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13 Reasons Why: 02x08-13, 'The Little Girl-Bye'

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
06/20/2018 1:51 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
13 Reasons Why: 02x08-13, 'The Little Girl-Bye' | 13 Reasons Why
Media Courtesy of Netflix

Episode 8 ‘The Little Girl’


We’ve heard the kids talk, and now it is the adults’ time to talk. And Hannah’s father is now taking the stand.

Meanwhile everyone else is reeling from the bombshell that Clay has dropped. To add to that Justin returns to school for the first time, he and Clay walk in together and everyone looks, Justin thinks it is because of him but as it turns out it is because of the release of the tapes, and they have no idea that Clay was the one who dropped it.

And for Bryce the consequence is worse as he finds his locker emblazoned with the word “rapists”. He also hears people listening to his confession to Hannah’s rape. He has no idea what to do, and he says he’ll call his father.

His friends however went after Tyler, and they decided to lock him up in the school’s AV room.

Chloe for her part hears about her friends gossiping about Bryce in the toilet. She pretends to be nonchalant but as they leave she locks herself up in a cubicle which is filed with graffiti admonishing Jess for being a liar and a slut. As luck would have it a distraught Jessica walks into the toilet, she is deeply affected by the release of the tapes, and as she turns around she sees Chloe walk out of the cubicle with a sharpie in hand.

Jess walks into the cubicle crying and finds that all the graffiti about her have been erased with a sharpie, it gives her a moment of relief.

Meanwhile at the AV room, Cyrus’ sister Mackenzie frees Tyler, and they confirm their date.

In the hallway Justin confronts Bryce about what he did, but Bryce is calls him “white trash” and that nobody would listen to him and that he in contrast comes from a wealthy and powerful family.

On the other side of the hall, Zack confronts Tyler about a picture of his sister that hangs on a locker. But Tyler tells him that it’s not him and that someone is intimidating him too. Zach though does not seem to believe it, and he less Tyler to stay away from his sister.

In class Justin asks a classmate if he could buy some drugs, because he really needs to get high.

Back at court, the defence attorney grills Mr Baker if Hannah knew that he was having an affair. And Mr Baker in his memory recalls the time Hannah did see him with his partner. So at home he talks to her, and he promises to end it. Hannah however asks him to tell mom, which Mr Baker admits to the attorney he did.

Back at the school in a baseball game, Mr and Mrs Walker advises Bryce on what to do.

Zach meanwhile climbs to the stand to talks to his sister. He asks his mom and then his sister if they could just leave the game. On the other side Marcus receives an ominous message with his video with the stripper attached it says “it’s either Bryce or you”.

So when at the start of the game and he had to make a speech he accuses Bryce Walker as a rapist in front of the whole audience, it is amplified by the fact that because of the tapes, protesters and the press are there.

At Jess’s home, her father wants to talk about the tapes. She says she is fine but her father wants to move forwards and makes those who did things to her to pay.

At court Mrs Baker then takes the stand. She points out how the school never did try to help Hannah at a moment of crisis. The defence attorney asks her if Hannah knew about the affair. She says she didn’t know. The attorney then grills her about her family’s mental health problems, and why knowing this she did not try to take Hannah to see a therapist. In the end when the court day ended and they are alone Mr and Mrs Baker have fight over what happened, and he finally tells her that what happened to Hannah, they were a part of it too.

Meanwhile Clay finally visits Skye at her mental health facility. Skye tells him that she is moving away and is never coming back, because she needs to move on for herself.

Alex meanwhile drops by Clay’s house looking for him. The door is unlocked so he walks in, he goes upstairs to his room only to find Justin passed out from the drugs and chocking on his own vomit. He rolls him over to save his life. Later they talk and then Clay arrives. Alex confronts him about releasing the tapes, and Clay says he is trying to do what is right but he can’t do it alone, he needs their help.

Later at his home, Alex apologizes to his father at what happened to his party. He asks for a shooter video game that helped jog his memory, but his father thinks that it may not be a good idea.

