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Google Has Something To Say About The WikiLeaks Disclosure

The latest news from WikiLeaks is that any device with a camera can be used as a CIA spy device. Phones, tablets, televisions, even wireless baby monitors. But, just like Apple has been saying, if we update our devices regularly, we "should be safe." Google is the latest in a series of tech companies to "weigh in" on the statement in an attempt to p...

Brazilian WhatsApp Suspension Lifted

Earlier this week, a Brazilian court ordered the popular messaging service WhatsApp be suspended for 48 hours. The company, owned by Facebook, had refused to comply with a court order requiring them to provide police with private information related to a criminal investigation. Apparently,

WhatsApp, Snapchat, And More May Soon Be Banned In The UK

It was announced this week that apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and iMessage could all become illegal in the UK after Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the programs scrambled communications, which stopped the government being able to read any messages sent when using the apps.The law, mentioned in the Queen's 2015 speec...

Mark Zuckerberg And The Country Of Iran Clearly Do Not Get Along

 Jonathan Frahm Staff Writer @JNoodles_Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and owner of popular apps Instagram and WhatsApp, has been

Facebook’s Acquisition Of WhatsApp Breaks Silicon Valley Records

Shane Avery Staff Writer @ShaneAvery And not just any purchase:

A $19 billion purchase!!
This past Wednesday, Facebook made headlines when it purchased the ever-growing WhatsApp for a s...

Facebook Buys WhatsApp For $19 billion

Joan Ronstadt Staff Writer @joanronstadt Facebook has made another pricey purchase in the hopes of controlling mo...

Study Shows Teens Have Turned From Facebook To Twitter and Snapchat

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues
Staff Writer

It turns out, more teens are snapping unflattering selfies via Snapchat and updating their Twitter statuses than trolling Facebook. A recent study indicates that more and more older teens are transitioning from Facebook to other social media networks reports

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