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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x12, Last Refuge

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/22/2016 4:02 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x12, Last Refuge | Last Refuge
Media Courtesy of CW

It’s that time again, Legends! Get ready for another episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! Last week ended with our heroes preparing to face The Pilgrim, a formidable foe determined to destroy their younger selves and erase them all from the timeline. Needless to say, they’ll have their hands full this week! Let’s jump in!

We open with the Time Master’s Council as they sentence an agent to death at the hands of the Pilgrim. Once he’s dead, the Council orders the Pilgrim to eliminate the entire team of Legends.

Meanwhile, the Legends head to Central City in 1999 to look for Rory’s younger self. Young Rory is nearly shot by the Pilgrim when Ray steps in and shoots her. Back on the ship, Rory leaves Jax to watch his junior while Kendra and Sara train. Sara asks Kendra if she told Ray what her past self said about their relationship. Kendra says that telling him won’t do anything but worry him. Sara encourages her to be honest with him anyway.

Last Refuge


Elsewhere, Roy asks if The Pilgrim will just go back and find another young version of Rory but Rory explains that the Pilgrim only gets one shot at all of them, meaning the team only has one shot to protect each of them. Gideon deduces that Pilgrim’s next stop will be Starling City 2007, this target being Sara.

In Starling, we find Sara in handcuffs as her father jokingly reads her rights. The Pilgrim comes in, guns blazing, and Detective Lance frees Sara and tells her to run. Young Sara is almost killed when Our Sara and Rory step in. Rory shoots the Pilgrim with his heat gun and she’s down for the count.

Back on the ship, Sara leaves her younger self with Young Rory and the team wonders where she’ll strike next. Unfortunately, Gideon is unable to track her, leaving every remaining member of the team vulnerable to an attack at any time. Rip tells the team that he and Kendra are safe, considering Kendra can reincarnate and removing Rip would be catastrophic to the timeline. Snart isn’t too happy about this revelation and says as much.

Down in the cargo hold, Young Sara and Young Rory are fighting. Sara steps in and her younger self begins asking her questions. Sara tells her that she’s safer on the ship and that they look alike because they’re family. She tells her not to worry.

Last Refuge


Kendra checks on Ray, who’s stressing out and binging on vintage cereal. He says he’s worried about the past and the future, and misses their life in 1957. He’s just about to tell her about his plan to propose when he falls and Kendra realizes that he’s covered in bruises. Gideon informs the team that the Pilgrim has attacked Younger Ray in Star City 2014. She’s just about to shoot him when Firestorm shows up, distracting her long enough for Rip to grab Ray and shoot the Pilgrim out the window. Once Ray is healed, he gives Kendra the engagement ring. She takes it but doesn’t say anything.

Back on the ship, the team realizes that they still have no idea who the Pilgrim will target next. Rip proposes that they abduct their younger selves as newborns, removing themselves from the timeline entirely. However, in doing this they run the risk of returning the babies too late and thus removing themselves completely from the minds of everyone who’s ever known them.

Kendra tells Sara about Ray’s proposal. Although she said yes, she’s still questioning whether or not it’s the right thing. Sara asks her to help with the babies and promises to help her work out her Ray problems when everything calms down. Unbeknownst to the girls, however, Ray has been listening around the corners and knows about Kendra’s doubt.

Last Refuge


The team heads to Central City in 1972 to abduct Baby Snart, who just happens to be the only infant dressed in all black. Meanwhile, Young Rory and Young Sara attempt to break out but run into their older selves outside. They leave the baby with the two dopple-youngsters and head off to find Baby Stein. Rip tells the team that none of them should participate in their own abductions to prevent a paradox from occurring. Stein says it would almost be worth it to experience how their fathers felt on the day they were born; Jax tells him that his father died in the army before he was born.

Back in Ivy Town in 1950, we find Stein’s mother giving birth in the back of a car. Rory and Rip impersonate doctors and snag Baby Stein, leaving behind his very confused parents. From there, they head back to Central City, this time in 1993, to grab Baby Jax. At the hospital, Stein finds Jax’s dad, most definitely not overseas in Semolia. Jax gets to meet his father for the first time. His father tells him to remember the name Jefferson Jackson because his son is destined for great things. The Pilgrim shows up, ready to take Baby Jax, but thankfully the team is a bit faster and already have him onboard. (Side Note: Do none of these hospitals have security? People just nabbing babies left and right!)

Last Refuge


The team heads to a safe house, which is apparently home to Rip’s adopted mother.  She tells them that she works for the Time Masters, who acquire orphans throughout time to be trained into agents. Rip , aka Michael, was one of them. They plan to temporarily house their baby selves with her. Meanwhile, Rory talks to his younger self about the house fire he set, killing his entire family. Rory tells him to not to cause trouble while he’s gone.

Rip talks to his adopted mother, telling her that he feels bad about endangering the team’s relationships with their families just to protect his own. She tells him to quit wallowing and get the job done and the team sets off again. Aboard the Waverider, Stein checks on Jax. He feels bad about not telling his father about his fate overseas. Stein tells him that it’s unlikely that he could have prevented his dad’s death but Jax is still distressed. Elsewhere, Ray confronts Kendra about her doubts. She finally tells him about what her past self said about the chances of their relationship. Ray tells her that can she can choose to be happy or choose to be alone.

Rip calls everyone to the maindeck where he shows the team a message from the Pilgrim, stating that she’ll kill their loved ones if she can’t kill them and revealing that she’s holding Jax’s father hostage. Rip contacts the Pilgrim and tells her that he’ll sacrifice himself to save the lives of his friends. He tells her to eliminate him before he became a Time Master, preventing the team from ever being formed.

Last Refuge


They land at an Abandoned Time Masters Outpost where they meet Rip’s mother and Younger Rip. The Pilgrim shows up, assuring them of the safety of their loved ones as long as Rip honors the deal. The Pilgrim offers to trade Jax’s dad for Young Rip and the team prepares to make the trade while enacting a plan to save them both. Ray attempts to shoot the Pilgrim before she has Young Rip, but she stops him. The rest of the team springs into action but none of them seem to be any match for the Pilgrim, who freezes them all in time. Angry, the Pilgrim tells them that their loved ones are as good as dead. Thankfully, Rip has apparently been a badass since birth and his younger self stabs her in the leg, distracting her long enough for the team finish her off.

Jax explains what happened to his dad, while Rip’s mother takes his younger self. Back at the safe house, Rip’s mother promises to protect the team until the Omega Protocol is no longer in effect. Rory has another talk with his younger self and tells him that they’re the same person. He tells him that the fire wasn’t his fault. He tells him not to be like he is now and encourages him to be better. Aboard the ship, the team returns their loved ones. Stein is worried about his wife not remembering him but Rip promises that they’ll return the timeline to its natural state as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Jax finally gets a chance to say goodbye to his dad and makes him promise to be careful.

Ray and Kendra discuss their engagement again. She tells him that there’s never going to be a right time to be together and that she does want to marry him. Back in the main deck, Rip tells them that they’re running out of time before the timeline cements without them. They’re only chance now is to set sail for 2166, when Savage was at the height of his power.

Although some of it felt like filler, I actually really enjoyed this episode! It was pretty cool getting a glimpse inside all of their lives and I loved that Jax finally got to meet his father! Shout-out to little Rip for being a little gangster and saving the day. And next week’s episode should be even more epic as the team takes on Savage when he’s most powerful!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you excited for next week’s showdown? Tell us in the comments?



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