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5 Seconds Of Summer Cause Hysteria In Toronto, Canada

Laura Barnett | PopWrapped Author

Laura Barnett

08/31/2015 4:40 pm
PopWrapped | Music
5 Seconds Of Summer Cause Hysteria In Toronto, Canada | canada
Media Courtesy of Laura Barnett/ 5SOS

My ears are still ringing. 

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"That's the background music to absolutely everything today and I've never been this happy and annoyed simultaneously.

5 Seconds of Summer took the stage in Toronto last night. It's about bloody time they took their tour to Canada. I know, I'm impatient and I'm slowly recovering. Australians have an unconscious bond with Canadians though. 

5SOS Courtesy of Laura Barnett/5SOS

How was the show? Louder than One Direction. Yes. Believe me too, because I only saw them live last Thursday. They had a 46,000 person audience compared to 5SOS with 16,000 too. 

5SOS Courtesy of Laura Barnett/5SOS
5SOS Courtesy of Laura Barnett/5SOS
5SOS Courtesy of Laura Barnett/5SOS

Impressive. Deafening, but I'm impressed. I'm a qualified boy band connessieur as well, so my opinion actually matters. I've been around the block of the backstreet a full 98 degrees (see what I did there?). Speaking of boy bands, they are just that. A band! Each playing their own instrument well. What? People still do that? I thought they got rid of that and just used synthesizers.

How do they sound? A mix of Green Day with Blink 182. You can tell they mean business but have a youthful/playful/say fuck and dick a lot sense of humour. Add some more gratuitous lyrics and they'd totally be baby Blinks. I would dig it.

The fans would too, since they're already there. Some of the best signs I've seen at a show were at last nights gig. "Rock out with your balls out," "I Work at KFC!" and my personal favorite, "BALLS!" were enjoyed by thousands. Hell, the chick behind me kept screaming, "Impregnate me, Michael!" Relax girly, make smart decisions. 

5SOS Courtesy of Laura Barnett/5SOS

I only have one real criticism for Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael. I know your hands are busy being talented and all, but relax for 10-15 minutes in the middle and just chitchat with the audience. Occasional hellos and thank you's are great, but the fans would die to know what you ate for breakfast, who farted on the bus the night before or who's balls are itchy. You know, the important stuff! They'd also be ecstatic if you just stood there for an hour and picked your nose, but you get the gist. Your banter is ridiculous already! Share the wealth! 

Love you guys. I'd pay to see you again multiple times.


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