Meanwhile Jess drops by at Mrs Baker’s and they talk about Hannah’s poetry with her guest and friend, Jackie. Later Jackie leaves, and Mrs Baker tells Jess if there is something she wants to talk about, she could always approach her. And that letting out pain takes courage which prompts Jessica to cry and she and Mrs Baker hug.

At Clay’s home, he tells his parents about Justin’s drug addiction. Mr Jensen asks if it is a good idea to call social services but Mrs Jensen says that could affect the case.  And Mr Jensen rebuts if that is all they think about. The conversation then turns to Clay releasing the tapes, his mom says the audio files were watermarked so everyone knows it came from her files. Mrs Jensen tells Clay that it could affect her job because her firm represents the school but Clay turns the table around telling her that she knows she was the one who pointed out to the defence attorney about Zach’s text and that is how they knew about Zach and Hannah’s summer romance.

Mr Jensen is not too pleased knowing about this as well, he tells Clay to leave and go to his room and he confronts his wife. Clay goes up and he sees Justin listening in by the stairs.

Later Justin goes out and finally goes home to his mother.


Episode 9 ‘The Missing Page’


On a Sunday Mr Porter goes to Liberty High, in the hallways he hears a familiar voice, it is Hannah Baker in her tapes. Curious he walks into the classroom where it is being played and finds Miss Bradley listening to it. They talk about the tapes and their impending court dates at the trial.

Mr. Porter then goes to his office and fantasizes about what could have been, what he could have had done differently.

That morning Clay tells his dad that Justin had left. And apparently he is not the only one, Mrs Jensen also left to stay with her sister since she and Mr Jensen had a disagreement.

At Monet’s Tony talks with his boyfriend/trainer. He apologizes for being off his mind with the trial and everything. Meanwhile on the other side of town, Tyler is having his first date with Mackenzie at the Crestmont. Things seem to be doing well as they watch a movie and she cuddles up to him, and they kiss.  Unfortunately he enjoys it a bit too much, he runs outside and as it turns out he came while at the cinema.

In the evening Alex is trying his best to remember by playing the video game but he still can’t remember much. At Justin’s home he and his mom have a talk about what happened to him in the streets and she asks him to stay for good this time.

On Monday at Liberty High, Bryce talks to Clay in the hallway and he tells him to mind his own business. But Clay is not having it although Bryce keeps intimidating him, until a teacher calls Clay and tells him that the Principal wants to see him.

At court, Ms Bradley takes the stand and she talks about making any resource available to the class if they need help. The defence attorney asks her about keeping the poems submission anonymous, she implies that Hannah’s poem is not the only one that showed emotional distress.

Back at school, the Principal talks to Clay about his recent absence, he asks him if the release of the tapes was somehow connected to this. But Clay is defiant, and the Principal puts him in Alternative Strategies and Solutions class. As he leaves he asks if the Principal had listened to the tapes, he says that he didn’t and Clay replies “maybe you should”.

Back at court Mr Porter takes the stand, he talks about Hannah approaching him about her sexual assault. He was asked by the prosecution if knowing what he knows if he believes that Hannah was raped and he answers yes. The Prosecution then presses if he could name the alleged attacker. Mr Porter answers “Bryce Walker”.

At school Chloe talks to Bryce about his taped confession about Hannah. Bryce deflect and says that he and Hannah hooked up and she became obsessed. Chloe seems to believe him particularly since he asks her to go on vacation to Italy.

Meanwhile inside as Tyler processes pictures, Cyrus confronts him about leaving his sister at the Crestmont. Cyrus then tells him that they got Marcus suspended and now they need to step up their game.

At his mom’s home, Justin searches the place and finds a large wad of cash belonging to his mom’s dealer boyfriend. But as he looks through it his mom catches him, “so that’s it” she asks. And Justin prepares to leave, “he’ll kill me” she pleads. However Justin just hands her some of the money and says “not if he can’t find you” he says then goes out the door.

