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These Are The Star Wars Valentines You’re Looking For

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with Star Wars valentines? They’re perfect for any Star Wars fan in your life, not just Jedis and droids but scoundrels and nerf herders, too. We won’t tell if you think they’re scruffy looking.

Han Solo Film Rumored To Be Pushed Back

It looks like the Force may not be with the upcoming Star Wars prequel, as the film may have been pushed back several months. <...

Rogue One Announces New Composer And Reveals International Posters

It was a busy few days for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The film hits theatres on December 16, but that doesn't mean that there is any shortage of news coming from the studio now. While the reshoots made some fans concerned, others are still hungry for whatever information they can get about the upcoming film. First, it was announced that the franchise's first stand alone movie has hired a

Star Wars: The Falcon Chapter 7 (Fanfic Friday)

Here we are at the conclusion of our first fanfic, The Falcon. We hope you have enjoyed this tale, and we are excited to bring you a brand new one next week! Remember to suggest a fic you would love to read, and it could be featured as a part of our Fanfic Friday! 

The Falcon: Chapter 7

The team raced outside into the snow and looked to the sky to reveal that the Resistance...

Star Wars: The Falcon Chapter 6 (Fanfic Friday)

Only two more chapters to go on this Star Wars fanfiction! Hope you all have enjoyed the tale thus far!

The Falcon: Chapter 6

They flew the Falcon to the location Finn specified before beginning their descent. Han took a deep breath. “Hold on to something. We have to fly in real low so they can’t see us,” he announced, as he aimed the ship straight for the trees.

Star Wars: The Falcon Chapter 5 (Fanfic Friday)

Check out the next chapter of Fanfic Friday! We are in the last half of the story, so start suggesting ideas for the next installment. We have many works ready to go, but we are very open to fan suggestion.

The Falcon: Chapter 5

Han and Rose joined the meeting, but, being back in the Resistance, Rose’s mind was brought back to the first few months after she’d left. It was probably ...

Star Wars: The Falcon Chapter 4 (Fanfic Friday)

Here we are for another installment of The Falcon. We're almost done telling this tale, so be sure to recommend some fanfics you'd like to see or tell us a show, book, or movie you'd like to see. We are open to suggestions. The plan is to roll with Terminator: Genisys next, but we are kind of feeling a Captain America: Civil War story, too. Weigh in in the comments.

The Falcon: Ch...

Star Wars: The Falcon – Chapter 3 (Fanfic Friday)

We hope you've enjoyed The Falcon so far, and we can't wait to see y'all submit some of your favorite fanfiction! If you missed the beginning, you can catch up with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Read below for the next piece to our Star Wars fanfic.


Pop 10: Coolest Star Wars Merchandise You Can Get For Star Wars Day

May the Fourth Be With You all.Fun fact: did you know that May the Fourth was first used after Margaret Thatcher was sworn in as Britain’s first woman Prime Minister on May 4th, 1979? An ad on a newspaper paid by her party had the headline “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations”. Cool, huh?Today is a very special day for all Star Wars fans, and we have come up with this cool list of the ten mos...

Harrison Ford’s Broken Leg Leads To Fixed Force Awakens

During the filming of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs shattered Han Solo's ankle.  A door fell on actor Harrison Ford, knocking both Ford and production out of commission for several weeks. Fortunately, the painful incident proved to be an happy accident for the film.According to the film's co-writer and director J. J. Abrams, the scenes being shot on The Millenniu...

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