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Younger: 01x04 The Exes

Ariel Bradford | PopWrapped Author

Ariel Bradford

04/21/2015 11:07 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Younger: 01x04 The Exes | Younger
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Last week's Younger picks up right where it left off: with Liza and Josh making their way to his bedroom. They (finally) do it, and he goes down on her and it's a wonderful moment for feminism on television.

In the morning, Josh asks Liza when she first lost her virginity as she admires his body (and pierced nipples). She recalls it was at a Nirvana concert.

"Nirvana? What were you, five?"

"Uh.. It was a reunion tour."

The English translation of "Kaleidoscope of Life" is now officially secured by Kelsey from Anton, the Swedish author, and she announces this to the company in a meeting. Kelsey asks Liza to be on her marketing team and to take her "under [her] wing." When Kelsey shares her nerves about having to edit the book well, Liza says, "That ain't no thang!... for you to do." Kelsey asks Liza to make sure she doesn't drink too much so she's sharp for her meeting with Anton the next day.

Thad, Kelsey's boyfriend, joins Kelsey's celebration at the bar when her childhood friend leaves. He immediately begins to order lots of drinks when Liza tells him how Kelsey wants to stay sober for the night. He then talks about his own personal issues, finishing with, "Sweetie... you don't see me ruining anybody else's good time, do you?" When Kelsey complies with him, he says, "That's my ride or die bitch!" He then pressures her into getting drunk.

Kelsey gets the idea to visit Josh's tattoo parlor to get commemorative friendship tattoos for her first author acquisition. "I have to get something in Swedish! Like... a meatball!" Then decides to go home, presumably to binge watch Gilmore Girls, and Liza and Kelsey head to Josh's.

After gushing about how "smoldering" Anton's eyes are, Liza tries to calm Kelsey down. Kelsey responds, "I get it. You're all sober, and snore, and blah," then gives Liza the giggles with thoughts of seeing Josh which are quickly snuffed out when Kelsey texts Anton "U R HOOOOTTTTT!!!!"

Arriving at Josh's, Kelsey demands to get a tattoo despite the shop being closed. She then begins to yell at Josh at his apartment window, directly above the shop, and eventually breaks his window. His light turns on and he looks outside, shirtless... in bed with another woman.

With Josh attempting to explain himself, Liza pushes a screeching Kelsey into a car while growling "GET IN THE TAXI!" "BUT I DIDN'T GET A TATTOO!"

When Liza vents her feelings, Maggie replies, "Welcome to 26... Maybe I was wrong... maybe this is more than just fun."

Kelsey's alarm goes off in the morning and she, much like most college students I know, flips over her phone and goes back to sleep. Anton sits in the conference room alone when Diana approaches Liza. Covering for Kelsey's misbehavior (as any amazing friend would do), Liza tells Diana that she gave Kelsey some Ambien for her nerves and might still be asleep.

"Anton! Diana Trout, head of marketing and this is my associate, Liza...something." Anton is put off by Diana's approach, claiming that anyone who is familiar with his work should know he is disinterested in anything to do with marketing and gets up to leave.

When Kelsey arrives, she blames Liza and Diana for not keeping Anton longer. She then tells Liza "thanks for nothing" because she didn't make sure Kelsey stayed sober the night before. "I don't even have WORDS to tell you how crazy you sound!" Liza retorts.

"You sound like a fifty-year-old!"

"You can rant and deflect blame all you want or you can own this, take responsibility for it, and go fix it."

Realizing Liza is right, Kelsey apologizes and begins bashing the woman Josh was with to make Liza feel better, even though she doesn't remember seeing her at all.

Kelsey goes to Anton's house and apologizes. She explains that signing him is the biggest thing she's ever done, tells him what happened, and says it'll never happen again. He holds up his phone, asking if the drunk texting will ever happen again, to which she says it won't. He agrees to meet with her the next day, and then kisses her... "We both get one mistake."

Josh explains that the girl he was sleeping with was his last girlfriend who occasionally visits. He apologizes, to which Liza also apologizes. He asks about her last relationship and she simply tells him it was "boring."

"Come on. We broke the bed in three places," Josh urges.

She explains that time changed their relationship, so she left. Josh assumes she left for India, which continues her lie, so she agrees. He asks for a second chance.

"I am all about second chances."

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