Back at school, Clay goes to Alternative Strategies class and sits besides Cyrus and Tyler as they are discussing their “big plan”. Cyrus seems impressed by Clay and his rebellious streak particularly the way he got Bryce to confess on tape.

Back at court the defence attorney grills Mr Porter and implies that he did try to help Hannah based on the information that was given, and that he did everything that was required of him. But Mr Porter says “no” he could have done more.

The Prosecution then takes over the questioning, Mr. Porter cries in court and says he was trying to do the right thing, and that he was just trying to follow protocol which he thinks should change and he should too. In tears he looks at Mrs Baker and says “I didn’t mean to let your daughter down, sorry”.

Back at school Clay is getting ready at the locker when a bag is put into his head and three guys in helmets beat him up.

In class Zach tries to talk to Chloe. She says that she has heard the tapes, Zach asks him if he has heard about Mr. Porter at court. She then asks her if she is ok, to which she replies that she believes Bryce.

Somewhere Nina hangs out with Jess and she arranges her to hang out with a guy named Damien. The two hit it off, and Jess ends up kissing him but her father arrives and honks at her from his car.

She says she has to go and her father seems to admonish her, the two though end up laughing together and it’s obvious that he was just playing with her. And she admits that she is not yet ready to be with a boy again and she needs to figure things out first.

At the school parking lot Cyrus and Tyler sees Clay and they ask him if he wants to do something about what happened to him. Because they plan on doing something tonight.

In the Baker’s drug store, Ale drops by to see if Mrs Baker stil needs someone to work there. She hires him immediately and then she sees a mother and daughter at the window, she tries to chase after them but when she gets out they are gone.

On the other side of town as Tony walks with his boyfriend he finds that his car has been trashed and he flips out, and ends up punching his boyfriend who hits back. However his boyfriend apologizes and he is able to calm Tony down and they kiss.

That night Clay, Cyrus and Tyler writes graffiti all over the baseball field. Cyrus confesses what they did to Marcus then they suddenly hear laughter. A group of baseball player and some girls walk into a hidden shed on the side of the baseball field. Clay figures out that that could be the clubhouse. He gives his apologies to Cyrus and says they have to go

At the bus station Justin fails to get on the last bus. He then receives multiple texts from Clay asking for help.

On a hotel Mrs Baker finds the mother-daughter, she tals to the mother named Maureen at first and tells her that she knows why they are there. Then the daughter comes up whose name is Sarah and she begs her not to testify.

Back at the baseball field, Tyler and Cyrus are pouring gasoline into an outline of something, at the same time Clay picks up Justin and tells him he found the clubhouse. At the field Tyler and Cyrus light the outline and it fires up r, emblazoning the word “rapists” on the field.


Episode 10 ‘Smile,Bitches’


In a flashback, we actually see a side of Tony that we haven’t seen. Hannah and Tony actually bonding over having their nails done. And they also talk about boys, particularly about Tony and Ryan.

In present time Tony and his current boyfriend are discussing the trial besides Tony’s beat up car. Meanwhile on the road while driving Clay discusses with Justin that he probably found out where the clubhouse is. After talking about it Justin shows him the cash he got and tells Clay that his mom gave it to him. He offers it to Clay as rent until he gets his feet up, but clay tells him to keep it since he doesn’t really pay rent. He then asks Justin if he has al that cash then why did he cal him to which Justin replies “because you said you need me”, how bromantic.

Later at his house, Clay has a nice romantic moment with ghost Hannah.

The next morning at the baseball field, the players discover the word rapists emblazoned on the grass. Their coach tries to encourage them but there is tension between Bryce and Zach and they got into words until their coach tells them to pipe down.

Meanwhile at the school parking lot, Jess’ father who is driving her spots Justin. He walks out the car as he tries to confront the teenage boy while Jess begs him not to. She tells him “he didn’t do it” and so her father merely warns Justin to “be careful” and walks off.

At court, despite Mrs Baker’s plea, Sarah the girl who came into town with her mother takes the stand. She talks about her own experience of bullying, she names the three girls who bullied her and one of them is Hannah Baker.

