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10 Live Britney Spears Dance Breaks That Made Our Jaws Drop

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

12/30/2016 9:59 pm
PopWrapped | Music
10 Live Britney Spears Dance Breaks That Made Our Jaws Drop | Britney Spears
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She can dance, she can jive, Britney Spears always serves up something fierce when she takes it to the dance floor...

Britney Spears is considered by many to be the ultimate performer, renowned for her stage shows.  Since her debut on the scene, B has been known for her athletic and hugely involved dance routines.  Whether she was serving her traditional high kick or spicing up a performance with a back handspring, Brit is no stranger to implementing heavy choreography into every performance.

 Check out ten of Britney’s best breaks and dance performances below!

10.  “Break The Ice” at Britney: Piece of Me

While ruling on high from Las Vegas, Britney Spears likes to treat fans to quite a bit of dancing during her Britney: Piece of Me show. 

“Me Against The Music” is a strong moment, as she brings new life into the track’s original choreography, but a shining moment would have to be her performance of “Break The Ice.”  Watch Mermaidney perform the single above!  After an epic dance break, Britney moves into a Michael Jackson-esque solo, before her dancers join her in canon for a big finish.  The result is hugely satisfying and brings life to a too-frequently-overlooked track in Britney Spears’s collection.

9.  “Baby One More Time” at the 1999 VMAs

Britney Spears is widely renowned as a queen of MTV’s VMAs. When you consider that her track record includes stripping down to a nude bodysuit (complete with crimped hair), dancing with a boa constrictor, and (can’t forget this one) making out with Madonna, it is easy to see why she’s earned that title.  

What fans may not recall, though, is Britney’s first appearance at the awards show, when she performed a medley of hits with *NSYNC (flashback vibes anyone?).  After making a dramatic entrance to her classroom, Brit leads her crew of dancers through a high octane number complete with hair tosses, high kicks, and utter slayage of the teen pop market.  Talk about making a good first impression…

8.  “Stronger” at the 2001 AMAs

Britney Spears may be a certified pop princess, but that doesn’t mean that homegirl isn’t familiar with rocking out (this is the woman who encouraged fans to “rock out with their cocks out” recall?).  B-Girl proved just that with her rocker chic performance of “Stronger” at the AMAs in 2001.  Dressed in leather, fringe, and denim, a very blond Britney danced around a series of metal (not stripper) poles before joining  her dancers for some organized rocker dancing.  A tight turn followed by some floor work and wind machines make this performance one to remember!

7.  “What It’s Like To Be Me” during the 2002 Dream Within A Dream Tour

Do you know what it’s like to be Britney Spears?  If not, you’re going to find out during her extremely athletic performance of “What It’s Like To Be Me” during her 2002 Dream Within A Dream Tour.  She and her dancers break out some epic slow motion and tight hip-hop moves for the energized performance.  A final breakdown gives way to some flying sparks, as Britney proceeds to dance with a projection of herself while performing her track “Lonely.”  An epic transition between two incredible performances.

6.  “Toxic” at the 2003 ABC Special

She’s toxic, and I’m slipping under.  Dressed in red and black leather Britney Spears, opened her In The Zone ABC special with one of her best performances to date.  The coy performer sold sex and premiered the most amazing “Toxic” dance break in the history of the song.  In the middle, she takes a little break to whirl around on a prop, but B comes back for one final and impressive breakdown.

5. “Get Naked” at The Circus Starring Britney Spears

The Circus Starring Britney Spears saw The Holy Spearit take on a slightly different style of dancing than fans had come to expect. Performances became more heavily choreographed with an emphasis on exacting moves on a micro-level, while a round stage meant that Britney had to perform to multiple fronts. While the moves were less dramatic and athletic, it doesn’t mean that the Circus siren wasn’t putting on a fantastic show, as evidenced by her performance of “Get Naked.”  The set oozed sex appeal and sheer confidence, while Britney and her dancers writhed across a bedroom scene.  A final dance break provides heart-stopping moments of epic choreography and brings it all together for one last serious hit of energy.

4.  “I’ve Got That Boom Boom” at the 2003 TRL performance

Low slung pants, a crop top, and a feathered fedora set the scene for Britney’s Ying-Yang Twins-assisted debut performance of their In The Zone collab “(I Got That) Boom Boom” on an outdoor stage in Times Square.  A small stage and partly live vocals don’t stop Britney from playing the role of a dancing sex kitten for the club stomper.  The young pop star revealed her onstage swagger while bumpin’ and grinding with her dancers.  They were good, but she was great as she vibrated with confidence.

3.  “Slave 4 U” at the 2001 VMAs

I know we mentioned it at number 10, but how in Godney’s name does this not deserve its own spot on our countdown?  Britney Spears transformed the VMAs stage into a jungle complete with a bengal tiger, belly dancing, and a python during her performance in 2001.  Bedazzled in chiffon and jewels, she became a young jungle queen while writhing around with a snake around her shoulders. Afterwards, she and her dancers rallied for one more dance break, and they left it all out on the floor.

2.  “Boys / Slave 4 U” Medley at the 2003 ABC Special

The sensual seductress was in rare form during her 2003 ABC Special.  Joined by a crew of dancers, Britney worked her way through two of her Britney singles with some impressive and playful choreography.  “Boys” pairs the dancers off for some up close and personal moves, but “Slave 4 U” is particularly hot. Britney Jean takes it all off in between songs before cracking the whip and dropping into the splits and then grinding against her crew. She ends with a heart-stopping grin on her face.  Britney knows she killed it, and there’s no point in false modesty.

1.  “The Hook Up” at the Onyx Hotel Tour

Britney Spears commands fans to dance on her dancehall-inspired cut “The Hook Up,” and she provides a perfect example while breaking it down on the Onyx Hotel Tour.  Barefoot and dressed like a naughty wood nymph, B and her dancers serve some epic choreography, though they save the best for the final dance break.  During the break, they leap with wild abandon before breaking out some crumping and back bending that’s worth writing home about.  The performance is stripped back and cool, but intimate, and easily my favorite Britney Spears performance of all time.

What are your favorite Britney Spears dance breaks or performances?  Do ours match up?  Let us know below!

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