms and prepaid parking spaces. There will be celebrity panels, workshops for writing and artwork, and the chance to network with people and organizations we the few do not see on a regular basis.Of the many attracti...

NVIDIA’s Shield Combines The Love Of Tablets With The Obsession Of Gaming

If you want spectacular gaming from a trusted and frankly, almost perfect brand, then we've got something for you!NVIDIA unveiled it's very own gaming tablet called the Shield. While this concept has been in production and review for over a year, it got a little bit of a facelift. Instead of a 5-inch screen, it is now 8 inches and with 1080p resolution. You can play the tablet alone, but the developers have now given you an incentive not to, developing a controller fo...

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro And Galaxy Tab Pro Revealed At 2014 International CES

Samsung has added some new gadgets to its already extensive list of products, the International Business Times reports.After teasing its line of Pro tablets with billboa...

Whatever Apple can do Microsoft can do better?


Clare Sidoti
Staff Writer

It’s official!!!! With their new ad campaign for the Windows 8 Tablet, Microsoft have arrived at 2006.


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