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13 Days Of Popaween: 13 Bloody Good Songs For Your Halloween Party Playlist

Margie Patton | PopWrapped Author

Margie Patton

10/26/2014 9:55 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
13 Days Of Popaween: 13 Bloody Good Songs For Your Halloween Party Playlist | Popaween
Media Courtesy of Property Of PopWrapped/Racheal Hansen
Halloween parties for adults are becoming more and more elaborate every year. It's definitely an opportunity for ambitious hosts to really go wild with their creative sides. It's Halloween, anything goes! While hosts go all out in originality and detail in food, decorations and costumes; one crucial aspect of the party experience often fails to deliver - THE MUSIC! Too often even the most impressive looking Halloween parties end up sounding horrible, using the same old tired Halloween tunes like "The Monster Mash" or "Thriller." So, if you're looking for music that will give your ghouls a new groove, check out our Top 13 list of terrifying and terrific Halloween party tracks! 1. Nick Cave - "Red Right Hand" Having brought us an entire album entitled "Murder Ballads," Nick Cave knows a thing or two about maniacal music. My Nick Cave pick for this list is actually from an album called Let Love In, but don't let that title fool you. "Red Right Hand" is about as sinister as you can get, but it's also smooth and sensual. A perfect tune to help the vampires and succubi on your guest list indulge in a little playful seduction with the willing victims of their choice. The song has also been featured in many movies and TV shows including Scream, The X-Files and Hellboy, so it may be a good choice for early in the party, something a little more familiar that will ease guests into the musical vibe and pave the way for weirder tracks to follow.
2. Apoptygma Berzerk - "Deep Red" My enthusiasm for Apoptygma Berzerk is so ardent I actually went from their super-fan to semi-official employee in the span of only a few years. One of the reasons I adore them so much is their incredible versatility. APOP has written some of the most heartfelt love songs you can imagine, but they are also proficient at scaring the hell out of the listener. This year they released an EP entitled Stop Feeding The Beast with some genuinely freaky experimental Electronic tracks that hearkened back to the soundtracks of '70s Italian gore movies like Suspiria and Demons. Stop Feeding The Beast is a limited vinyl release that's hard to find now, plus its more ambitious nature may be best suited to creeping yourself out alone rather than injecting some frightful fun into party guests. For that goal, I recommend APOP's "Deep Red," which also pays homage to a classic slasher flick with its title. "Deep Red" tells the story of a murderer lying in wait for his victim inside her closet. The song's music reflects the emotions of the character, with pulsing Electro-dance beats echoing the killer's racing heart and pumping blood. Get on out the dance floor with this one and safely indulge your inner psychotic tendencies.
3. Ghost - "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" For music with dark themes that's harder, but still incredibly catchy; you can't go wrong with anything from the immensely talented Ghost. Ghost's 2013 album Infestissumam is chock full of an incredibly diverse array of Hard Rock tunes that reference Satanism and the occult, but all in a theatrical way that lets you know the band is more about rebellion and freedom than actually dancing around fires worshiping the Dark One. "Guleh/Zombie Queen" starts out as a forlorn, cobweb-strewn, piano-driven ballad before seamlessly launching into an upbeat, Surf-Rock flavored ode to its titular mummified majesty. Expect to see lots of rotting limbs hitting the floor, as "Zombie Queen" will turn all your "Walkers" into dancers in no time flat.
4. Hellblinki - "Don't Go Down To The Woods Tonight" With influences ranging from 1920s European cabaret tunes to cheesy '50s Sci-Fi soundtracks, Hellblinki always has something unique to offer when it comes to spooky musical fun. Accordions, upright bass, theremin, saws - you name it, and Hellblinki can throw it in, mix it up, and make a tune that thrills your ears and chills your cockles. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the band also expertly blends the distinctive preternatural quality of the haunted rural South into their eclectic mix. To give your guests a good scare to the beat of a twangy Hillbilly stomp, break out "Woods" and get all those bony skeleton hands clapping along.
5. The Pussyclub - "The Funeral" Lost love is one of the worst real life scares there is. Party guests may tear up a little as they sway along to "The Funeral," but trust me, the track is far from a downer. The dreamy vocals, somber lyrics, and melancholy musical passages are perfectly counterbalanced with swirling, crystalline crescendos that give a glimpse of ecstasy to any shattered soul. For all Harry Potter and Gandalf wannabes, play the rapturous chords of "The Funeral" at your party and witness some true sorcery at work. Your guests will be captured in a spell they'll never want you to break.
