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American Horror Story Wants You To Relive The Election

Don’t expect any mysteries when it comes to guessing the next theme of American Horror Story. The series creator, Ryan Murphy, is being unusually forthright about what season 7 will be about, because, as it turns out, we’ve gone through it already.

Oprah Winfrey To Join ’60 Minutes’ As Special Contributor

We may not have a chance to get random cars for sitting in Oprah Winfrey's audience anymore, but we will get to see the iconic television personality grace our screens once more.60 Minutes has announced that Oprah Winfrey will be joining the show as a special contributor.

The 100: 04×01, Echoes

After what felt like a long hiatus, television's best current sci-fi series The 100 is back for the premiere of its fourth season (yes, can you believe we are four seasons in?)!

"Echoes" Recap

The season picks up with "Echoes" after the destruction of Season 3, and there's still plenty of chaos to deal with. On one hand, Octavia helps an injured Indra and informs her she took care of Pike (which every viewer w...

Meet Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger Cast

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger is the upcoming series from Marvel Television. It was just announced that Olivia Holt will play Dagger and Aubrey Joseph will play Cloak. Olivia Holt is known for starring in Disney Channel series I Didn't Do It and Kickin' It. Aubrey Joseph was recently in HBO's mini series The Night Of and the Liam Neeson-led film Run...

Bryan Singer To Direct New X-Men Pilot

Bryan Singer, the man behind the X-Men films, isn’t done with crime fighting mutants just yet. Though he said he was ready for a break last summer, it would appear Singer still has some superpowered stories in him, as he’s getting ready to direct the pilot episode of Matt Nix’s upcoming X-Men television series.

Mary Tyler Moore Has Died, Aged 80

UPDATE, 2:45pm EST: It has just been reported that Mary Tyler Moore has died, aged 80. Our hearts go out to her friends and family.Mary Tyler Moore is reportedly in what’s being described as “grave condition” in a Connecticut hospital. The 80 year old actress has had a long battle with diabetes and has recently been dealing with numerous health issues, and the situation is worsening.