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Pop10 Things You Need To Know About Luke Hemsworth

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
12/30/2016 9:51 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Pop10 Things You Need To Know About Luke Hemsworth | Luke Hemsworth
Media Courtesy of Bustle

We all know the Hemsworth brothers, Chris and Liam, as the strapping pair of Aussies who have taken over Hollywood. But did you know that they have an older brother, Luke Hemsworth? Well, you probably had an idea, as Chris and Liam have mentioned him on talk shows before.

Luke, the oldest of the three, seems to have been happy to hang back and live a more quiet, laid-back life than his brothers ... until now that is.

Luke recently burst onto our TV screen with HBO's latest outing, Westworld, which, so far, has garnered much critical acclaim.

With such a strong start, it is fair to say we might be seeing more of Luke in the future, and we know so little about him. But don't fret; I have gathered a few tidbits about the lesser-known Hemsworth brother. Here are the things you need to know about Luke.

1. The First Actor Of The Family

Yes, you read that right. For those outside Australia, he may seem to be a latecomer, but he is, after all, the oldest brother, and it is only natural for him to have taken the lead. Luke got his first break with Australian soap opera Neighbours in 2001, playing Australian football player Nathan Tyson.

A year later, his brother Chris, who, at that point, had only appeared as King Arthur in the fantasy series Guinevere Jones, followed in his footsteps and appeared on the soap -- but for just one episode. In 2007, Liam would also have a recurring role in Neighbours and stayed longer than both his brothers combined.

Chris and Liam are obviously talented and good-looking, and surely they have worked hard for what they have achieved. But it is also fair to say that, if their older brother had not taken the first step, they may not be the movie stars they are now.

2. A Loving Husband And Father

His three oldest children are girls: Holly, born on 2009; Ella, who followed in 2010; and Harper Rose, born in 2012. (We are waiting for those three to be the female equivalent of their father and uncles -- the Hemsworth sisters will take over Hollywood next!) They also have a younger brother, Alexandre, born in 2013.

3. He's Chill About Being The Shortest

“I’m the short, dumb brother,” he once joked. And, despite being shorter and less famous (for now), he won't let his younger brothers put on airs. “Yes, I take their advice, but, as their older brother, a part of me also says, ‘Oh, shut up’,” he says.

4. He Teaches Chris About Fatherhood

Obviously, when Chris had his first baby, India Rose, he would run into problems. One of them was keeping her under wraps in a blanket, so he called Luke, who responded, but it didn't quite work out.

"I actually made him a little video on how to wrap her up so that she can't get her arms out (of the blanket). He had a bit of trouble with her -- she's a bit of a Houdini. So I made a little video of how we wrap up our baby, but he said she still escaped!" Luke said.

And speaking of wrapping...

5. Tortured His Littlest Brother

When Luke and Chris were kids, they would wrap little Liam in bundles of clothing and bring him out as target practice. Yes, you read that right. Rough play was common. What else would they do for entertainment in the outback? Of course, they didn't shoot Liam with live ammunition -- they used air rifles! And that wasn't even the dangerous part...

6. Playing Peacemaker

In an interview with Conan O'Brien, Liam revealed that fights were normal amongst the brothers, especially between himself and Chris. Whenever their parents went on holiday, the brothers had to be separated. Luke and Liam stayed with their grandparents, while Chris stayed with their uncle.

“I never really felt like an older brother, other than when I’d sit in the middle of them in the car and they’d fight across me and punch each other, until one day I went, ‘Wait! That’s enough. Stop!'” Luke once said in an interview.

7. You Have To Follow Him On Instagram

I'm hungry you like Thai? Tie good , you like shirt?

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

Yep suck it up princess. The iron temple is a cruel mistress.. That's what my daughter said to me this morning

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

"This is how I meditate ok mum?" What a legend this woman is. A true angel. Always tries to match the color I'm wearing

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

8. He Is Passionate About Wildlife And Animals

The divine water monitor.

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

9. He Enjoys Dressing Up...

"We've lost the bleeps the creeps and shweeps sir.."

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on


A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

10. And Sometimes, He Even Gets His Family Involved

Box trolls

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

Now, after seeing all that, don't tell me he isn't your new favorite Hemsworth!


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