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Disney / Music PopWrapped | Disney

PopWrapped Presents: Top 15 Villain Songs From Disney And Beyond

Kara McCoy | PopWrapped Author

Kara McCoy

Staff Writer
11/06/2017 6:30 am
PopWrapped | Disney
PopWrapped Presents: Top 15 Villain Songs From Disney And Beyond | Disney Villains Songs
Media Courtesy of "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame," Disney
Let's face it: the bad guys are always the coolest. We all know the villains get the best songs: whether they're sassy, sinister, or just plain clever, the bad guys often overshadow the heroes with their musical moments, and maybe even fool you into rooting for them for three minutes before you remember that they're actually totally evil. Let's take a look at some of the best!

Top 15 Villain Songs

15.  "Friends On The Other Side" (The Frog Princess)

If Hamilton's "The Room Where It Happens" and The Little Mermaid's "Poor, Unfortunate Souls" had a baby, that jazzy musical offspring would probably sound a lot like this underrated voodoo number.

Most Villainous Lyric: Shake my hand, come on, boys/Won't you shake a poor sinner's hand?


14.  "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (The Swan Princess)

In this non-Disney classic, Rothbart is powerful, magical, flashy, and if this musical number proves anything, he really just love being the bad guy.

Most Villainous Lyric: Up to no good, I love plottin'/'Cause I'm so good when I'm rotten!


13.  "Big And Loud" and Reprise (Cats Don't Dance)

This lesser known animated film about a cat who just wants to get his big break in Hollywood features a villain song by an evil, Shirley Temple-inspired child actress, and it's just as amazing as it sounds.

Most Villainous Lyric: I didn't get where I am today/By letting myself get pushed around! 


12.  "Mine, Mine, Mine" (Pocahontas

A genuine earworm with clever word play and historical context to boot, Governor Ratcliffe's ode to greed and colonization is pretty damn catchy.

Most Villainous Lyric: Oh, with all ya got in ya, boys/Dig up Virginia, boys!


11.  "Shiny" (Moana)

With a completely different sound than the rest of the Moana soundtrack, this number definitely stands out, expertly crooned by Jemaine Clement, who makes this rapaceous crustacean's one and only scene a fan favorite.

Most Villainous Lyric: Did your granny say, listen to your heart?/Be who you are on the inside?/I need three words to tear her argument apart/Your granny lied.


10.  "On The Road" (Thumbelina)

What makes this song so villainous is that it actually doesn't sound villainous at all: you nearly forget that Thumbelina was actually just kidnapped by these showbiz frogs because the song is so fun.

Most Villainous Lyric: Just sing on pitch, we get very rich/Wait until they see the Thumbelina on the road!

9.  "Mother Knows Best" and Reprise (Tangled)

Donna Murphy's killer pipes lend some Broadway clout to this musical treatment of overprotective parenthood and emotional abuse--pretty grounded sources of villainy for a Disney movie.

Most Villainous Lyric: Trust me, my dear/That's how fast he'll leave you/I won't say I told you so!


8.  "Oogie Boogie's Song" (Nightmare Before Christmas)

A perfect example of a villain that was scary when you were a kid, but a bad ass now that you're an adult, Oogie Boogie delivers a performance dripping with both delight and malevolence, while putting Santa's life in jeopardy--and it really doesn't get any more evil than that.

Most Villainous Lyric: It's much more fun, I must confess/When lives are on the line/Not mine, of course/But yours, old boy/Now that'd be just fine. 


7.  "Playing With The Big Boys" (The Prince Of Egypt)

Martin Short and Steve Martin have never sounded so threatening, as two Egyptian priests taunting Moses with the creepiest magic show you could imagine, complete with literal smoke and mirrors, and oh yeah, lots of snakes.

Most Villainous Lyric: Well, forgive us these smiles on our faces/You'll know what power is when we are done.


6.  "Pour Unfortunate Souls" (The Little Mermaid)

In this Disney classic, Ursula proves herself to be a deft businesswoman, exploiting Ariel's naiveté to snatch the young mermaid's voice, all while delivering some serious sass.

Most Villainous Lyric: I'll admit that in the past, I've been a nasty/They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch.


5.  "Gaston" (Beauty And The Beast)

What begins as LeFou's ruse to boost his bro's ego turns into a genuine foot-stopping, tankard-clinking group number, so undeniably catchy that you're tricked into singing along with the praises of Disney's most arrogant villain.

Most Villainous Lyric: When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs/Every morning to help me get large/And now that I'm grown I eat five dozen eggs/So I'm roughly the size of a barge!


4.  "Toxic Love" (FernGully)

Nobody does delicious evil quite like Tim Curry, the only voice capable of making sentient pollution sound both sinister and seductive, so much so that you may find yourself wishing the entire movie was just a giant Hexxus cabaret show, because who wouldn't want to watch that pile of smog slink around for two hours.

Most Villainous Lyric: Oil and grime, poison sludge/Diesel clouds and noxious muck/Slime beneath me, slime up above/Ooh, you'll love my (ah, ah, ah) toxic love.


3.  "In The Dark Of The Night" (Anastasia)

Rasputin rhapsodizes about his desire for vengeance in this slightly kookier cousin of our number two spot (just replace the maniacal hyenas with cute little bugs), a villainous number that's visually a little goofy, but balanced out with some really evil lyrics, making this song an absolute delight.

Most Villainous Lyric: Come, my minions/Rise for your master/Let your evil shine/Find her now, yes/Fly ever faster/In the dark of the night/She'll be mine!

2.  "Be Prepared" (The Lion King)

As villains go, there's no one quite like the murderous and ambitious Scar, who's almost Shakespearean in his characterization (The Lion King was loosely based on Hamlet, after all)--using his powerful command of language to manipulate an army of brainless, goose-stepping hyenas, Reich-like imagery that adds a disturbing touch to what we all know is a kids' movie.

Most Villainous Lyric: So prepare for the coup of the century/Be prepared for the murkiest scam/Meticulous planning/Tenacity spanning/Decades of denial/Is simply why I'll/Be king undisputed/Respected, saluted/And seen for the wonder I am.


1.  "Hellfire" (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

A song that I still can't believe even exists in the Disney canon, "Hellfire" tackles very heavy themes, including, but not limited to, the frailty of the human flesh, carnal sin, and damnation--sung by a lustful priest and backed by a kind of doomsday choir chanting in Latin. They don't write 'em like that anymore. The whole number has, like the rest of the Hunchback soundtrack, a theatricality to it, grand in its scope, with absolutely beautiful orchestration. Yes, it's creepy, but I'll be damned if it doesn't give me goosebumps every single time.

Most Villainous Lyric: Protect me, Maria/Don't let this siren cast her spell/Don't let her fire sear my flesh and bone/Destroy Esmeralda/And let her taste the fires of hell/Or else let her be mine and mine alone.


So that's our Top 15, but what do you think? Do you agree with our list? Are we missing your favorite? Should Disney newcomer Moana be more of a top contender? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


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