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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 02x02, Justice Society Of America

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/23/2016 8:41 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 02x02, Justice Society Of America | Justice Society
Media Courtesy of CW

And we’re back, Legends! Who’s ready for another glorious episode of Legends of Tomorrow? Last week started the season off with a tear and a bang, with the (supposed -- still not quite convinced) death of Rip and the introduction of the Justice Society of America! Now, let’s see how our band of misfit heroes fares among a group of real ones.

We pick up right where we left off, with the Legends being apprehended by the JSA. The Legends try to explain themselves to the JSA, but they’re not having it. Of course, the Legends aren’t going down without a fight, and it’s an epic one at that. Unfortunately for our heroes, the members of the JSA have some pretty snazzy superpowers and take the Legends down pretty quickly.

At JSA headquarters, the team isn’t exactly happy about being imprisoned by superior heroes. Meanwhile, Rex Tyler has no recollection of ever meeting the Legends, let alone warning them about 1942. The JSA decides to question them (rather than throw them in a hole like someone suggested). Unfortunately, when they do, they still don’t believe the team’s time travel story. Until, that is, Nate reveals that he’s Commander Steel’s grandson, using his dog tags as proof.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Thawne offers Hitler’s soldiers a chemical to create super soldiers in exchange from an undisclosed item (although we can assume it’s something nefarious). Back at JSA Headquarters, the Legends explain their mission to the team (the members of which are understandably incredulous). They also tell Rex about their first meeting. Naturally, he doesn’t believe them.

Nate apologizes to Commander Steel for blindsiding him and tells him that he’s his hero. Sadly, the Commander isn’t feeling the family love. Rex gets word from the president (What up, FDR?) that someone named Baron Krieger has been spotted in Paris. Vixen flies ahead to track him, while the Legends volunteer their services. Of course, Rex refuses and the Legends set off back to their own time.

On the Waverider, Ray is fangirling pretty hard over the JSA, but Sara isn’t impressed. The team does agree that, with Rip still missing, they need a new leader. After some tense discussion, Sara finally decides to appoint Stein as their “adult supervision”, even though it’s pretty obvious that Sara should be the one calling the shots.

Later, Sara talks to Nate about meeting his grandpa, which sadly wasn’t what he was expecting. Sara tells him that, at least, he’ll have a cool story to tell back in 2016, but Nate is strongly against being cut from the team. While they argue, Nate notices that his grandpa’s dog tags are missing from his neck, meaning that something in history has changed. Nate reviews his notes to find that the entire JSA team will die in their battle with Baron Krieger if the Legends don’t go back and help them. The team sets course for Paris in 1942.

Once there, Stein proposes that he pose as Hitler’s favorite singer in order to sneak into the nightclub where the JSA plans to confront the Baron. Jax is firmly against sending Stein into a dangerous situation, but Stein is apparently feeling power-happy and pulls rank. Sort of a douchebag move, Gray.

Elsewhere, Sara learns that Nate isn’t all that he seems. He’s incredibly cultured and brave, leading her to question why he became a historian. Unfortunately, he doesn’t offer much of an answer. Using Stein’s rouse, the Legends sneak into the nightclub. Once inside, Ray tells Amayah (aka Vixen) about the JSA’s fate. A Nazi general questions Stein’s identity and forces him to sing a song, just as Baron Krieger arrives.

Stein sings and is surprisingly not terrible. Meanwhile, Nate overhears the Baron’s plan, and the team plans a hasty escape. This, of course, does not go as planned thanks to Ray’s refusal to salute Hitler (Yay Ray!). A brawl breaks out, and the JSA, who isn’t exactly thrilled to see the Legends, is forced to end it.

Aboard the Waverider, the JSA finally agrees to work with the Legends. With Gideon’s help, the team finds out that Hitler is seeking something called the Askaran Amulet, which will give him more power. Rex tells the team to gear up while he and Stein finalize their plan’s details.

