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Between The Sheets With Zayn Malik And Taylor Swift

Forget champagne and forget roses. Fifty Shades Darker will debut in early February, and people are excited for all the wrong reasons. As eyes fixate on Christian Grey and Ana Steele's passionate reunion, ears tune into their relationship's soundtrack. In particular, the song "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" teases fans with its hypnotic reverie, lusty lyrics, and fervent message.You can thank musicians Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift....

AT&T Launches New DIRECTV Channel Taylor Swift NOW

Taylor Swift has done it again. While Swifties around the world were anticipating an unannounced album drop -- something that, much to their disappointment and heartache, hasn’t yet happened -- Taylor Swift was in the works of dropping something entirely new: a DIRECTV Channel. So go ahead, Swifties: take a moment to breathe and process this news because it is ent...

Ryan Adams Explains How His New Album Saved His Life

Does music mean a lot to you? It might come as no surprise that singer Ryan Adams agrees. Adams has had a wide and varied two-decade long career that includes Grammy Awards, controversy with critics, and a Taylor Swift cover album. Now, after the release of his latest single “To Be Without You,” Adams is speaking out about how music saved his life.

Lea Michele’s New Boyfriend (If Ellen Has Her Way) Will Be…

Lea Michele, star of Glee and Scream Queens, was on Ellen yesterday to promote her new show. During her time with the beloved host, she talked about Scream Queens and her Women's Health magazine feature and cover.Ellen, then, took notice that Lea has been single for a while, saying that she was “single and alone, and lonely, and desperate.” Lea Michele responded, laughing, “Hey, hey, I’m do...

Let’s Help Taylor Swift Find A New Romance

Hiddleswift is over! Yet again Taylor Swift is moving on from a failed romance.But worry not for her. After all, she has built her career by writing hit songs about her failed relationships. And with two break-ups within the space of a few months, Miss Swift has a veritable gold mine of hit song material to channel into a couple of albums.Besides, we all know that she is the patron saint of moving on, and, if she chooses ...

Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Have Called It Quits On Their Whirlwind Romance

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston (aka Hiddleswift) have called it quits on their three month old romanceAnd, once again, an anonymous

The Rising Chat Songwriting, Upcoming Shows And Social Media

After earning considerable airplay in the UK, across Europe and in the USA in 2015, The Rising’s star has risen even further in the last few months. Having toured with Jess and The Bandits and racked up a considerable following on social media, they’ve put their all into their music, and it shows. Now, with work on their next album already underway and dreams of playing the Grand Ole Opry with Carrie Underwood (that’s a show I’d go and see!), Chris and Cha...

Tom Hiddleston Posts First Instagram Photo As Trickster God Loki

Celebrities: they're not just for Hollywood anymore! Tom Hiddleston has added another social media account to his collection: Instagram. The Avengers actor posted his first photo, and it did not disappoint!Who knew Loki the Trickster could even make that face?

YouTube Boosts Aaron Van Wormer To New Heights

Almost four years ago, I was playing soccer at the University of Missouri with my friend, Aaron Van Wormer. It was midnight, we were freshmen, and words escaped Aaron's his lips as many times as the soccer ball was passed between us. Aaron Van Wormer has always had a presence. That night of soccer was in August 2012. And now, three months after he has graduated from Missouri and moved to Orange County, California, my friend ...

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