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‘Goliath’ Breakdown Review For S2x01-04

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
06/21/2018 1:37 am
PopWrapped | Reviews
‘Goliath’ Breakdown Review For S2x01-04 | Goliath Season 2 Review
Media Courtesy of Prime Video

Billy Bob Thornton stars as a lawyer, down on his luck, in this Amazon Prime original series Goliath which returned for its second season on June 15. At the end of season one Billy McBride (Thornton) won the big case and things were looking up. We are here to tell you, that did not happen. Billy might have more money then he did at the beginning of last season, but he’s still passed out drunk at the bar next to the motel he lives in, the first time we see him. This is part one of our recap/review, and includes the first four episodes only. So far, this season has been absolutely phenomenal with excellent writing, acting, and directing. If you haven’t seen the first season, binge it real quick, because the seasons are only eight episodes each and they’re so good, the time flies by.

Episode one - ‘La Mano’: Amazon treats us to a season one recap before jumping into the new episodes, which we were grateful for because it has been a little while since we last watched it. After we get refamiliarized with Billy McBride, we’re greeted by a DEA drug bust followed by mayoral candidate, Marisol Silva (Ana de la Reguera), holding a victory press conference. We were wary of her from the first moment, which could be because of her eyebrows but we’ll go more in depth later. Next, we see Billy who’s pretty much where we left him, being escorted back home by the bar owner, Oscar Suarez (Lou Diamond Phillips). When they reach his room, Oscar hangs around for a minute and shares that his two oldest boys are involved in a drug gang and they’ve been murdered. Billy offers money to help (he is throwing money around left and right) but Oscar says he just wanted to share and leaves.

Next, we’re reintroduced to Billy’s paralegal/escort Brittany Gold (Tania Raymonde) apologizing for her actions in the previous season. Billy forgives her and gives her a check for her work on their last case. After the reunion, a more sober Billy checks on Oscar, only to find out his youngest son was arrested for double homicide. The police claim he killed the kid who killed his oldest sons in an act of revenge. Oscar wants Billy to take the case but Billy declines because he doesn’t do murder trials, however he offers to check out the assigned Public Defender and on Julio Suarez (Diego Josef). Billy stays good on his word and visits Julio, getting some information from the young boy, who he believes is innocent.

After his interview, which was not official, Billy picks up his daughter and takes her back to the house he bought for them. Denise McBride (Diana Hopper) is concerned for her Father because of his drinking, but their conversation isn’t long and he goes back to the motel, where he feels home. Later that evening, Billy is approached by Marisol, they are old ‘friends’, and she is concerned for Julio. She’s known him since he was a young boy and knows he’s innocent. She also wants Billy to take the case, but he declines again sending her away for now. We started to trust her a bit, here, because Billy did.

Next, Billy gathers some intel from Detective Keith Roman (Dominic Fumusa) before heading to the crime scene to conduct some research of his own. It’s in these moments that we know he’s considering this case, which we are rooting for. We’re introduced to Roman again while he’s playing basketball with Danny Loomis (Matthew Del Negro), who we learn is his partner in crime. Turns out, Julio is definitely innocent but these two men, and perhaps more, are standing in Billy’s way to prove it. Back to Marisol as she has a meeting with her biggest campaign donor, Tom Wyatt (the usually loveable Mark Duplass) which segues into a strange doll factory scene with a doctor cutting off body parts in the back. Back at the motel, Billy is getting Oscar ready to testify on behalf of Julio, as his alibi, but as he leaves Oscar is shot dead in the street.

Episode 2 - ‘Politics’: Episode one ended with an emotional moment, which we did not need after the latest Handmaid’s Tale, but it was the moment we needed for Billy to finally take the case. Before we get to Billy, though, we get some backstory on why anyone was murdered to even put Julio in this situation. It turns out, the kid who was killed, was a rich kid who delivered money to a member of Team Bad Guys late, which meant he needed to be taken care of. But, more importantly Billy McBride is back, and he needs to get some more help which leads us to the familiar, sassy face belonging to Patty Solis-Papagian (Nina Arianda) from last season. Patty proves to be a little harder to convince, because they were almost killed last time, but she comes around, and now Billy has his team back together. Patty’s only stipulation for coming back is that she won’t work with Brittany at all after what happened last time. Billy agrees and we get a very awkward scene when Patty goes in Billy’s ‘office/home’ and pretends Brittany isn’t in the room.

Things are going well for Billy until he comes home to find his daughter dumping out all of his liquor which makes him very ornery for court the following day when he meets Patty. The prosecution lawyer is a familiar face for Billy, but he claims the story is too long to share, Hakeem Rashad (Morris Chestnut). Court doesn’t go as well as Billy expected because there is video proof of Julio at the crime scene, fleeing, with a gun in the waistband of his pants. Their client receives an interrogation after court lets out where he reveals he didn’t kill the kid, but he was going there to do it. He claims he threw the gun in the ocean and Billy warns Julio never to lie to him again, or he’ll spend his life in prison. After the setback, Billy visits a source to look for the man fitting the description Julio provides. We see that man first when Ramon is paying him for the murder.

Billy’s source, JT Reginald (Paul Williams), shares some insight and says he’ll find the guy they’re looking for. All of this leads them to Tito Garcia (Joshua James). But before Billy and crew can get the name, Billy is greeted at his motel by Marisol, you can guess what happens next. Also, Wyatt is creepily staring at naked men in the gym when he’s abducted by Gabriel’s (we haven’t met him yet) men. He’s unhappy with their work on the murder and tells Wyatt to reign in Marisol. Wyatt and Loomis corner Marisol in her office and fill her in on what’s going on. At this point, we don’t think she’s shady just involved by second hand chances, but maybe not. After her office meeting, she heads straight to Billy’s arms for comfort ending the episode.

