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‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Hits All The Right Marks With It’s Second Season

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
03/27/2018 11:45 pm
PopWrapped | Reviews
‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Hits All The Right Marks With It’s Second Season | Clarita
Media Courtesy of Netflix

Drew Barrymore is back as everyone’s favorite undead wife and mother in Santa Clarita Diet season 2 and they have let this beast loose giving us an even better show in it’s sophomore year. Netflix dropped this zombie comedy last year and had a hit on their hands which meant we were going to get more. Here’s a quick recap before we begin our review of the new episodes, Drew Barrymore stars as Sheila Hammond, a married relator and mother, who randomly throws up everything inside of her and dies. Barrymore was excellent in the first season but she brings her ‘A’ game for round 2, and we love her reckless attitude and sassy self. We are all about this character and we want so much more! But, that’s not the end of the story because she comes back and we learn she’s undead and things get complicated for her family. Now, let’s begin.

Sheila’s husband Joel, played by the charismatic Timothy Olyphant, had some serious adjusting to do in the first season and things are still rough for him as we continue their tale. Joel is trying his best but, to be fair, his wife now eats people, sometimes murders, and for a short time was losing body parts. Marriage is hard enough without the need to eat people and being dead, we can all agree about that. Their daughter, Abby (Liv Hewson), is the most stable after her mom’s change but in season 2, we see her begin to get a little unruly because her parents are acting out and she feels she should too. Also, we are hoping Abby and Eric (Skyler Gisondo), her super smart friend, get together eventually because we ship them.

In the first season, Joel and Sheila are sloppy murderers, at best, but who starts off as an expert? Now, they have an entire storage unit set up to make sure they can kill Nazis (yes, we said Nazis because they found some) and keep the head of Nathan Fillion’s head from view. Just reading this makes me want to go watch and figure out what the heck I’m talking about, well that’s how you should feel. At the end of season 1, they found hope for a cure from research which led them to Serbia and Eric is able to, at least, freeze the effects the zombie virus is having on Sheila, so there’s a win!

With that small win in the books, there is still A LOT to figure out for this newly zombie mom’d family. How will she find food? What turned her into a zombie anyway (still working on this question from season 1, but we’re getting close)? Regardless of these wonderings, we will fully admit that this show is both more fun and more wild in it’s second go around and we are here for it. There is another zombie, she’s a little mentally unstable for her new life, and as we mentioned above, we’re killin Nazis. We don’t want to say too much because you need to watch it but we will share a few of our favorite moments from season 2.

  • Joel getting advice from Nathan Fillion’s rotting head in the Hammonds new storage unit.

  • Joel locked down for a psych hold where he tells someone, he thinks is crazy, all about his life and wife.

  • Abby taking down a bully with a lunch tray because her mom’s a zombie and she doesn’t give a what anymore.

  • The possible source of the zombie virus being a clam dish from a local restaurant, like how random?

  • A zombie attack battle doubling as a tango dance!

  • Sheila rejecting baked goods by explaining that she “will literally throw up on you.”

  • Every moment where this family is trying to maintain their normal life while not being normal, anymore.

Season 2 ends with one of the best finales we’ve ever seen (warning: it’s emotional, in it’s own way) and they did everything right this time around. What comes next? We wish we knew! Please go check it out and do exactly what we did, binge the whole thing, and then let us know what you thought. If you’ve already watched, what are your reactions? Sound off on social media and check back with us for more news about Santa Clarita Diet. Also, Timothy Olyphant is the Dad crush we all deserve and being a zombie takes temper control to a whole new level.


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