At Monet’s, Clay and Justin discuss a plan on how to get into the clubhouse with Sheri. They show her a bolt cutter to get into the place but Sheri thinks it’s a dumb idea and she says they have to get in there without the players knowing that they did get in. She tells them she has a better plan and leaves.

Back at school Tony talks to Ryan about the trial. Ryan tells him that he’s sure that whatever he worries about will not come up. But Tony tells him not to talk about it, not here. In a flashback he then remembers the time that Hannah urged him to ask Ryan out with success as they immediately planned to go out on Saturday.

At present time, Sheri was able to get an invite to the clubhouse and the players bring him inside.

At court, Tony takes the stand and he tries to explain why Hannah made the tapes. The defence attorney asks if Hannah at any point said that she blames the school, Tony says no.

Back at school, Sheri is trying out drugs at the clubhouse. Bryce takes a Polaroid of her with two players and store it at a box.  Later she tells Justin and Clay about it and they decide to go to the clubhouse to get the box, Sheri though say she’s out and she does not want to go back there.

At the same time Jess and Nina got into an argument because Nina seems not to want to open up to her boyfriend and she chooses instead to start it up with another guy. Jess admonishes her for it and they got into an argument.

Meanwhile Justin speaks with Mr. Porter about his plans for the future. At the hallway Alex opens up his locker and finds a single bullet.

Back at the trial the prosecution grills Tony about his probation and why it came about since he was accused of assault twice and if there is a third strike he’ll serve time.

He then recalls the day he dated Ryan. They end up almost kissing on an alleyway and a guy passes by and calls them a faggot. Tony confronts the guy who keeps on provoking him so he beats him up, at the same time he tells Ryan to go and he runs away. Passerbys sees what Tony is doing and cals the police.

But he doesn’t reveal this memory at the trial. The Prosecution asks him if Hannah told him what to do or if there was a written instruction on what she wanted to happen with the tapes. Tony remembers the handwritten notes he burned but he doesn’t say this at court and he instead say that Hannah did not leave any instructions. The Prosecution implies that he merely assumed what Hannah wanted done with the tapes and he agrees.

During the baseball game, Justin and Clay sneaks into the clubhouse, but seriously Justin not knowing about the place still boggles my mind, he’s a jock and best friends with Bryce. Anyway at the match Zach and Bryce get into a scuffle and Zach walks out.

He discovers Clay and Justin in the clubhouse. And surprisingly he hands over the box and he reveals that he was the one who has been giving Clay the Polaroids. Clay asks why Zach didn’t just talk to him and Zach answers “because I’m a coward and you’re not”.

Later Tyler attends a punk concert with Cyrus. It gets a bit rough and as he steps out bleeding he runs into Mackenzie. They talks about what happened in the Crestmont but Tyler rebuts her. Cyrus though does not appreciate it and he tells Tyler to go.

At the Baker’s Tony confesses to Mrs Baker why helped Hannah with the tapes. As it turns out after the beating with the police chasing him, he runs into the Crestmont and Hannah who is on duty at that time hides him.

At his home, Tyler’s parents says that Marcus’ dad passed by and told them that Cyrus and Tyler blackmailed Marcus. He confesses to his parents and they punish him.

At the hotel Tony knocks at Sarah hotel door and he talks to her that Hannah told him how sorry she felt about bullying Sarah.

Later that night, as she lay sleeping Mrs Baker receives a phone call. She goes out running and drives to her drugstore to find it vandalized and damaged.

Meanwhile Clay, Justin and Sheri are looking at the Polaroids. They find a picture of Nina and then Clay spots a picture of Hannah.  After that they spot a picture of a half-naked Bryce striding over an unconscious Chloe. They think that maybe if they ask Chloe and she admits to being sexually abused unconscious then maybe that is the way to get Bryce.


