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5 Tips To Help Ease The Boredom While Being Trapped Indoors This Winter

2017 has been in full swing and you might be doing really well with your New Year's Resolutions. But mother nature might have casually reminded you that it's winter, and now boredom has hit, and you're kind of stuck indoors while the weather outside is frightful.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life: 01×01, Winter

Are you ready, ladies and gentlemen, to venture back to the hometown we all wish we had: Stars Hollow? It's winter when we finally get back, but, before we can drift onto the snowy scene, we're given a recap of sorts of important, funny, and poignant dialogue from the original series on a black screen. Oh, I didn't expect hearing Edward Hermmann's voice would be such a gut punch straight away. I guess I knew I'd see him, as the giant portrait was in the trailer, b...

Gut Reaction: Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Like a lot of fans, I have been waiting YEARS to see a proper resolution to Gilmore Girls. Amy Sherman-Palladino teased us for a decade about those final four words, and, like the cast has described, we always felt like the show merely ended rather than concluded. She always said she'd like to come back to do it right.Well, ASP got h...

PopWrapped’s Ultimate Holiday Playlist

The holidays are here and, if you're still feeling a little bit like the Grinch, we're here to fix that! Pour some egg nog, grab a sugar cookie, throw another log on the fire and stare out at the gently falling snow as you listen to our favorite holiday songs.We've had some of our contributors list the songs they can't get through December without, and threw a nifty Spotify playlist together at the bottom of the article for all to enjoy! Let u...

Team Figure Skating Gold Proves Russia’s Still A Powerhouse

Tarra Matthews Senior ManagerThis year marked the debut of a new even in figure skating, the team event. The premise of the event is simple enough, each country picked one representative for each of the 4 events (men’s, women’s, pairs and ice dance) to compete to rack up points that are tallied up and the highest point t...

Pop Of Weird: Lifelike Sculpture Of Naked Man Creeps College Kids Out

 Kate McHale Staff WriterImagine walking across campus, in a sleep deprived haze, when you see a frozen man in his Walter White tightie whities.  This is what students at Wellesley College are currently seeing on the campus of the college, an all-girls liberal ar...

More Controversy From Sochi as the Opening Ceremonies Inch Closer

Christa Tintelnot Staff WriterThe Winter Olympics from Sochi won't even start until Friday, February 7th, but already the upcoming games are part of the news cycle. First, word came of the threat of terrorism at the event is a very real possibly and second, the country's negative views of the LBGT community. Now, another controversy is stirring from Sochi, and it h...

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