Later, Sara talks to Nate about his grandpa, who seems to be avoiding him. When Sara discovers a bleeding cut on Nate's arm (to match the big bruise she saw earlier), she realizes that he’s a hemophiliac. Despite Nate’s protests, Sara benches him for the time being.

Elsewhere, Ray shows Vixen his A.T.O.M. suit. She’s still angry at him for blowing her cover, but she’s willing to let it go, although she does tell him that he’s not really a hero (rude). The Waverider lands in the Fontainebleau Forest, and the team intercepts the Baron’s caravan. The opposing forces battle it out, and Stein flounders at command, as Krieger injects himself with the chemical from Thawne, giving the Nazis the upper hand.

Commander Steel steals (ha) the amulet, while the rest of the team fights super Krieger. Meanwhile, Stein still doesn’t know what to do, so Sara naturally takes the lead. The rest of the team manages to escape, but Ray and Vixen are left in the hands of the Nazis.

In custody, the Baron is fascinated by Ray’s suit. He tells the heroes that he plans to replicate Thawne’s super serum so that the Germans win the war. When the Baron threatens to kill Vixen, Ray volunteers to help him with his plan. Meanwhile, Ray has a plan of his own.

Back aboard the Waverider, Sara and Rex argue over priorities while Stein folds under pressure. Jax confronts him about his turmoil, and Stein tells him that the team shouldn’t have put him in charge. He can’t do what Rip did. In the medbay, Nate confronts Commander Steel about his avoidance. The Commander tells him that he was afraid to get too close to him and that he doesn’t want to be anyone’s hero. But he tells Nate to do whatever he sets his mind to and to not let anyone tell him that he can’t.

Meanwhile, Sara is pissed when Rex’s plan of action doesn’t involve saving Ray and Vixen. When Rex tells her that she doesn’t have the authority to stop him, Stein finally makes the smart decision and throws command her way.

Elsewhere, Vixen tells Ray not to help the Baron with his plan, but he never actually planned to help. Though they manage to knock out the guards around them, they’re seriously lacking in defense since Ray’s suit is broken and Vixen’s amulet is gone. Ray decides to use the super serum on himself, but, before he can, the Legends and the JSA attack the base.

Sara and Mick hook up with Ray and Vixen -- but not before Krieger can inject himself again. When Krieger turns course toward Commander Steel, Nate steps (or drives) in to save him. Thankfully, the army reinforcements drop bombs before Krieger can chase them down. But, of course, the Legends' luck is never that good. As bombs continue dropping, one hits Nate and the Commander, knocking them both out.

Back aboard the Waverider, Nate is in critical condition, which naturally sends the Commander into distress. Just when things look bleak, Ray remembers the Nazi super serum and uses it to save Nate’s life. In New York City, Vixen apologizes for saying that Ray wasn’t a hero and tells him that saving Nate’s life was heroic.

In the medbay, Nate and the Commander say their goodbyes, as Nate’s dog tags reappear around his neck. In the end, Thawne pays a visit to Rex, where he phases his hand through his chest, angry at him for interfering with his plans, and steals the amulet. That last words Rex utters are “time traveler” before he dies in Vixen’s arms.

Final Thoughts

Whoa! That was a pretty damn fantastic episode! I really enjoyed seeing the contrast between the two very different teams and watching them learn from one another. Patrick J. Adams was an amazing Rex Tyler, and I’m incredibly sad to see him go. Maybe they’ll pull some magic timeline voodoo and bring him back. I’m also really looking forward to Vixen joining the Legends on their travels! I loved her on Arrow (even though she didn’t quite fit in Star City), but I think she’ll be much better suited with the band of misfits we call Legends.

I also really appreciated the bit of insight we got into Nate’s past. I feel like it made him a more well-rounded character, although he was already likable after Episode One. All-in-all, I’m looking forward to the rest of this season and all the adventures it promises. Final words: Where the hell is Rip?

Until next week, Legends! Stay scrappy and tell us what you think via Twitter!


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