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18 Ways To Win Over A Harry Potter Fan This Valentine's Day

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/17/2017 1:20 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom

Vanessa Dias & Hannah Daglish

Staff Writer      Senior Content Editor

Valentine’s Day is coming up and people get really excited to give or receive cards. Valentine's cards these days aren't just simple messages of "roses are red, violets are blue," they often feature photos and  can also be about movies, series or animations. Step up Buzzfeed, who have come up with a variety of cards for lovers of Harry Potter. The books and movies still have a huge fandom that won't let Harry be forgotten in a hurry. Let's check out Buzzfeed's top 18 Potter inspired Valentine's Day Cards: 1. For all the Potterheads out there who still love Ron & Hermione, regardless of whether JK Rowling likes it or not: 2. If Quidditch based puns are your kind of thing, then you're in luck too: 3. When it doubt, you could always keep it classic...and obvious: 4. If Snape got you going with his triple agent status, then go with this cheeky card: 5. If you're the type who struggles with big, beautiful compliments, keep it simple with an easy one: 6. Just in case number 2 didn't float your Quidditich puns boat, here's another one:
Courtesy of zarahlafleur.tumblr Courtesy of zarahlafleur.tumblr
7. If you're finding all these puns a bit too vulgar for your Potter loving paramour, keep it cute with a tribute to the greatest Headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen: 8. Face it, with a surname like Longbottom, you were asking for this one, Neville:
Courtesy of Courtesy of
9. If you prefer Robert Pattinson non-sparkly, then here's one for all you Cedric lovers, with a little shout out to everyone's favourite toilet ghost:
Courtesy of klowit.tumblr Courtesy of klowit.tumblr
10. It's a classic pun for the house we all love to hate, this one goes out to all our Slytherin fans: 11. Draco, we love you so much, you deserve another card: 12. Let's mash it up this time... Well, if you will tell a story about Slazar Slytherin's giant snake in the Chamber of Secrets... 13. If you just can't find the words to tell that one person how much you like them, you can just be really blunt... like really: 14. I never thought you'd be able to make a saucy pun about Dementors. I was wrong:
Courtesy of adrien96.tumblr Courtesy of adrien96.tumblr
15. You don't need Daft Punk to "Get Lucky," just get some Felix Felicis. If that's not available, you could always try this related card out:
Courtesy of tayter-tots.tumblr Courtesy of tayter-tots.tumblr
16. Sometimes, the direct approach is best... : 17. Genius. You can't get anywhere in life, or love for that matter, without a pun about Voldemort's nose, or lack of it. Seriously, if this doesn't get you a date, nothing will... probably:
Courtesy of Courtesy of
18. And if the first 17 fail, Harry Potter fans can go with the ultimate Valentine's day card: Hopefully, with the help of these cards, HP fans will not end up spending their Valentine's Day doing what BuzzFeed suggested:
Courtesy of Courtesy of
Happy Valentine's Day Potterheads! 

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