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Pop 10 Reasons Why Hannibal Should Be Rescued

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

07/12/2015 1:47 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Pop 10 Reasons Why Hannibal Should Be Rescued | Hannibal
Media Courtesy of Credit: Yahoo

With Hannibal's Comic Con panel swiftly approaching and my hopes for the show's fourth season skyrocketing with each passing moment, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to count down 10 reasons why Hannibal should be rescued for a fourth season.

Now, I could go beyond 10 reasons; hell, I could talk about Hannibal all day, every day but, for this article's sake, I'm limiting myself to 10 reasons.                                                                    

Let's kick it off with one of the shows most-talked-about aspects...

10) The Food:

Yes, yes, it's human meat Hannibal is eating and serving to his dinner guests, but damn does it look good. Each and every meal shown on this show looks divine, and what other show offers food porn as freely as Hannibal does on a daily basis?

Any show on the Food Network doesn't count!

I'm 100% positive that whichever studio/network decides to pick Hannibal up will be treated to a killer full-course meal. Isn't that reason enough to pick up this gem of a series for another season?    

Hannibal Credit: Vulture

9) Symbolism and Subtlety:

If the food isn't a good enough reason for you, then what about each and every crazy, symbolic scene present in Hannibal? Each scene is beautifully-shot and holds a deeper meaning than one would initially think.

Hannibal has multiple layers not just character- and plot-wise, but scene-wise as well. One of my favorite elements of Hannibal is how the show has mastered the art of subtlety through the symbolism present in certain scenes; nothing needs to be said outright.

For example, when Abigail was confirmed dead (sobs) it wasn't vocally confirmed. The scene shifts to Abigail's wound reopening and the audience is left with the devastating realization that Abigail has been dead this entire time. And I ask yet again...what other show on tv has mastered the art of subtlety and symbolism like Hannibal has?

Hannibal Credit:

8) Trust your audience:

This reasoning correlates somewhat with #9.

Hannibal has always respected and held its audience's intelligence in high regard. Each passing episode has made it clear that it completely trusts the viewers to figure out and speculate some scenes on their own. Nothing needs to be made too obvious, and at no point has the show made an obvious statement or declaration, which is the fun part about it; if a confusing or unclear moment occurs, it sparks a discussion among fans.

Who would turn down a lengthy Hannibal discussion?

A perfect example of one such debate is Alana Bloom's bisexuality. Although Bryan Fuller confirmed Alana's bisexuality, fans could immediately pick up on the tension and chemistry present between Alana and Margot. No outright confirmation was needed;  the fans were already speculating and discussing the scenes on their own.

We Fannibals are a set of astute individuals, if I do say so myself.    

Hannibal Credit:


7) The Musical Score:

From Will's somber piano melody to the haunting track that played towards the end of "Mizumono," fittingly titled Bloodfest, Hannibal's musical score (done brilliantly by Brian Reitzell) is one of television's most outstanding honestly is.

The music sets the tones of every scene and it does so flawlessly. I go from being at the edge of my seat to wanting to give Will Graham the biggest hug ever in a matter of minutes.

If you haven't listened to any of Hannibal's soundtracks, please go to iTunes or YouTube and do so immediately. Seriously, it's phenomenal!

This list is starting to become more of a Reasons To Watch Hannibal list, but I guess that works as well, because if you haven't seen the show, then you're missing out on a truly great series.

I repeat, if you have not seen Hannibal, then you should do so as soon as possible!                                                            

Hannibal Credit: Amazon

6) A Truly Unique Concept:

Most people know who Hannibal Lecter is, or have at least heard of him at point or another. He's an extremely well-known character from a book-verse created by author Thomas Harris, and even has his own film series.

So what's the point of basing a TV series around a character whose story has already been told on paper and on the big screen? That's where Hannibal becomes truly unique.

Yes, the characters are familiar, as well as some of the events that occur, but Hannibal has taken these characters and events and put its own unique spin on them. Hannibal differs from any other adaptation, and it draws in a whole new slew of viewers who are new to the Hannibal universe. Bryan Fuller fully respects the source material, but he doesn't follow it word for word; Hannibal has its own story to tell and it isn't afraid of doing so.  

Hannibal Credit: Yahoo

5) The Hannibal Crew:

In addition to having a slew of interactive fans and actors, Hannibal also has a set of extremely friendly writers, producers, and crew members in general.

Bryan Fuller and Martha De Laurentiis are constantly treating fans via social media to exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, spoilers, trivia, and live tweeting for episodes.

