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Television PopWrapped | Television

Why Agent Julian Gale Should Be A Part Of 'The Blacklist' Season 5

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
06/29/2017 9:02 am
PopWrapped | Television
Why Agent Julian Gale Should Be A Part Of 'The Blacklist' Season 5 | Agent Gale
Media Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

News broke early this week that, Enrique Murciano would not be returning to The Blacklist season five as Agent Julian Gale.  Fans are already swarming social media to share how devastated they are at this news.  Murciano broke the news himself on Twitter sharing that series creator Jon Bokenkamp informed him that Gale would not be making a comeback in the next season of the successful NBC Drama.  

We don’t think Agent Gale’s story was over and we want to share a few reasons why we think he needs to stick around as a member of The Blacklist.

Why The Blacklist Needs Agent Gale

  1. Early on when Murciano was cast as Agent Gale for the second part of season four, reports stated that if the show got renewed, he would be a series regular in season five.  What happened to that idea?  
  2. Agent Gale’s story isn’t over on this show.  He is called the ghost whisperer at some point in his stint and we never get to know why or the reason he is really so caught up and emotional regarding Reddington’s victims.
  3. Murciano’s Agent Gale is the first character on the good side of the law who is able to challenge Reddington and possibly pose a threat.  That is something which would be very exciting to see during season five.
  4. In the last scene, Agent Gale has on The Blacklist season four finale, Reddington confronts him and let’s him know how close Gale was to bringing Red down.  He also seems to hint that they will meet again at some point because Gale is that good.  If Reddington is impressed with Gale, then shouldn’t he have some staying power on the show?
  5. Gale makes fans either love him or hate him which is a true skill from actor Enrique Murciano.  Some love his passion and the mystery that revolves around his sunglasses wearing face while others find it annoying and unnecessary.  If he causes that much conversation among the fanbase, he is clearly worth keeping around.  Not too mention, he is a very nice piece of eye candy up against series favorite Red Reddington portrayed excellently by James Spader.
  6. Does the lack of success for Tom’s (Ryan Eggold) spinoff Blacklist Redemption’s bring Tom back to the flagship show? Does that mean there isn’t enough room for Gale on the show anymore?  We can have both but if you want fans to be supportive, we can guarantee, they would much rather have Gale than Tom Keen.  Keep Keen, he’s the supportive husband and amazing spy, but put him in the background and let Gale shine and battle Red.
  7. Gale has unfinished business with his past and present partner, Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff).  Their story alone has so much potential considering the betrayal Gale feels and Ressler’s new situation caused by the finale.  We want to see where they go from here!


So, if you are reading, creators of the amazing Blacklist, bring Gale back for more fun.  He is a really good addition to the show and we weren’t done learning about who he is as both an agent and a person.  Fans, do you guys like Agent Gale?  Are you saddened to see his time on The Blacklist come to such an abrupt end?  Sound off and share this article so the show runners know how much we love Agent Gale.  Enrique Murciano has been an amazing addition to the show and we aren’t ready to say goodbye.  


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