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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x10, Progeny

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/22/2016 4:14 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x10, Progeny | Progeny
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Legends, to another action-packed episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! Last week was a bit intense after half the team got left behind and we learned that Chronos was actually Mick Rory. Now, let’s see what our band of misfit heroes gets into this week!

Rip visits Rory to ask for his help taking down Savage, and to apologize for asking Snart to kill him. He tells Rory that he should be angry with him, not Snart. Meanwhile, the team arrives in 2157 and heads off to the Kasnia Conglomerate, where Rip suspects Savage is hiding. He believes that watching him in the future can help them predict his moves in the past.

Outside the ship, the team is surprised by what the future holds (including violent robo-cops that seem to be wearing Ray’s suit). Snart, Sara, and Rip head to a shareholder meeting while the rest of the team investigates the A.T.O.M. suit robots. Unfortunately, Rip is the only one who gains access to the meeting, while Sara and Snart wait outside.



Inside the meeting, a panel debates the state of the country—among them sits Savage. He encourages the panel to cut down the population but is shut down—apparently not for the first time. Rip follows Savage and finds him meeting with an ally—a 14-year-old boy whose father owns the company.

Rip tells the team that the boy’s name is Per Degaton and that he will eventually release a virus that decimates the population, leaving the world prime and ready for Savage’s dictatorship. Rip believes that they can stop Savage by taking out Per Degaton before he releases the virus. Of course, the team is conflicted about killing a kid who, technically, hasn’t done anything yet. They decide, instead, to remove him from the timeline—essentially kidnapping him. At the same time, Stein, Ray, and Jax continue to investigate the A.T.O.M. suit robots.

 Kendra, meanwhile, is struggling with memories from her past lives with Carter. In a flashback, we see another time when she felt Savage closing in on them and their son. She tells Carter that they should leave before he actually shows up but Carter is resistant.

Back in 2157, Snart and Sara stakeout Per Degaton—affectionately nicknamed Baby Hitler—and prepare to enact their plan to abduct him. Rip infiltrates his team of guards and, once the rest are distracted by Snart’s cold gun, grabs the boy.

Progeny CW

Meanwhile, Team Robots visits a robotics lab and learns that Ray actually founded the company—run by one of his ancestors—which eventually uses his robots as law enforcement. Ray wonders about the kid in 2016 that he didn’t know existed. Kendra wonders what’s bothering him but Ray lies to her. However, she’s still struggling with problems of her own. In another flashback, we see Kendra and Carter preparing to run again. Kendra worries about their son and what Savage will do when he finds their family.

On the ship, Gideon informs the team that kidnapping Per Degaton did nothing to change the timeline. So now they're back to considering Plan A: Killing the boy. Jax suggests they just talk to the boy and try to get him to see reason. Rip believes that Per Degaton is too far gone to hear reason but Sara says that if she could change, maybe he can too.

She goes to visit Rory, telling him that no one believes that he can change either. Rory says that he just wants revenge on Snart. Sara tells him how much his friendship means to Snart and he, sarcastically, says he’ll work it out with him. He also tells her that killing a kid isn’t very hero-like.

At the same time, Per Degaton’s father wonders about the identities of the kidnappers while Rip considers killing the boy in his sleep. Instead, he decides to take Per Degaton alone in the jump ship. Back on the ship, the team believes that Rip took the boy so that no one would interfere with his plans to kill him. Stein says that Rip weighed the value of Per Degaton’s life against his son’s and made a father’s choice. Inside the jump ship, Per Degaton is awake and being obnoxiously Draco Malfoy. Rip tells the boy that he’s taking him home.



 Back in another flashback, Kendra and Carter tell their son about their past and their history with Savage. On the ship, Kendra finally tells Ray about her flashbacks. She tells him that she’s been feeling like she’s cheating on Carter by being with Ray. Ray says he understands and tells her about his kid back in 2016. They wonder what these new developments mean for their relationship.

Sara talks to Snart about Rory. She encourages him to go talk to him. He’s reluctant but she tells him to stop being an ass and go deal with it. Meanwhile, Rip takes Per Degaton to a lake and tells him that he plans to kill him. Per Degaton says that he can see in Rip’s eyes that he’s not a killer and calls him weak. Rip tells him that what he’s seeing isn’t weakness, its goodness, and encourages Per Degaton to embrace the good in himself.

Back on with the team, the ship is under attack by Per Degaton’s father’s army and the team goes out to fight. When the robots are too much to handle, Ray and Kendra go to disable their control center. While there, they’re confronted by Ray’s ancestor. Ray tells her that if they don’t destroy her robots, the world will be in danger. He tells her that he’s her great-great-great-great-grandfather but she reveals that the founder of the company was actually Ray’s brother, Sydney. Of course, this means that Ray doesn’t have some long lost kid somewhere.



The rest of the team continues to fight. But when Savage grabs Sara, Rip barters Per Degaton’s life for hers. The boy’s father promises the team safe passage and Per Degaton is returned, despite his little-Baby-Hitler protests.

On the ship, Snart visits Rory to bury the hatchet. He proposes they fight and promises Rory his freedom if he wins. Meanwhile, Kendra and Ray discuss their relationship. Kendra asks him not to give up on them but he’s still worried about Carter. She tells him that Carter was her past but he’s her future.

Elsewhere, Savage meets with Per Degaton and encourages him to kill his father and rise to power. Gideon informs the team that their interference didn’t stop the virus’s release but moved the events up in the timeline, placing Savage in power five years earlier than expected. Rip wonders if he did the right thing and Gideon tells him that not committing murder is generally considered right. Down in his cell, Rory and Snart continue their fight, with Snart on the losing end. However, Rory resists killing Snart. Instead he tells the team that a band of Time Master Assassins, called the Hunters, is after all of them and the only way to fight them off is to run.

This was an important episode as it saw our band of heroes, yet again, struggling with the line of morality as well as their past lives. It was super interesting to see more about Kendra’s past lives with Carter. I’m glad they haven’t completely forgotten about him! And it looks like Rory may be capable of change after all! Side note: I can’t be the only person enjoying the interactions between Snart and Sara. I really hope that the writers continue to explore that friendship!

But what did you think? Let us know in the comments!


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