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Comics / Premieres PopWrapped | Comics

2015 Indiana Comic Con: Cosplay, Celebs And Comics In Hoosierland

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

03/27/2015 4:49 pm
PopWrapped | Comics
2015 Indiana Comic Con: Cosplay, Celebs And Comics In Hoosierland | comic con
Media Courtesy of Indiana Comic Con Facebook/Barry Kitson
I had the pleasure of being able to attend the Indiana Comic Con this year, and am already excited to get back to the convention center in Indianapolis next year. As someone who lives nowhere near San Diego (let's be honest - SDCC is the dream vacation), it's wonderful to see that a comics convention is smack dab in the midwest, giving us land-locked folk the chance to geek out as well. I'll keep the text to a minimum, as I'm sure you're all here for the photos anyway. I was there all 3 days, wandered the halls and got to talk with illustrators, vendors, and cosplayers. While the autograph/photography opportunities at the convention were a little messy (the lines... the lines went on for miles), overall I was super happy with my experience!  First up, I'll throw some sweet cosplay photos up for you all to see. People put a lot of time and effort into transforming themselves, and absolutely deserve the highest of fives for looking like badasses. Thank you to everyone who gave me a moment for a photo! Just as a warning, some are a bit blurry. I've already added "legitimate camera" to my shopping list, as my phone is clearly anti-photography: Sideburns? Check. Awesome hair? Check. Stogie? Check. Find me a better looking Wolverine and I'll eat my shorts.
Scott McKeown Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped Scott McKeown
Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  When I asked this man his name, he simply replied "Just call me Doctor." Now that's getting into character.
The Doctor Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped The Doctor
Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  I'm sorry to the clown-fearing crowd, but these two looked spectacular! Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  S.H.I.E.L.D. has two more kickass women coming up in their ranks soon with these two!
Claire and Cassie Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped Claire and Cassie
Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  You know who to call... their ghost busting instruments were so spot on, I'm sure they were actually there to take down some ghouls.
comic con Circle City Ghost Busters
Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  He wasn't whipping his firey chain around but have no doubts, you should definitely watch out for the Ghost Rider.
Shaun Lutz Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped Shaun Lutz
Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  Confession: I love, love, LOVE steampunk. So you have Beauty and the Beast steampunk!? Sweet lord, my heart is going to burst.
Amber and Daniel Phelps Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped Amber and Daniel Phelps
Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
They also had this COOL contraption on Daniel's back (I utterly failed to get a good photo of it), that was oh so steampunky and had the rose encased for maximum magical protection. Fantastic.
Amber and Daniel Phelps Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped Amber and Daniel Phelps
Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  Templars beware... he had a spring-action knife on his wrist and he knew how to use it! (Breathe, it's just plastic... or is it?)
comic con Caleb Schlechty Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  The Ninja Turtles, Splinter and a  little Rocket Raccoon? Yes. All the yes. I wasn't able to catch their  names, as they were super popular, but they were really nice!
comic con Ninja Turtles, Splinter and Rocket Raccoon Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
  There were so many other really great cosplay pieces there, but unfortunately my phone is a jerk and holds a battery for about 5 minutes.
comic con Property of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped
There were so many stalls that were filled to the brim with comics, ranging in price from $.50 a piece to, well, a couple hundred dollars. I have to admit I am no comic book connoisseur, but seeing the tender, loving care put into protecting, finding and enjoying comic books makes me want to get into them as soon as possible. But where on earth do I start!?   On Sunday, as the con was wrapping up, I was able to get into a Q&A for Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Khal Drogo, Game of Thrones) and Rory McCann (The Hound, Game of Thrones). Needless to say, these two were an absolute RIOT. Nursing a slight hangover, the two gentlemen spilled a few secrets, shared a beer with a fan, and delighted the audience with an impromptu ukulele performance. The banter was fantastic, so keeping up with Rory and Jason was difficult because I was laughing too hard to keep notes on all the hysterical and heartfelt things they were saying. Overall, I caught a few things though:
  • They agree that if the Hound and Drogo went 1v1, they'd just stop beating on each other and go get drunk.
  • Jason Momoa on Aquaman kind of being a laugh in the comic universe: "Fuck the haters." And trust me, it was immediately followed by extremely loud applause and laughter. He also explain that he was extremely excited to be Aquaman, and sounded eager to prove that the man of the sea is truly an underrated badass.
  • Someone asked about Jason's time on Baywatch and he immediately responded "Don't say the B word." I had no idea he was on that show!
  • Jason spoke about his company Gypsy Circus - the name stems from him kind of being a gypsy himself and then of course always travelling. He also dished that he's very pro-creativity and loves being able to bring things to life.
  • A lady came up to ask a question - can I have a drink with you? The guys joked around, making sure she was old enough and they invited her up on stage to have a beer. Needless to say, I turned green with envy!
  • Someone asked Rory if he was the stereotypical tight-wad Scottishman, only owning 2 pairs of shirts, 2 pairs of pants and so on. He was busted - the shirt he was wearing at the convention happened to be the shirt he auditioned for Game of Thrones in, and that yes, he was cheap. It was quite a funny moment as he came clean!
  • Someone brought a ukulele and Jason played a bit for the audience! Having been born in Hawaii, when asked if he knew how to play he basically replied "Well, DUH." For a tiny bit, the audience kind of hummed along with him to the tune of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".
  • Rory reflected on the fact that fighting indoors was super rough, as having all the GoT armor on got super hot really quick. And the scene with the Hound vs. Brienne (no spoilers, I promise!) - the end of that was pretty legitimate, as he was utterly exhausted. A little bit of acting with a little bit of reality.
  • Outside of their current projects, they'd both love to be in funny/goofy roles. Jason is a huge SNL fan and was very excited talking about doing a comedy. Someone, please, make this happen!
  • Rory was asked what he'd like more of in Game of Thrones when it came to his character the Hound - "More brothel scenes." He also admitted he honestly didn't understand the fate of the Hound at the end of season 4 and was as in the dark as the rest of us are. He also explained his most emotionally exhausting/favorite scene was when Arya helped the Hound with his armor in the 4th season.
  • Jason explained that the Dothraki language was very difficult to maneuver ("I can barely speak American. With enough pizza and Guinness, anything is possible."), and that it's "a really fucked up rap song... like a cross between Fozzie Bear and Jabba the Hut."
  • Jason got the tattoo on his arm while on Stargate Atlantis, even after the show runners told him not to. They had to write it into the show, and Jason definitely got a chuckle out of having a disdain for authority.
I had a blast listening to these two, and I hope you enjoy some of the photos I was able to capture: [gallery type="slideshow" ids="79086,79085,79084,79083,79082,79081,79080,79079,79078,79077,79076,79075,79074,79073,79072,79071,79070,79069,79068"] Thank you, Indianapolis, for a wonderful 3 days of comics, talented cosplayers and artists and celebrity encounters that are absolutely etched into memory!

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