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Television / Recaps / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

There Are "3 Turkeys" For Thanksgiving On This Week's Modern Family

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

11/21/2014 10:39 am
PopWrapped | Television
There Are
Media Courtesy of Twitter
With Thanksgiving fast approaching, (where has the time gone?), Modern Family aired its Thanksgiving themed episode this week, "3 Turkeys." This year, Claire decides to bestow onto Phil the honor of cooking the annual Thanksgiving dinner, giving herself a year off. It is not all that it seems though, as Alex discovers Claire's back-up turkey hidden in the garage, however they both realize that being the only responsible one in their house, they deserve to have some fun, as Phil and Luke would. Phil comes down, and discovers the pair looking through the 'billion-$ idea' box, and accidentally fired his newzooka, which fired papers, making Luke's paper route easier, but hits the power, shutting it off and simultaneously shutting down the dinner at the Dunphy's house. Mitch and Cam are having the typical issues with Lily, where she will not do as she is told, which is not helped by Cam giving in to her wishes every time. Mitch is fed up of being 'Mean Daddy' so when she refuses to put on her specially-bought Thanksgiving dress, Mitch leaves Cam to deal with it, which backfires as Lily literally put her dress on over her other clothes then runs out to the car before the pair can stop her. Jay and Gloria were meant to be in Mexico to visit their Colombian family, but the trip was cancelled, leaving the pair to enjoy a 'stay-cation'. They were enjoying their family-free house, until everyone showed up to use their kitchen seeing as they were supposed to be out of town. Phil unpacked all of the food, but all of it except his turkey had gone off on the way over, so Luke had put their big turkey in the oven, not realizing that Jay and Gloria's small turkey was in the oven below. In an attempt to get Lily to change, Mitch and Cam put on one of Gloria's dresses each over their clothes, trying to prove that you cannot just wear what you want. At the same time, Alex is sneaking the back-up turkey from the car in to the house in Lily's backpack, but when Cam sees, her demands that Lily marches it back out to their car, but it was too heavy and she fell over, bringing Claire's turkey to everyone's attention. There was some typical family squabbling, but Haley persuaded them to spend it together and enjoy it, but she secretly just wanted to go away for Christmas. Overall, I liked this episode because it brought the whole family together again. I also loved Phil's obsession with the Nigella Lawson app that talked him through the cooking, which was a recurring theme throughout this episode.



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