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First Trailer Debuts For New Movie ‘The Ticket’

Dan Stevens of Downtown Abbey stars in The Ticket, a heartfelt tale of a man who was blind but is suddenly able to see again. The film is set to debut in April of this year, although we don't know whether that will be a nationwide or limited release. The film is centered around a man who appreciates everything he...

Kate McKinnon To Voice Ms. Frizzle In Netflix’s ‘Magic School Bus’ Reboot

It's time for seat belts everyone, Kate McKinnon is our new Ms. Frizzle! Netflix officially announced that McKinnon would be taking over as our favorite eccentric third grade teacher for the upcoming animated series The Magic School Bus: Rides Again.

Upcoming Teen Titans Film Announced, Trailer Released

According to a recent report, popular teenage super hero team, Teen Titans, will soon be getting its very own animated direct-to-video film. The film, entitled Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, is being co-produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment.

The 5 Most Hyped Films Coming This Spring

Although the world of film is more accustomed to releasing the year's biggest hits during the summer blockbuster and the winter holiday periods, great movies can be released year-round.As a matter of fact, some of 2017's best films are pegged for a release this spring. The following are the five most talked-about hyped films coming to theaters in Spring 2017.