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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Part 1 Is A Unique Comedic Anime

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
12/23/2017 7:37 pm
PopWrapped | Reviews
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Part 1 Is A Unique Comedic Anime | saiki
Media Courtesy of Funimation
Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Part 1)
Released By: Funimation
Release Date: December 26, 2017
Retail Price: $64.98
If you've ever had a thought that a psychic, high school and comedic setting would create a memorable anime series - you were absolutely right, and possibly crazy. The series The Disastrous Life of Saiki K began serialization in 2012 through Weekly Shonen Jump (a major platform for rising manga series in Japan and the US.) Being published in Jump, adapted into an anime and even being featured in a video game, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is cementing itself as a comedy series that goes all out in terms of weirdness but impresses the masses entirely. While Saiki was granted an anime adaptation - it additionally was confirmed to be a lengthy first season being divided into two parts, with this piece covering the first 12 episodes of the serialized anime.
Our unlikely series lead comes as a bizarre 16 year old with abilities that aren't quite the typical traits of an anime high schooler (or high schoolers in general) who is exceptionally gifted. The young Saiki was born with psychic abilities that manifest in ways like telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy and a multitude of powers that he himself hasn't completely discovered. Though Saiki sounds like he could in fact be a being that could bring on disaster and chaos to the world, the only thing that seems to be effected is his "disastrous" life. With Saiki's abilities, you would think that life would be the most simplistic it could possibly be for a super-powered teen, but those who know seem to depend on him and those who don't are subconsciously drawn to him in one way or another - keeping Saiki a lot busier than he would like to be.
From his abilities, you could assume that there is a possibility of going a darker direction, whether it could require him to be heroic or play the role of a villain, but despite the influence of power the anime strictly keeps it's hilarity and comedic nature through and through. The disastrous Life of Saiki K likes to toy with broader thoughts and directions, but knows how to redirect it into a humorous atmosphere like it's second nature. There is something just endearing about the comedy series, finding new ways to create laughter from the audience. The nature of the people in the anime is so over the top that it is even addressed by Saiki during the second episode making it a series that all in all wants to make this enclosed bubble that signifies a wacky setting with rapid paced comedy and events that keep you moving forward through Saiki's life.
There may be a lot of characters and things going on in the series, but Saiki is quite literally one of the best comedic characters in recent years. As he explains his backstory early on you grow to appreciate his way of looking at humanity as he feels above everyone in ways (rightfully so.) He goes as far as changing people on a biological level, state of mind, mannerisms and even the thought process behind decisions and or pain. What adds fun to the setting is his carefree way of revealing such heavy matters as if it was nothing for him and he doesn't really care to dive deep into his actions and does what will work in his favor. It becomes clear over the course of the first season's first 12 episodes, Saiki more than anything just wants to relax - something he doesn't get so easily. His time is spent warding off girls who want to be with him or people who admire or want to challenge him, making Saiki a powerful person who truly just strives to use his abilities to make life as easy as possible and with it creating a plethora of fun moments - you won't see me complaining about the fun energy behind the anime.
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K embodies the tone of a comedy with heart, only to be aided by such perfect choices for the creative side to anime. The art of the characters and situational reactions are cause for laughter as we see people bounce back between highs and lows so quickly (thanks to Saiki's alterations.) These moments are best depicted when Saiki finds himself dodging the attention of women who admire him, trying relentlessly to appease the cold psychic with no success. The voice acting in the anime only brings more joy to the series, as Jerry Jewell is the perfect person to voice the bored teenager and another personal favorite includes Chuck Huber playing his hysterical father who can't seem to get his adult life together (another enjoyable story from Saiki's series.) The anime really captures the appearance of the manga but in an even more enjoyable direction visually appeasing fans of the manga or potential fans giving the series a first time chance. If you are someone looking for a laugh or are even a harsh critic of comedic series, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is likely an anime that you won't be able to help but enjoy in its entirety.
Overall Score: 9/10
Aedan's Final Thoughts:
- I can't wait to begin the second part of the first season!
- I didn't expect to enjoy the series or the character as much as I have, but it is 100% worth the watch.
- Each of the supporting characters felt fleshed out and enjoyable in each sequence. 


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