Episode 11 ‘Bryce and Chloe’

This episode we get to see something truly unexpected. We see the story from Bryce’s point and we see an aspect of his and Hannah’s relationship, one that she kept out of her tapes.

On a football game sometime during Hannah’s first weeks at Liberty, we see Bryce victorious at the football field and him scanning the stands for what we guess are his still absent parents when Hannah spots him and asks “looking for someone?”

He says no, and she reintroduces herself. They seem rather friendly, Bryce even calls her a friend and that they should hang out.

In present time at court, Bryce takes the stand wearing eyeglasses which he never wears, to make him look relatable.

Meanwhile at Monet’s, Clay, Justin and Jess discuss telling Chloe about the Polaroids. Jess says it might be hard but Clay tries to convince her by showing her the picture of Nina. But Jess reacts negatively and says they don’t understand and she takes Nina’s Polaroid with her.

Jess then shows it to Nina at school In the girl’s locker room. Nina shows her vulnerability that she tried to be strong to set an example for Jess, but she couldn’t and that she is not that way.

At court, Bryce says he and Hannah had this on again, off again kind of relationship that became physical. He talked about going with her in viewpoint of Hickmon’s bridge and the two of them hanging in the hood of his car and kissing, or having sex in the back.

He paints her as not being girlfriend material and that she pursued him and not the other way around.  He recalls Hannah hanging out in the clubhouse and that it was his jacket that she was wearing when he took a Polaroid of her.

The defence attorney asks if Hannah told Bryce if she asked if she wanted a more serious relationship. Bryce says yes and he let her down the night of his party wherein he raped her in the hot tub. But he doesn’t say that he paints her as someone who was angry and therefore decided to make false allegations.

Back at the trial, the prosecution then grills Bryce about the party. He asks if he got really into having sex with Hannah and he affirms. The prosecution then asks if Hannah gave at any point her consent, Bryce says no, or if she gave any gestures that would indicate consent again no. Bryce tries his best to deflect but the lawyer states that at no point did Hannah gave her consent.

After this, Clay, Justin Tony and Alex talk about getting Chloe to testify, and that maybe Jess is the only one who could talk to her.

Later Jess does try to talk to Chloe she shows her the Polaroids of Bryce and her. She tries to convince her and Chloe confesses that she was the one that put up the pictures of Jess in the classroom. Chloe apologizes and Jess asks her if she wanted to do something about Bryce.

The next day, Chloe with her mother and Jess for support meets with Mrs Baker and the prosecution attorney. They present her the scenario and asks her if she is willing to testify.

At school things come to a head, Clay Tony and Justin run into Bryce and the baseball team at the hallway. And Justin unable to contain himself confronts Bryce and calls him a liar.

Justin ends up fighting Bryce, Tony and Clay goes in to help. Meanwhile Cyrus and his group who are watching then comes in to help, Zach from afar also goes in to help Clay’s group. Alex who is with a cane and all even comes in and hits Monty with it. Doing so reminds him of a memory wherein he talks with Monty in the past telling him “You could have stopped it, Hannah and Bryce” and then Monty then tells him to keep quiet about it.

The fight ends when Courtney hits the fire alarm. But still everyone who participated ends up in detention.

Bryce is then called out by a teacher. Clay seeing this goes up to Coach Patrick who is watching everyone for detention and picks up his phone from a pile in the front desk, he looks at Tony and Justin and says Chloe is testifying. Justin is able to talk the coach into letting them out and the trio go to Clay’s car.

Unfortunately someone had broken into it and had taken the box of Polaroids. At court they argue over what has happened as Chloe is seen to testify.

In the stand she talks about the clubhouse of how it was a place only for the baseball team and that you had to be invited. She talks about being invited and listening to music, drinking and smoking pot in the place. She is asked about the pictures and if she remembers having sex with Bryce, however she flips and remembers having sex with Bryce and actually giving her consent.

Clay is distraught at the end and so Tyler approaches him and asks him if he wants to know what real power feels like. And he takes Clay shooting with guns. Unfortunately the owner of the land where they are in calls the police and soon sirens are heard approaching. They split up and Clay runs away gun in hand.

