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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 4x19, Canary Cry

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/05/2016 7:41 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 4x19, Canary Cry | Canary
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Arrowheads! It’s time for another episode of Arrow! Last week was incredibly emotionally taxing as we finally got to see who was in the coffin (R.I.P. Laurel Lance). Now, still reeling from the loss of the Black Canary, the team must put on a brave face and continue their fight to protect Star City from Damian Darhk. Can they do it? Let’s find out!

We open with a flashback to Tommy’s funeral, where Laurel delivered the eulogy in place of Oliver. In the present, Detective Lance and the rest of the team is still struggling to accept Laurel’s death. Diggle feels guilty about trusting Andy, essentially killing Laurel. Oliver tells him not to blame himself. Alex announces Laurel’s death on the news and names Darhk the prime suspect.

Canary CW

In an alley, a criminal is selling illegal weapons when the group is interrupted by the Canary Cry and a woman dressed suspiciously like the Black Canary. Back in the bunker, Oliver tells the team that, despite their grief, they need to stay on Darhk’s trail. Lance comes in and tells them about the copy-cat Canary. He believes that Laurel is still alive but the team tells him it’s not possible. Oliver realizes that someone has stolen her sonic device which was supposed to only work for Laurel. Lance sees this as a sign that Laurel isn’t dead and Oliver takes him to the morgue to prove that she is. Lance breaks down and leaves.

Oliver asks the doctor if she has any idea who could have taken Laurel’s device. She tells him about a woman who is a frequent flyer in the ER. She says that something seemed off about the woman but that she can’t tell him her name because of doctor-patient privilege.

In another flashback, we see Oliver visiting Laurel after Tommy’s funeral. Oliver apologizes for not giving the eulogy but says that he didn’t have the right to speak at his funeral because he failed him. He says that he couldn’t make the city better and that he blames himself for Tommy’s death.

Back in the bunker, Diggle tells Felicity about Andy working with Darhk. He tells her that he blames himself for what happened. Felicity isn’t sure how to comfort him and he leaves, still downtrodden. Meanwhile, Thea has dinner with Alex to thank him for helping with the media at the hospital. Their dinner is interrupted, however, by the copy-cat Canary, who attacks Alex and accuses him of working for HIVE. Thea jumps in, but the woman uses the Canary Cry to push her back. Once she’s gone, Thea calls Oliver and he pursues her. The woman accuses Oliver of abandoning her at Reddington and runs away.

Canary CW

Oliver tells the team that Reddington was the industrial plant where HIVE held them hostage over Christmas and that the woman was angry at Alex for working with Ruve Darhk.  They realize that the girl must have been among the volunteers that night and search missing persons for a teenage girl who went missing over the holiday. The girl’s name is Evelyn Sharp and her parents died two days after Christmas, most likely by way of HIVE. Oliver tells the team that they failed her and the city that night.

Meanwhile, Lance asks Nyssa to place Laurel in the Lazarus pit and bring her back to life. Unfortunately, Nyssa tells him that she destroyed the pit months ago. He tells her that if she can’t help him, he’ll find another way to bring her back.

Later, Felicity tells Oliver the he shouldn’t blame himself; not for Laurel’s death or what happened to the Sharp family. She tells him that she’s been blaming herself for not being with the team on the night of Laurel's death. Oliver says that they blame themselves because the just need a reasonable explanation for unreasonable circumstances. Thea calls and tells them that Diggle is missing and she’s worried he’s going to do something stupid.

She’s apparently correct. Diggle confronts Ruve, armed and dangerous, to ask her where his brother is. She’s unwilling to talk and he prepares to shoot her. Thankfully, Oliver shows up and stops him, telling him that there’s too much at stake for him to be so reckless. Diggle tells him that he’s afraid Andy will hurt more people but Oliver tells him that finding Andy won’t bring Laurel. He tells him that Laurel wouldn’t want him to forget who he is.

Canary CW

After the attack, Ruve holds a press conference during which she blames the vigilantes for Laurel’s death and issues arrest warrants for the entire team, including the copy-cat Canary. The team works to find Evelyn before the police, while Oliver meets Nyssa. She tells him that she’s worried about Lance and asks Oliver how he’s dealing with Laurel’s death. He tells her that he’s upset that Ruve is tarnishing Laurel’s memory.

This brings us to another flashback, as Laurel and Oliver look through photos and reminisce about the times they shared with Tommy. Laurel tells Oliver that they can still make a difference and save the city together.

Back in the present, Oliver meets with Lance to tell him to abandon his efforts to bring Laurel back. He tells him that if there was any way to bring Laurel back, he would do it, but there’s not. Lance breaks down, finally accepting Laurel’s death, and Oliver comforts him. Meanwhile, Felicity apologizes for letting Diggle blame himself. He still insists that it’s his fault for trusting Andy, but Felicity tells him that people make exceptions for family and that what happened to Laurel was not his fault.

Canary CW

Felicity gets a ping on Evelyn’s location. She’s apparently tracked Ruve to a gala and plans to kill her. Felicity says that if she kills Ruve while dressed like the Canary, she’ll kill Laurel’s legacy right along with her. The team heads to the gala to try and stop Evelyn. Ruve’s team realizes that Evelyn is in the building but Ruve refuses to evacuate. Oliver finally finds Evelyn and confronts her, telling her that killing Ruve isn’t the way to get justice for her parents. Evelyn soldiers on and Oliver begs her to stop, telling her that the real Black Canary wouldn’t want this. Evelyn listens and flees, leaving Oliver to narrowly escape being arrested.

In the bunker, the team worries about how the city will remember the Black Canary after Evelyn’s actions. Oliver promises not to let her memory be tarnished. At Laurel’s funeral, Dinah tells Lance not to give up hope; that their girls always come back to them. Oliver delivers the eulogy, during which he announces that Laurel was the Black Canary and that she was a hero, not a killer. He challenges everyone to save Star City.

In a final flashback, Laurel receives a note from Oliver. He tells her that she’ll do great things but that he has to go away and that he’ll always love her. Back in the present, we’ve finally come full circle to the season premiere, as we see Barry and Oliver talking over Laurel’s headstone. Oliver tells Barry that it’s his responsibility to end the situation with HIVE and vows to kill Damian Darhk. In the limo, Felicity tells Oliver that he has to kill Darhk. He tells her that he will, he just has to figure out how to stop Darhk's magic first. She tells him that if Darhk wins, Laurel died for nothing. She says that she fell in love with him because he always finds a way and that he has to find a way now, for Laurel, for the city, for everyone.

This episode made me sad for a lot of reasons, one of course, being Laurel’s death. What made it even more emotional was the flashbacks, which finally gave us a glimpse into how Ollie coped with Tommy’s death. Still, I remain unconvinced that Laurel is gone for good! However, I’m often wrong! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Until next week, Arrowheads! Let me know your theories (conspiracy or otherwise) down in the comments!


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