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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Popaween: Gruesome And Grisly Murders That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

10/29/2015 5:08 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Popaween: Gruesome And Grisly Murders That Will Haunt Your Dreams | Murders

Halloween is fast approaching, so allow me to present some of the world's most gruesome and notorious murders. This list includes gruesome murders and horrific serial killers, and is definitely enough to give you nightmares


Victoria Climbie, 2000

This crime is truly horrendous. Victoria Climbie is an 8 year old girl, who was repeatedly abused and tortured whilst her family thought she was getting the life and education she deserved. The truly scary part of this murder though is the fact that there were 12 moments where someone should have intervened, but didn't.



Kelly Anne Bates, 1996

Kelly Anne Bates was a 17-year-old girl who was fell for an older guy. A 'Romeo and Juliette' type of relationship, you may be wondering? Not in the slightest. The older guy was 48-year-old James Patterson Smith who had a track record for abusing his partners, unknown to Kelly. A few weeks before her eventual death, Smith gouged out Bates' eyes before tying her to a radiator by her hair, refusing her food and water for at least three weeks until he drowned her in the bath, finally ending his horrendous torture, which would be known as the worst murder in British history.



Elizabeth Short, 1947

As a budding actress, Elizabeth short was a well-liked, charismatic 22-year-old, with the potential to succeed. In that respect it was completely unexpected to find her body, cut in half, drained almost completely of blood and with a Joker-esque smile carved into her face.  The worst bit about this murder though is that nobody was ever caught, the person that tortured a girl before and after she died got away with such a heinous crime. She found fame in death that she had not yet obtained in life as the Black Dahlia, one of those most infamous unsolved crimes in history. 




The 'BTK' Killer, 1974-1991

Dennis Rader, or the 'BTK' Killer, is known for his 10 murders committed between 1974-1991, and gained the nickname 'BTK' by the nature of his attacks, Bind, torture and kill. Strangulation was his method of killing his victims, and he often took things from the victim's houses as a souvenir. In 1991 the killing stopped, but Rader resurfaced in 2004, in an attempt to gain more fame for the BTK Killer, but ended up solidifying a case against him and he was finally arrested in 2005.




Donald Henry Gaskins, 1953-74

Donald Henry Gaskins was a particularly nasty individual. He started his path to murder aged 13 when he hit a woman on the head with an axe, believing he had killed her, but she survived. He killed his first person aged 20, a fellow prisoner whilst he was serving a sentence for attempted murder. By 1969 he has started killing hitchhikers and was believed to have killed someone every six weeks. He was eventually charged and convicted of 8 murders, but is believed to have killed closer to 100 people. He is also the only person to have killed a fellow inmate whilst on death row.

So are you sufficiently terrified yet? Let us know if you think we missed anyone on this list in the comments below. 



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