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5 Franchises That Deserve The Lego Movie Treatment

Elissa Smith | PopWrapped Author

Elissa Smith

Staff Writer
02/15/2017 4:37 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
5 Franchises That Deserve The Lego Movie Treatment | lego movie
Media Courtesy of IMDB

With The Lego Batman Movie hitting theatres soon, I think it’s time to take a look at other franchises that could benefit from the Lego treatment. After all, The Lego Movie and, presumably, The Lego Batman Movie will not only feature the aesthetics of the popular toy brand but the quirky humor that so many enjoy. So, let’s get to it!

Our Top 5 franchises that deserve The Lego Movie treatment are:

Harry Potter

What could make one of the most popular fantasy franchises of all time even more magical? A hilarious Lego makeover! Can you imagine what Hogwarts would look like in this universe? And the spells would probably result in wacky hijinks -- it would allow the cast of Harry Potter to be a ridiculous (or should we say, riddikulus) as possible.

Suicide Squad

Let’s be honest -- Suicide Squad may have had potential to be a good time, but it was a total dud. Luckily, The Lego Batman Movie already has a Harley Quinn and a Joker, so there is already a stepping stone to make the funny movie we absolutely deserved from the get-go.

Power Rangers

Such a colorful franchise deserves an even more colorful film, and I think everyone is a little worried about how the upcoming live action feature will turn out. At least you know that a Lego parody would be affectionate and probably make fans laugh rather than just uneasy. Plus, a Lego Zord would look amazing.

The Avengers

There is so many memes parodying the MCU that Marvel may as well go all out and get exaggerated versions of their heroes up on the big screen. Imagine Captain America being extra patriotic, or The Winter Solider being as emo as humanly possible. Plus, if you thought Robert Downey Jr. was funny as a live action Tony Stark, imagine him in Lego form. You are welcome.

Dracula, zombies, or other horror icons

Oh, that’s right. Halloween may not be right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little creepy. Let’s be real: certain creatures have been overplayed lately, but that just means there is so much to make fun of, and who better to tackle the thrills, chills, and yes, clichés of the horror genre than the people behind The Lego Movie?

What would you like to see given the Lego treatment? Let us know in the comments below!


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