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Art / Lifestyle

Ten Tattoo Artists Worth Instagram Stalking

Amy Jereb | PopWrapped Author

Amy Jereb

06/03/2017 10:34 pm
Ten Tattoo Artists Worth Instagram Stalking | Tattoo Artists
Media Courtesy of on Instagram

Since 2005, tattoos have become more and more commonplace. Today, around a third of young adults have a tattoo. With such widespread popularity, tattoo artists utilize social media as an advertising platform to share and spread their work. Instagram is a hot spot for scrolling through artists portfolios, so here are ten tattoo artists worth Instagram stalking!

10 Tattoo Artists You Have To Instagram Stalk

1. Pony Rheinhardt


Doe fawn with a juniper bundle, amethyst, citrine, rose, daisy, and wild rose! Thanks Brianne! ?

A post shared by Pony Reinhardt Tattoo (@freeorgy) on

Sporting a unique tattoo style, Pony does woodcut tattoos at Tenderfoot Studio in Portland, Oregon. Always intricate and detailed, Pony's tattoos can capture your attention for hours! Clients seem to want a laundry list of imagery, so the captions on Instagram photos list every detail included in the design. Scrolling down Pony's Instagram feed, you can see all kinds of nature imagery. Pony's tattoos have such a unique style that they can easily be recognized anywhere online.

 2. Denis Torikashvili Tidan

Denis is an artist from Moscow out of Pont Royal Tattoo. He specializes in photorealism. Sometimes creepy, and always startling realistic, Denis's tattoos vary little (if at all) from a photo of the moment they capture. His Instagram features many fandom and pop-culture tattoos, as well as personal photos recreated on his clients.  

3. Trudy 


Mixed Medium ???? ????????‍????????????‍???????? #bangbangforever #bangbangnyc

A post shared by Trudy ???? ( on

Trudy hails from the big apple, where she works at the famous Bang Bang Tattoos. She is the newest artist to the shop, but is no apprentice or beginner. Trudy's Instagram features her many floral and geometric tattoos. She is spreading this new tattoo trend one artwork at a time.

 4. pokeeeeeeeoh


BOOKINGS FOR JUNE!! FOLLOW THE LINK IN MY BIO! ?? Thanks! Ps healed bee. ????

A post shared by Hello (@pokeeeeeeeoh) on

This anonymous artist (at least we don't think their first name is actually pokeeeeeeeoh) hails from Malmö, Sweden. They specialize in stick and poke tattoos, meaning they do not use a tattoo gun. Instead, they painstakingly tattoo using just their hand and a needle with ink. Typically their designs are clean, smooth line work. Scrolling down their Instagram feed will have you gasping at the simplicity of these time consuming works of art.

 5. Rebecca Vincent


Back of Steph's arm. All healed apart from the leaf sprig, which is fressssshhhh.

A post shared by Rebecca Vincent (@rebecca_vincent_tattoo) on

From Parliament Tattoo in London, Rebecca Vincent paves the way for black and white floral designs. She almost exclusively tattoos flora, with a bit of fauna thrown in. Her Instagram is worth stalking if you love clean lines, stippling, and colorless tattoos.

 6. Sanghyuk Ko


his Rio ???????? #mrktattoo #bangbangnyc

A post shared by Mr.K / Sanghyuk Ko (@mr.k_tattoo) on

Sanghyuk Ko (aka Mr. K) also tattoos at Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City, like Trudy. His Instagram has an eclectic array of imagery, but they all have one stylistic feature in common: teeny, tiny, delicate line work. If you have ever thought about getting a tattoo of your pets, then you have to look at Mr. K's portfolio. One of his more common requests is small animal busts.

 7. Crystal Hansen Martinez

Crystal works at Speakeasy Custom Tattoos in Chicago. There, she specializes in natural imagery. Colorful and exciting, her tattoos are worth Instagram stalking if you enjoy patterns (like mandalas) within an animal or floral design. You might also spot a few watercolor tattoos while you're at it!

 8. Joe Ellis


Cheers James.

A post shared by Wrong Side Of History (@joeellistattoo) on

Joe works at Sacred Electric Tattoo near London, England. His specialty is colored American traditional tattoos. His Instagram features all of the iconic American traditional imagery, from the rose and dagger combo to swallows and flowers. Any fan of American traditional tattoos should take a gander at his social media.

 9. Kate Mackay Gill

From West Sussex, UK, Kate tattoos what can only be described as paintings. Almost exclusively of animals, her tattoos are usually large pieces of astounding beauty. Somewhere between the realism and water color styles, these artworks are stunning. Her Instagram can entertain for hours!

 10. Daniel Clark

Daniel tattoos in Melbourne, Australia at Beautiful Body Art. His tattoos are incredible photo realistic pieces. Many feature pop-culture imagery or fandom material. His Instagram is a go-to for anyone seeking a nerdy tattoo for themselves. 


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