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Television PopWrapped | Television

What Happens When You Watch Too Much 'Chopped'

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
07/11/2018 12:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
What Happens When You Watch Too Much 'Chopped' | What Happens When You Watch Too Much 'Chopped'
Media Courtesy of Food Network

Have you ever been caught up in an episode of Food Network's Chopped only to realize that you have actually been watching all day and you have sat through 8 full episodes? Well we have, and if you have ever found in yourself in this situation, you might have noticed you have started to do some weird things afterward. We have developed 5 true signs you have taken part in a Chopped marathon

1. You're Plating Is Now On Point

Usually, our dinner plates are just that, dinner thrown together on a plate. But after a day of chopped, you make it your mission to search high and low for the best plate, bowl, cup... in the cabinent to fit the kind and style of the food you are going to put on it. After you nail your plateing, you may even put it on instagram because you want your points for plating! 

2. No Ingredient Left Behind

Typically, meals are planned out and the correct ingredients are purchased. But now, you just can't resist ingredient roulette. Every ingredient in your pantry is now fair game and you will make it your mission to make it "fit" into your dish. 

3. You Judge Meals 

When you are out you start to think about your meals as the judges would. What would Alex Guarnaschelli or Marc Murphy say? Is your meal over seasoned or does it not have enough seasoning? Does the "little bit of green" on top belong or should it be left off the plate? Should this chef be "chopped?" 

4. You Change Your Food Shopping Game

Never heard of canned chicken or durian? Well now you have and your interest has been peaked. You now look at the grocery store through a whole different lense. The world is your oyster and you are more daring then ever to find the most interesting food and turn it into a 5 star meal. 

5. You Wash, Rinse, and Repeat 

You are now caught in the cycle and there is no breaking. There will be another Chopped marathon and you will be watching it, while your Rocky Mountain oysters and bitter melon are cooking in the kitchen. 


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