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Celebrities PopWrapped | Celebrities

10 Celebrities Who You Didn't Realize Come From Prominent Families

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
11/30/2015 1:14 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
10 Celebrities Who You Didn't Realize Come From Prominent Families | Celebrities
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While many celebrities have come from humble backgrounds, there are a few whose achievement is just one of many in a storied lineage. Not to take away from their successes, because if you don't have actual talent, you won't make it (Kardashians aside).

Here is a list of celebrities who  you may have not realized come from prominent clans and family backgrounds: 


1. Helena Bonham Carter

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She may be well known for playing quirky characters and sometimes crazy ones like the Red Queen and Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films, but her background would point towards a much more serious field. Her father Raymond Bonham Carter was not only a leading British Banker but also the son of an aristocrat and political activist, Violet Bonham Carter who held the title of Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury. She was also known for being Winston Churchill's closest female friend. Not only was she best friends with a Prime Minister, she was also the daughter of one.

Her father, Helena's great-grandfather, was Herbert Asquith who served as Head of the British government from 1908 to 1916.

But don't think that Violet's husband is a slouch. The Bonham-Carters have been in politics since 1788. We will not delve more into that since that family's history would require an entire book, trust me the Kennedys and Bushes have nothing on Helena's ancestors.


2.Benedict Cumberbatch

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It appears that booming voice and posh accent is highly suitable for a man of his lineage. His family is not only posh, but also quite tough. His grandfather Henry Carlton Cumberbatch served as a Submarine commander in both World Wars, while his great-grandfather Henry Arnold Cumberbatch was Queen Victoria's consul-general to Turkey.

He also has a royal connection, he is distantly related to King Richard III, the last English ruler of the Plantagenet dynasty. In fact, on March 26, 2015 he read a poem on the reburial ceremony of the King whose remains were discovered in 2012.


3. Cara Delevigne

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Some people have all the luck! Not only was Cara born with a perfect face and divine eyebrows, she was also born wealthy and grew up in Belgravia, London, one of the most expensive districts in the world.

Cara's maternal grandfather is publishing executive Sir Jocelyn Stevens, the nephew of Magazine publisher Sir Edward George Warris Hulton, which seems appropriate since Cara end up gracing the pages of many magazines as a top model.

Her maternal grandmother Jane Sheffield served as Princess Margaret's Lady-in-Waiting (that is Queen Elizabeth's younger sister, if you don't know). She also has political connections her paternal great grandfather was Hamar Greenwood, 1st Viscount Greenwood who was the Chief Secretary for Ireland.


4. Balthazar Getty

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Balthazar comes from one of America's most famous oil fortunes. His great grandfather, Jean Paul Getty, was named in the 1966 Guinness Book of World Records as the richest private citizen in the world.

Ironically, he was also well known for being a cheapskate, which was terribly unfortunate for his grandson, and Balthazar's father, John Paul Getty III. When he was 16, he was kidnapped with a ransom note demanding $17 million. The family did not take it seriously at first because the teenager often joked that he would stage a fake kidnapping to extract money from his grandfather.

It took a second demand before his father John Paul Getty Jr. would ask the frugal Getty Patriarch for money, which he refused. It took a lock of hair and a severed ear with a ransom note demanding $3.3 million before the old man relented, but he only agreed to fork out $2.2 million because that would be the maximum tax deductible account. The rest of the money was loaned to his son at 4%. He also negotiated to bring the ransom amount to $2.9 million.

And you thought the Walkers in Brothers and Sisters had problems.


5. Daniel Gillies

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Daniel plays a member of the Vampire first family in The Originals, as well as a Doctor in Saving Hope, and it appears he has more in common with both characters than we thought.

He comes from a prominent family of doctors. His ancestor Sir Harold Gillies is considered as the father of Plastic Surgery. He was also one of the first to perform sex reassignment surgery. Harold's youngest son Michael Gillies followed in the medical field and became a leading researcher on Malaria. You could say that he studied bloodsuckers quite extensively.


6. Kit Harington

Celebrities Courtesy of

Kit seems to have the same pedigree as his character Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones, but thankfully he is not a bastard nor is his family involved in plots that would end up killing most of them. In fact, the entire world owes one of his ancestors a lot for inventing something that we use on a daily basis.

His uncle is Sir Nicholas Harington the 14th Baron Harington. Kit's father David Harington is the heir presumptive to the title. Through his paternal grandmother Lavender Denny, he is a descendant of King Charles II of England. He is also distantly related to a John Harington, fifth son of the eleventh Baronet who served as Brigadier-General in the British army.

But it is another John Harington who would cement the family's name in history. This John was a courtier in the court of Elizabeth I in England. He is credited with inventing the flush toilet, which is why we refer to the toilet as "the John".

You know something John Harington.


7. Julian McMahon

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Julian McMahon, the actor who we all know and love for his roles in Nip/Tuck and Charmed, as well as Doctor Doom in two Fantastic Four films, comes from one of Australia's leading political families.

His father, William McMahon, was Australia's 20th Prime Minister and William's maternal uncle, Samuel Walder, was Lord Mayor of Sydney in 1932.


8. Eddie Redmayne

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The Academy Award winning actor does not only come from a well to do family, his father is also a successful businessman. We should also mention that Redmayne was a classmate of Prince William when he went to Eton College.

His great-grandfather Richard Redmayne was a prominent Civil and Mining engineer who would become the first Chief Inspector of Mines; he was a leading proponent of mine safety.


9. Stark Sands

Celebrities Courtesy of

The Broadway actor and Minority Report star may seem unassuming and look like your typical boy net door, but he actually belongs to America's 15th richest family.

It is fairly easy to overlook this since he does not carry the family name, but he is a member of the Hunt Family, which has a combined net worth of $14.2 billion and is the inspiration for the television series Dallas.

His grandmother is philanthropist and Hotelier Caroline Rose Hunt, who in turn is the daughter of Oil Tycoon H.L. Hunt. Her brother and Stark's great-uncle Lamar Hunt was the co-founder of the American Football League. His son is billionaire Clark Hunt, owner of the professional American football team: the Kansas City Chiefs.


10. Justin Theroux

Celebrities Courtesy of

The husband of Jennifer Aniston is an actor, director and a screenwriter. Being talented seems to run in the blood.

Justin's mother Phyllis (Grissim) Theroux is a journalist and author who worked for The Washington Times. His uncles Paul Theroux, Peter Theroux and Alexander Theroux are all prominent published authors.

His cousin Louis Theroux is a documentary film maker, meanwhile Louis' brother, Marcel is a novelist and a broadcaster. Through his mother, Justin is a descendant of Banker and Railroad magnate H.B. Hollins.


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