Back at the school, Mrs Baker accompanied by police and Mr. Porter end up going and inspecting the clubhouse, which at that point is nothing more than just an ordinary shed for storage, it appears to have been cleaned up of any evidence.

Later at Bryce’s home his mother confronts him on what really happened. But Bryce is defiant and he speaks in a disturbing way to his mother. This prompts her to slap him and she tells him that he has brought shame to this family, but Bryce stands his ground.

In another place Justin asks Jess if it is alright if he testifies on what happened to her and Bryce.

Meanwhile Clay is walking towards Bryce’s house, he calls Justin to bring his car there. 

At Alex’s home he opens a package he received anonymously. Inside is a gun with a piece of paper that reads with words in red “how can you live with yourself?” It was meant to intimidate but instead it jogs Alex’s memory, he remembers that night at Bryce’s party wherein he was playing a shooter video game at the pool house with Monty present. It appears that Monty saw what was happening and Alex asked him about it, they were there and they did nothing.

At his home, Bryce remembers what really happened at Hickman’s bridge when he and Hannah were sitting in the hood of his car. They never did kiss or have sex, they only talked about Bryce’s feeling abandoned by his wealthy parents. And that was the only thing they also did at the clubhouse, just talk. He tried to kiss Hannah but it was her who stop him and told him that she only liked him as a friend.

Meanwhile Clay approaches Bryce’s front door as Justin pulls up. Justin sees the gun and tries to stop him, but he argues that he has talked with Jess who has given her consent for him to testify.  But Clay is toting the gun and he even points it at his head at the same time Bryce walks out. Clay puts the gun in front of him and stares at it and stares at Bryce.


Episode 12 ‘The Box of Polaroids’


This episode we finally get to see how Justin and Bryce became best friends. While Justin does question the kind of friendship he had with Bryce, the two had their moments. It appears that in third grade Bryce stepped in when Justin was being bullied well for being poor, he even shared his lunch with him and they have stuck together ever since well at least until after the tapes happened.

Back at the present, Justin is still trying to calm down Clay. He is able to take the gun away and warns Bryce that he should just pour himself another glass of whiskey and forget that they were ever there. Bryce however says that he found out that the prosecution has another witness and he asks if that is Justin, he then warns him back to be careful. But Justin retorts that he has nothing to lose and that therefore makes him the dangerous one. He then gets in the car and he and Clay drive away.

In the car though, Justin spots that they are being followed. It is the same car that nearly runs Clay over in his bike. But thanks to his skills they are able to evade it.

The next morning, at his home, Alex falls asleep and locks the door which got his mom and Zach who is visiting worried. They got in and admonish Alex for not hearing them pounding at the door, Alex’s mom shouts at him for a bit then leaves to prepare breakfast. While Zach asks Alex about a series of worrying text he receives from him last night. Alex responds that he knows who have been messing with all of them.

Meanwhile at Clay’s home. Mrs Jensen is there and she says that she is staying. She says as a lawyer she needs to advise Justin on something, she says due to client-attorney privilege she cannot tell anything to Clay but if Justin later tells him then that is his choice. Later the two guys have a sweet bonding moment when Clay like a brother helps Justin tie a necktie as they talk about the case. Clay then says he has seen Justin in a tie before and wonders why he doesn’t know how to tie one to which Justin replies that Bryce used to do it for him. Later as they leave, Justin finds another warning letter to intimidate them at Clay’s car.

At school Cyrus confronts Tyler about posting the pictures that showed them doing graffiti in the baseball field. While at first Cyrus seemed confrontational, things take a disturbing turn as Tyler talks about having more guns and going against the system. So Cyrus exits and when Tyler asks if they are still friends he replies nervously that they still are.

At the trial, Justin talks about his relationship with Hannah, how he once got a fight with his mom’s boyfriend he actually ran way to Hannah’s after their first date. Hannah takes care of him and he actually passes out in her bed.  She lets him sleep there while she chose to sleep in her own floor.