They also spoil their fans by giving them exactly what they want. For example, if they hint at a Hannigraham scene, or even promise one to the fans, then there's a 100% guarantee of them following through with their promise. There are absolutely no broken promises and the crew is just as passionate about the show as the fans are, and that's just the way it should be. Hannibal has an outstanding crew and we want them around for seasons to come, so someone please adopt Hannibal already!

Hannibal Credit:

4) The Fannibals:

I don't know if I've said this already, but Fannibals are the sweetest, funniest, and most dedicated set of fans I've ever seen for any TV show in existence and that, my friends, is no exaggeration.

This fandom is filled with cannibal jokes, fierce dedication, and an overwhelming amount of protectiveness for the show and its characters. The best part about Fannibals is that they arose out of thin air. Tumblr's bigger fandoms were Supernatural, Sherlock. and Doctor Who until the sudden emergence of Fannibals, who made Hannibal's existence known overnight.

A Fannibal's dedication is unwavering, and I think we should be rewarded for our faith by having a kind network rescue the show.

Can the world truly stand that many broken hearts if Hannibal isn't brought back? it cannot.                                                              

Hannibal Credit:

3) The Characters:

Oh the characters of Hannibal, how I love you all so very much!

The characters are one of Hannibal's key focal points. Each character is unique and has his or her own story that needs to be told. These group of characters are multi-layered and I can honestly say I don't dislike a single character on the show.

Hannibal, the main character, is brilliantly played by Mads Mikkelsen and I spend my time trying to dislike Hannibal for all the awful things he's done, but all it takes is one cannibal pun for me to start liking him all over again. That's how charming of a character he is. A notable aspect about the characters is that none of them can be identified as 100% good (well except Beverly, she did no wrong). That's the beauty of Hannibal; you find yourself rooting for characters that aren't considered "good" in the classical sense.


f this list was longer, then each character on the show would be a reason why it should be brought back. From Bedelia's boldness to Mason's inappropriate humor to Alana's unwavering determination and strength: there's something to love about each and every character. With a complex set of characters played beautifully by such an amazing cast, Hannibal should be rescued pronto.                                                            

Hannibal Credit:

2) Will Graham:

Technically Will is a part of #3, but he gets his own spot because I love this character so damn much.

I haven't invested in a character this much since Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which says a lot about how kickass of a character Will Graham truly is. Will essentially fills in the role of our second main character, and the show actually began its journey with Will; he was the first character introduced. The question that presented itself through Will's introduction was if whether or not the audience would grow to care about Will Graham; care enough to feel sad when Will gets hurt and essentially root for him.

And the answer is, we definitely care and I'm always rooting for him even when he lets his dark side seep through. Will has gone through so much on the show, emotionally and physically, that Fannibals have made fan art and shirts with the phrase "Someone please help Will Graham" plastered on it. Will is certainly no saint, but there's a certain innocence to him that appeals to fans such as myself, causing us to be protective over the character.

I give Hugh Dancy major kudos for breathing life and complexity into the character of Will. Dancy plays Will with such elegance that I can't imagine anyone playing everyone's favorite empath as well as he does.


Hannibal Credit: Twitter


) Hannibal and Will's relationship:

Anyone who's read my Hannibal recaps or knows me in general, knows the relationship between Hannibal and Will is my favorite part of the show and my #1 reasoning for why Hannibal should be brought back for seasons to come.

This relationship simply can't be described or defined. Hannibal and Will have been gravitating towards one another since episode one, and their relationship has only grown more complex with each passing episode. They accept and understand one another, and and spend like 95% of their time pining away for each other's company.

The beauty of this relationship is that each fan views it differently. Some fans view their relationship as more of a romantic one, whereas others see it as a strictly platonic friendship; either way, everyone can clearly see the chemistry between the two, and fans are loving every second of their interactions.

There is still so much more story left to tell of Hannigraham, and I simply cannot accept the third season as the end for these two. If this lovely relationship hasn't convinced someone to pick up the show, then I need to personally visit these networks and have a nice long Hannigraham-involved discussion with them.

My love for this relationship is endless and I could write pages upon pages of my love for Hannigraham and how its complexity has made it one of the best TV relationships of all time.                           

Hannibal Credit: Digital Spy

I simply love Hannibal, and hope that a fourth season pick up is happening and being announced soon! Words won't be able to describe how heartbroken I'll feel if Hannibal doesn't return.

I'm about THIS close to launching a network of my own and rescuing it myself, because it deserves to be renewed. Alright, Fannibals, let's discuss Hannibal in the comments down below and let me know what your favorite aspect of the show is, and why you think it should be renewed!

Also stay tuned to PopWrapped for coverage of Hannibal's San Diego Comic Con panel!


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