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Television PopWrapped | Television

Six Reasons Why You Should Watch All For One On YouTube

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

08/30/2016 4:59 am
PopWrapped | Television
Six Reasons Why You Should Watch All For One On YouTube | All For One
Media Courtesy of SameSame

Summer's almost over, and you might be in a bit of a funk because classes start soon, or because your favorite shows might not be returning for another few months. So instead of moping around watching the same old stuff you've already seen (including that cat video you've probably watched a dozen times and that DIY video you swear you'll do eventually), how about you watch something new?

Do you want to watch a funny drama that has college shenanigans, adventures, nerf guns and won't take you more than a day to watch entirely?

I've got six reasons why you should binge-watch the YouTube webseries All for One:


It's based on The Three Musketeers!

Remember the popular French story by Alexandre Dumas that followed the adventures of d'Artagnan trying to join the elite forces known as the Musketeers of the Guard? All for One is the modern take on that classic tale.

This time, D'Artagnan is now known as the feisty freshman Dorothy Castlemore, as she tries to get into the sorority Mu Sigma Theta, which her grandmother was in. The series follows her valiant attempts, adventures, and challenges to join the sorority and become an MST sister.

2. An incredible cast!

Keeping Dorothy company on her quest to become a sister of Mu Sigma Theta, she encounters several different characters, including some questionable gentlemen and precious friends. Dorothy gets into quite a few shenanigans with her new friends Ariana, Portia and Connie, with mom-friend Alex trying her best to keep them out of serious trouble.

All of the characters are lovable in their own ways: Connie, who is just trying her best to keep her friend and roommate from getting hurt and/or in trouble; Portia, who embodies the expression 'too good for this world'; Ariana, who is the troublemaker we all need in our lives; and Alex, who is the voice of reason for this ragtag team of college students. They all work really well together on camera and manage to subtly develop their characters as the season goes on.

3. You feel like an Inseparable!

The big thing about this webseries is that it's stylized to be a livestream among friends. This particular group of friends, known as the Inseparables, are following Dorothy's journey in her first year at university and seemingly have been her friends for a while, as she trusts them enough to give these live updates of her life.

The episodes are crafted in ways that, once you put the video in full screen, really do feel like you're livestreaming with your friends, including the spotty Internet that makes the video quality occasionally look questionable (trust me, it'll fool you into checking your WiFi status every once in a while) There's also a chat room that pops up, prompting characters to directly address the camera, adding to the genuine feel. The occasional side drama often makes watching the chat room entertaining on its own.

4. There was actually a LIVE episode!

It seems rare to find a series that films episodes in real time anymore.  In competitions or reality shows, it's only natural for those shows to be filmed live, but you don't really see that anymore in scripted shows.

The 21st episode of the season was actually filmed live on YouTube for fans to watch on April 30th. It's also the longest episode in the entire season, as well, coming in at approximately 20 minutes. The season might be over, but to see a cast willingly try to film in real time was extremely endearing.

5. Guess which webseries just got nominated for a Streamy? This one!

The nominees for the 2016 Streamys were just recently announced, and All for One has been nominated for the Drama award! How many shows in any format do you know that nab any type of nomination for an award shortly after their first season? All for One is going up against I Ship It, Making Moves, McJuggerNuggets' Psycho Series and The Skinny.

6. The cliffhanger at the end of the season!

The season is full of action, romance, drama, nerf gun wars and swords, but nothing compared to the last couple of seconds of the cliffhanger at the end. As someone who watched from the beginning to the end, I can guarantee you I don't think any of us saw this one coming.

There's only 30 episodes and (excluding the live episode) they don't tend to run longer than nine minutes. No spoilers from me though, you'll just have to watch it for yourself!


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