Bryce catches him the next morning walking to school from a different direction from his house, he correctly deduces that Justin had woken in someone else’s bed but of course he never thought that there was no sex involved. Justin says that Bryce wouldn’t let that thought go and so he had to tell him something, so he showed him the up skirting picture he took of Hannah which Bryce in turn sends out through the school as we already know.

The prosecution then asks about the night of Jessica’s party. Justin narrates what he remembers when Bryce threw him out of the room and as he remembered the noise of forcing himself on Jess. Unfortunately the defence asks if Justin ever saw the actual rape which he didn’t, and she paints a picture that maybe Justin was only jealous that his best friend, Bryce and his girlfriend Jess cheated on him.

Back at school, the principal requires Tyler to go to a diversionary program in a mental health care facility. Apparently because of the pictures he posted on Facebook.

Meanwhile in the locker room, Bryce talks with the rest of the baseball team about the missing box, which means he doesn’t have it after all.

At a remote collection in an abandoned place filed with graffiti, Monty arrives with Scotty one of the baseball players waiting for him. Monty tells Scotty he is there because his dad was beating on him again, and as a result he is a shiner. Scotty though is there for something, he tells him that he is getting tired of being thought of as a rapist just because he’s on the baseball team.

And all of a sudden Clay, Zach, Justin, Tony and Alex arrive demanding that he give the box of Polaroids. They confront him about the intimidation and Alex points the gun that he received from him. Monty agrees to give back the Polaroids but he says it’s not with him, and so Alex decides to ride with him to get it.

They go on Monty’s jeep and arrived at an abandoned factory. Alex keeps pointing the gun at him, but Monty is not intimidated and he says he doesn’t have anything else except for Bryce and the baseball team, since his home life is terrible. He says he doesn’t have the pictures, he manages to get the gun and leave Alex alone there.

Later Alex and Clay report back to Jess that they didn’t get the pictures. They ask her to go on the trial and that they will stand by her, as Alex gestures to Zach, Ryan, Courtney, Justin and Courtney who are on Clay’s car nearby.

After that they go to the police station as Justin and Jess give their testimony to the cops, regarding the night Bryce forced himself on her.

The next day at the Baker’s drugstore, Tony is helping Mrs Baker move cabinets when he finds Hannah’s old hat.

The trial meanwhile is coming to a close. The Jury is called to give their verdict and Clay and his group are in attendance and so is Bryce.

And the Jury finds the school district not responsible. It is a heart breaking result. However there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as Bryce is taken under arrest for sexual assault but Justin is also arrested for being an accessory to the crime, and Jess watches in horror. Mrs Jensen tells Clay that it was a risk that Justin knew going forward, but she assures her son that they will take care of his friend.


Episode 13 ‘Bye’

One month later, Bryce is on trial. Jess says a heartfelt statement addressing him and the court. She recalls what happened and how much pain she went through.

But the Judge is lenient especially since Bryce is a first time offender. He is sentenced to three months’ probation.

And as if to rub salt into it, Justin who is also attached to the case has been stuck in juvenile court for a month. Mrs Jensen as his lawyer stands in court and asks that he be released but the Judge says as a minor he should be released to the custody of a guardian, but Mrs Jensen says his mother is nowhere to be found. This doesn’t move the judge and Justin remains in detention.

As he is taken away, Mrs Jensen tells him to hang on.

At school in the locker room, Zach finds Bryce packing his things from his locker. Bryce tells him that he is moving to private school and that he and Chloe are still together and will go to the dance together.

Meanwhile the new guidance councillor is talking to a newly returned Tyler, who seems to be more at peace after going to a mental health facility.

Later, Clay gets his tattoo of a comma to remember Hannah by and he goes walking around town speaking to her ghost. They remember good memories, Clay says he’s worried that he will forget her but she says “then don’t”.

And finally after all that has happened Hannah finally gets her funeral service at a church. In her speech Mrs Baker reveals that Hannah had dreamed of becoming a writer and moving to New York, she tells everyone to keep dreaming for Hannah and themselves.

