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‘Far Cry 5’ Brings A New Level Of Anticipation To The Gaming World

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
04/16/2018 12:28 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
‘Far Cry 5’ Brings A New Level Of Anticipation To The Gaming World | Far Cry 5 Review
Media Courtesy of Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 premiered at the end of March after a long list of events played out to get players hyped for the game. As the fifth installment, Ubisoft had some big shoes to fill in the gaming universe and they brought it with this insanely great game. I have to admit, before we get too far into this review, I am not much of a gamer unless we’re talking about Mario Party, Mario 64, or Guitar Hero; but this game pulled me in through the different levels of fan hype they executed. The team behind Far Cry has to include some of the best minds in the public relations world after the execution of this campaign.

This game is about a cult, called Eden’s Gate, who is responsible for taking over most of Montana, yes you read that right, and no law enforcement agency has been able to take them down. The cult’s success is credited to Joseph Seeds, or as he’s known to his followers, the Father. Ubisoft enrolled the assistance of Bitten alum, Greg Bryk, to play the role of the Father both in bringing the character to life within the game but also in some more realistic ways. Amazon teamed up with Ubisoft to air a prequel short prior to the game’s release for those enrolled in Amazon Prime. The film is titled Inside Eden’s Gate, was a 30 minute short introducing us to the character of the Father and his cult along with their ways. If you watch it, which I did pretty quickly once it was available, you will want to play the game immediately as the credits roll. It was Greg Bryk’s involvement in this project which caused me to jump in and play the game. Ubisoft also hosted a ‘Meet the Father’ event where Bryk acted in the role of his character to meet people who would later, hopefully, buy and play the game.

The game itself, which I don’t have a lot to compare to unless you count my hours of watching my husband, is excellent. The game story revolves around your character, a rookie deputy, who has to go in with her team and arrest the Father which ends in a disastrous mission, where you better be good at shooting games - I am not - because the cult has a hit out on you and your fellow officers. The Father’s followers aren’t the only threat you face in this game because wild animals, even turkeys, will get in on the fun of killing your character before you can achieve your goal of liberating Montana from the Father’s grasp. It’s a fun, well set up, game where you follow your leads and accomplish missions until you finally face off with the Father once more. If you’ve already played, hit us up with your thoughts! There’s a trailer for the game and Amazon short below, but be warned, the next paragraph includes game spoilers…

Read the following section at your own risk. Far Cry 5 came with three separate endings you can choose between. They consist of resist, walk away and surprise. If you choose to resist, you will fight and escape only to find the entire world gets nuked anyway and you become the Father’s prisoner. Walking Away ends in a blackout where you, most likely, kill your friends based on reasons we’ll let you discover throughout the game. Nothing is what it seems in Far Cry 5. Finally, there is a surprise ending and if you choose it you win the game before it even begins. If you don’t place the handcuffs on Joseph Seed, then you all walk away and the credits roll. I like this one because I’m so bad at video games.


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