6. The Anix - "Sleepwalker" The Anix's "Sleepwalker" is gripping, haunting, and dripping with atmosphere. It's a track that will take your guests into a dark and hypnotic new world solely through the power of music. "Sleepwalker" is intensely cinematic, conjuring images of an Urban Gothic world fraught with danger and excitement. Listening to this song is like teetering at the edge on top of a skyscraper, looking down at the vast expanses of a strange, futuristic city, wondering if one leap will mean taking flight or crashing to the ground. No, guests won't be shaking their tail feathers to this one, but their minds will definitely be taking a trip.
7. Type O Negative - "Black Number 1" Type O Negative created some genuinely eerie Gloom Metal in their career, but the band was also well-known for not taking themselves too seriously. Generous helpings of dark humor sprinkled throughout their songs helped to keep the funereal rhythms and morose themes from getting too pretentious or silly. "Black Number 1" is a great example of this mix of mirth and Metal. The music is bold, powerful, thick, and crunchy, but also throws in a fun little homage to the Addams Family theme! The lyrics are pretty hilarious, poking some gentle fun at the raven-haired, alabaster-skinned divas of the Gothic subculture. Even if the ladies at your party are only Gothic queens for a night, they'll still love swirling their black lace gowns and casting imaginary enchantments in the air while this one plays.
8. Skinny Puppy - "Spasmolytic" A band known for exploring horrors both real and fantastical, much of Skinny Puppy's music may be a little too raw and disconcerting for your average Halloween party-goer. Although still a bit unsettling, "Spasmolytic" is actually a great dance tune for people who really want to lose control on the floor. The song's freakishly frenetic Industrial rhythms are actually pretty bouncy, so if you want to whip your crowd into a frenzy, put on this track and unleash the hounds.
9. The Cure - "The Hanging Garden" Though gaining substantial mainstream popularity through bubblier tracks like "Friday I'm In Love" and "Mint Car," The Cure still have strong cred in the Goth community for their impressive assortment of bleak, dark Pop songs that still resonate with Alternative fans of all ages across the world. It's incredibly tough to pick out one Cure track for a Halloween party mix, but I decided on "The Hanging Garden" for its driving tribal rhythms coupled with silvery, ethereal guitars. With incredibly evocative lyrics that seem to describe a phantasmagoric fever dream, "The Hanging Garden" might also bring out the bestial side in your guests, especially if the festivities spill outside into the moonlight.
10. Dimmu Borgir - "Gateways" If you want to transform your little Halloween get-together into an opulent theatre of the macabre, look no further than Dimmu Borgir. Death Metal and Black Metal can be a little hard to swallow for some party-goers, but Dimmu Borgir's grand, operatic, Wagnerian soundscapes are sure to impress anyone with a love of Gothic grandeur. "Gateways" is just as beautiful and majestic as it is dark and frightening. I also have a particular affection for this track since it features guest vocals from Agnete Kjølsrud, a supernatural siren who would put any evil queen to shame. "Gateways" is a soaring, epic theme for any black celebration.
11. Attrition - "Dead of Night" When it's time for the Ouija board or seance at your party, put on "Dead of Night" in the background and you may get more than you bargained for. Just listening to the song can make you think something is trying to beat its way out from underneath your floorboards! This deeply creepy dark ambient track is over twenty minutes long, but don't feel like a wimp if you can't make it to the end. Even five minutes will be enough to thoroughly freak everyone out and maybe bring some extra "spirit" to the party!
12. Cronos Titan - "The Creator" There comes a time in every great party when guests need to chill for a bit and get their second wind so the festivities can last into the wee hours of the morn. For Halloween, though, you still want your "chill out" music to be, well, chilling! For that we have Cronos Titan's "The Creator." "The Creator" is like a malfunctioning android's lullaby, with operatic female vocals and random metallic dissonance layered with flickering electronic blips. Breathe in the cold, metallic air of "The Creator" before getting back to stirring up the hellfire.
13. Mr. Bungle - "Carousel" With American Horror Story: Freak Show and even the real-life creepy clowns of Wasco, California, the scary carnival theme is big this year, and no one makes the already unsettling sounds and images of carnivals even more flesh-crawling than Mr. Bungle. With a bizarre mix of calliope, Thrash, Ska, horns, and pretty much everything else you can think of, "Carousel" still manages to be entertaining as well as disturbing. Most people can only take really bizarre experimental music like Mr. Bungle in small doses, but if you want your party to be just plain insane, put on Mr. Bungle's debut from start to finish and watch your guests slowly lose their minds!
So there's my list, PopWrappers! Crank up these blood-curdling and bone-chilling songs during your party and freak out the whole neighborhood! If you have your own suggestions for unique and different Halloween party tunes, let us know in the comments!

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