Clay then takes the podium and gives a heat felt speech as Hannah’s ghost enters the church, he tells everyone that he loved her so much, and that’s what he is taking away. He tells Hannah “I love you and I let you go”. And she walks out the church door that is now emblazoned in light.

At the end of the service, Clay stays behind in the church when the Priests asks him if everything is all right. Clay asks him if he believes in the soul and if Hannah is going to hell for committing suicide. The priest assures him that God will have mercy on her soul and will also forgive him and the others. And he tells him that he doesn’t have to believe in an immortal soul to remember Hannah, there is love there is compassion and that doesn’t go away.

Later there is a small party held for Hannah at Monet’s. Mrs Jensen who is sitting with Clay and Justin who is now out says that maybe the two of them have something to talk about and she leaves.

Clay then explains to Justin how he got out, he asks if Justin wants to be adopted into their family since that is the only way to get him permanently out of juvenile detention. Justin actually cries and he says yes, I’m getting an OC vibe in all of this. Lawyer parent, nerdy kid, troubled youth seriously?

At the library Cyrus approaches Tyler and they finally make peace.

Back at the party Mrs Baker says goodbye to Clay, she tells him she is moving to New York so in a way she can fulfil Hannah’s dream. She also gives him a letter that Hannah wrote, 11 reasons why she shouldn’t kill herself and Clay was written in twice. Mrs Baker then hugs him then she says “I wish I had known you when she was alive”.

At school in the boy’s toilet. Monty backed by a group of baseball guys physically assaults Tyler. And in a disturbing scene he anally rapes him with a broom stick and just leaves him there.

In his house when Clay and his dad go out for sushi, and Justin is left alone. We see that he hasn’t fully stopped his addiction. At the same time we also see who has the box of Polaroids, it is Nina and she burns all of the pictures.

The night of the dance, Clay finally teaches Justin how to wear a tie. They go to the dance together with Tony who finds his boyfriend inside, Clay explains he got him a guest pass. They also meet Jess and Alex at the entrance and they all walk in together.

But dark things are afoot, because in his house Tyler is seen preparing his semi-automatic rifles.

Back at the dance, everyone seems to be having fun as they do what you are supposed to in that kind of event, which is dance like idiots with your friends.  Justin later ends up talking with Bryce and they have a talk about good times and Clay actually intervenes, it’s like a handing over of bestfriends.

Justin then walks out saying that he needs to use the bathroom. Jess meanwhile watches him. And then all of a sudden the dj puts on the music that played when Hannah and Clay first had their dance in a same event. Tony who recognizes the song, knows the effect it would have on Clay and searches for him.

Clay goes in a melancholy in the middle of the dance floor and in a touching moment, Tony comes over and hugs him. Jess also approaches with Alex and all of them who were in the tapes except for Bryce, Justin and Tyler, surround Clay and gives him comfort.

Later In the boy’s locker room, Jess finds Justin sitting alone. They have a talk, about everything that has happened. They end up kissing and actually end up having sex.

Back at the dance Mackenzie shows Cyrus a text she received from Tyler. Cyrus talks about it to Clay and the others and they have a meeting of what they should do.

Meanwhile in the girl’s toilet Chloe confesses to Jess that she is pregnant.

At the same time outside Tyler arrives in his car, he steps out and starts taking out his guns from the hood. He arms himself as Clay sees him. Tyler tells him to go home, but Clay asks him not to go through with it.

Soon police sirens are heard. Tyler points his rifle at Clay as he tries to argue and beg him not to go in, he tells him he doesn’t want him to die. He stands firmly as the gun is levelled at him. But somehow he gets through to Tyler and Clay is able to slowly take out the rifle away from him. Tony then arrives with his car and he tells Tyler to get in, then they go. As the sirens come closer Clay is left holding the rifle as Justin and Jess go out to join him.

And that’s the end of the season folks, until next year.






















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