Episode 3 - ‘Fresh Flowers’: We start with another flashback to the night Oscar’s older sons were killed, and we see Julio take the gun. Back in the present, JT wakes Billy in the night to give him Tito’s name which leads to an immediate meeting with the judge. Billy wants to get Tito’s testimony immediately, due to numerous reasons, which Rashad protest, but ultimately loses to Billy. Billy and Patty take their order to the police to get Tito brought in, where they run into Detective Ramon, asking him to bring Tito Garcia in. We know why he immediately refuses, but Billy and Patty are both confused. What do they do? Billy goes to Tito’s last address and waits on him, with a baseball bat. Patty tries Ramon again, at his kid’s game, but she is met with a forceful refusal, so forceful her arms are bruised. Ramon, of course, makes plans of his own on how to deal with Tito and stopping Billy from getting him.

While all of that is going on, Julio’s girlfriend visits him and admits she is nervous about something he asked her to hide. Could it be the gun? We don’t know because Julio quiets her. When Tito returns home, it’s dark, and Billy begins his approach, ICE shows up to take him first because he is an illegal immigrant. Luckily Billy has friends everywhere and he calls one of them, an FBI someone, to meet him and Patty at the bar. Enter Agent Jeff Clayton (James Wolk) who agrees to find Tito after Billy tells him that, somehow, ICE apprehended Tito and processed him out of the country already. This could be a win for Team Billy.

Marisol is back at her office with Wyatt attempting to intimidate her, again, but she leaves to meet Billy. Wyatt follows them, meeting the man he was told was so dangerous by Ramon, earlier. Then Billy and Marisol go home, but it’s the next morning where things get really interesting and our suspicions about Marisol resurface, though did they ever leave? Billy gets a call from Jeff that his guys got Tito and he shares his victorious news with Marisol, but she suddenly looks uncomfortable and has to leave, but not before she meets Billy’s daughter, who is a huge fan. Turns out Marisol’s part in all of this isn’t as innocent as the writers wanted us to believe, though we didn’t trust her from the first moment she was introduced. She goes to Wyatt and Loomis, telling them about Tito and that they will be handling things her way from now on. That includes letting Gabriel be the one to take care of Tito, which gains Team Marisol/Wyatt high praise.

Billy gets the news that Tito is gone and he can’t figure out how, but he’s smart and we’re hoping he’s thinking what we’re thinking. Then, the episode ends on Wyatt with a scene that made us cringe and be shocked that our Pete from The League could do that. He has a special room where he turns on a screen and people missing body parts act out a 50’sish inspired fantasy where get the picture.

Episode 4 - ‘Alo’: Unfortunately for us, we get the flashback to how Wyatt met Gabriel (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) and started his little habit. Gabriel is the investor behind Wyatt’s success which explains why they need Marisol to be mayor. Then Wyatt watches as Gabriel saws off a woman’s leg (he was the body part taker the whole time) which, at first, makes Wyatt sick, but then he seems intrigued. Well, Gabriel sends two of his victims to Wyatt, in his little creep studio, and we see a very early version of what we saw at the end of the last episode. C’mon Pete, this is really more Andre behavior (League reference).

Back in real time again, we’re in the judge’s chambers with Billy, Patty, Hasheem, and his non speaking assistant where Billy shows off the real gun Julio had. Billy forced Julio to hand it over after the murder weapon was found, in circumstances that make a tax paying citizen cringe). Billy wants the video suppressed for trial and she agrees hear his argument in court, much to Rahad’s disappointment. Meanwhile, Gabriel has decided Billy is a bigger threat then they’d thought and he orders investigation on anyone in Billy’s life. Wyatt targets Brittany and we are hoping she’ll see through him, or she’ll be added to his weird little collection.

Back at the office, Billy receives a package which he opens, but we can’t see, until he takes it to the police station to show Ramon. The box contains Tito’s head and Billy uses it to shame Ramon because this proves Tito is the real killer but now none of it matters and it’s Ramon’s fault for not acting. Ramon arrests Billy, but he’s not locked up for long. The next time we see the two men together is at the evidentiary suppressing hearing where Billy rattles him. The court scene feels good if you’re on Team Billy, but it’s up to the judge now. Will she see what’s really going on behind the scenes or fall for what the prosecution and Team Marisol/Wyatt are throwing at her?

We get to see how each group deals with what’s going on in their sides of the case. Billy goes to JT to have him listen out for why Ramon seems so guilty. Wyatt is summoned by Gabriel again, not for praise, and he takes it out on Loomis. Then Billy arranges a romantic dinner for him and Marisol which looks like it will end as all their dates do, but not this time. Billy asks her some innocent questions about her work with the drug world and cleaning up the city. Marisol is immediately defensive using seduction as a way to distract him and change the subject, but he isn’t falling for it. Looks like Billy felt the same thing we were. The next day, Patty and Billy meet the judge and share the theory that things don’t seem to be adding up. She needs proof.

JT is riding a public bus, gaining intel for Billy, from a surprise, and very welcome cameo, from Jessica Marie Garcia of Netflix’s On My Block. Then Marisol visits Denise, Billy’s daughter, playing her for information since Billy isn’t going to give her anything else. We liked her even less in this moment, but it works because Denise loves Marisol. Denise goes to Billy, on the beach, and asks him about work, sharing that Marisol stopped by which seems to alert his spidey senses because he doesn’t give her anything either. The fourth episode ends with some intel JT provides that Tito was Roman’s CI and an intimidation scene where Billy pays Ramon a little visit.

That’s where we will leave your for now, but make sure to check back for part two where we breakdown the second half of the season, which we’re betting will be as amazing as this has been.


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