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Television PopWrapped | Television

5 Reasons Why We Ship 'Beyond's' 'Wuke'

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
02/11/2018 3:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
5 Reasons Why We Ship 'Beyond's' 'Wuke' | Beyond Willa Luke
Media Courtesy of Freeform

We all know Willa and Holden had something going on in the Realm, but their relationship is a little bit shaky the real world. They are hot and cold and Holden seems to have more of a thing for the adventure that is Charlie. Although, we still have hope that there is still a little spark between Holden and Willa, has Luke swooped in to fill the void that Holden can't? Here are 5 reasons why we are shipping Wuke. 

1. Yin and Yang

Willa has had a wild life going into and out of the Realm. She has not had a typical upbringing since she has spent her life with her grandfather, who has been and continues to be obsessed with the Realm. His philosophy has been imprinted on her, but it seems that she is trying to break loose from that world now. The world that Holden is still trying to break back in to. Whereas, Luke has been grounded in our side of the world, but has an understanding of the Realm. He can be a solid foundation for Willa. Both definitely have what the other needs and can offer comfort and understanding. 

2. They both have an addiction to caffine

While Luke works at a coffee shop, Willa does not drink coffee. Luke said that he wants to find a coffee drink that will please Willa. Willa then returned the favor by saying that she would find a choice of tea that Luke will like. A lot of deep conversations happen over a cup of caffine. This could lead to a lot more deep chats and connecting. 

3. Luke cares about Willa 

Luke listens to Willa when she talks. He tries to understand what she is feeling and she tells him some pretty sensitive information. When Luke spilled Willa's guts to Holden, Holden was a bit ticked that Luke knew all of that information. Then again, Holden has been a little too preoccupied to even know what is going on. We are all seeing it!

4. Willa cares about Luke

This is clear when she goes and kicks some major "you know what" to get Jay to drop the money that Luke owes him. Also, Willa's face when Jay twists Luke's arm outside the coffee shop. She is clearly concerned for his well being and wants to make sure he is safe. 

5. Luke goes into Willa's apartment (or so we think)

At the end of Episode 5 'Six Feet Deep,' we think that Luke goes into Willa's apartment. The fact that are hoping that he did, is reason enough to ship them. Holden is busy chasing Charlie, digging holes and jumping into a freezer anyway. Let's allow Luke to find a nice girl that isn't going to use him and Willa could be that girl! 

Yes, we agree, very interesting! All we know is, there is a lot going on with this love square, and we can see this relationship coming out in the end. What couples do you ship? Catch Beyond Thursdays at 8:00 p.m EST on Freeform to see how this relationship unfolds. 



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