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Television PopWrapped | Television

9 Episodes Of Peep Show To Marathon Before Series 9

Sydney Lanier Burke | PopWrapped Author

Sydney Lanier Burke

11/07/2015 6:07 pm
PopWrapped | Television
9 Episodes Of Peep Show To Marathon Before Series 9 | Peep Show
Media Courtesy of Channel 4

Brace yourself; Peep Show is coming to an end this year, and the final series is beginning on 11 November -- just over a week away! If you're anything like us, you don't want the awkwardness to stop. To help you prepare (and draw out the inevitable end a little more), we've compiled nine great episodes of Peep Show to marathon before Series 9 begins.

All episodes of Peep Show are available on 4oD, Netflix, and Hulu, depending on your region, so you really have no excuse not to put on a clean shirt and and binge.

Peep Show

Courtesy of Ambah Tumblr

1. Series 2, Episode 4, "University Challenge": This episode is one of the best examples of Peep Show's ability to set the guys on a plan and let it unfold to its excruciating conclusion. Mark meets a young woman at a shoe shop and decides to travel halfway across the country to pretend to be a student in her history course to get close to her. Jeremy talks his way into Super Hans' band, and they head off on a tour of all the "-mouths" -- Portsmouth, Dartsmouth, Plymouth... Heads up for a guest appearance by a now-well known Peter Capaldi.

Peep Show Courtesy of Peep Show Google+

2. Series 3, Episode 2, "Sectioning": Jeremy and Super Hans find themselves in possession of a pub, and, both being bastions of responsibility, can't actually imagine running the joint. Mark still hasn't made peace with the fact that Sophie has agreed to be with him. They also have to section their friend for mental health concerns. All in a day's work. Mark sums up his character in one phrase: 'I'm just a normal functioning member of the human race, and there's no way anyone can prove otherwise.'

Peep Show

Courtesy of Channel 4

3. Series 4, Episode 1, "Sophie's Parents": The guys head out to the country to meet Sophie's family for her birthday as her fiance (despite not really loving her). Sophie's little brother and mother both take a shining to Jeremy -- in very different ways -- and they accidentally get sucked into an arson plot.

Peep Show

Courtesy of Buzzfeed

4. Series 4, Episode 6, "Wedding": The big day has come for Mark and Sophie! Super Hans is more than a little hungover from the stag night which didn't feature the stag, and he gets sick in item after item of Mark's wedding tux. 'I'm not marrying out of spite; I'm marrying out of fear. There's a very big difference.' The most brilliant part of the episode is guessing exactly when Mark is going to break the news to Sophie that he doesn't want to marry her. It might rely on a coin toss...

Peep Show

Courtesy of Schizvoid Tumblr

5. Series 5, Episode 3, "Jeremy's Broke": Mark is trying to move on from Sophie before his birthday, so he stands up for himself, confronts Jeremy over not paying his portion of the rent, and goes speed dating. Thinking he could convince her to be his girlfriend, he invites an Australian woman he meets to move into the flat. Jeremy tries to find creative ways to make money and find a home.

Peep Show Courtesy of PopScreen

6. Series 5, Episode 6, "Mark's Women": Mark has gotten a promotion, and Jeremy is having serious concerns about the direction his life is going so embarks on a new life in a cult after taking a free personality test. Mark has a drunken one night stand with his still-wife, Sophie, which might have some unexpected results.

Peep Show Courtesy of Channel 4

7. Series 6, Episode 6, "Das Boot": Sophie gives Mark intensive driving lessons as an very early birthday present -- something he has no interest in doing -- and Jez still hopes to derail Elena's wedding. Jeremy ends up on a boat with Elena's fiancee, Gayle, who admits to him that she can't swim, and he inadvertently tries to kill her a time or two. This episode features my favourite Super Hans moment of the entire show: "I'm always going on about me twins, aren't I? [...] How old? Seven or eight. What's 'fünf' in English? They turned fünf zwei years ago, so, what, pair of eight-ers, I reckon? I bloody love them two."

Peep Show

Courtesy of YouTube

8. Series 7, Episode 3, "A Beautiful Mind": Jeremy has fallen in love with a woman he met in hospital (when Mark and Sophie's baby was born) as her boyfriend lay in a coma. He's pretending to love everything she does and joins her book club to impress her. Mark is afraid that Dobby is less than enthralled with their relationship, so he debates taking it to a brand new level as her ex's mum dies.

Peep Show

Courtesy of Channel 4

9. Series 8, Episode 2, "Business Secrets of the Pharaohs": Jez has decided to be a life coach/therapist, and Mark finally finds a publisher for his book, Business Secrets of the Pharaohs. His publisher seems a bit dodgy, taking him out for lunch at a hot dog stand and asking him for money to pay for paper for the book. Jeremy sleeps with his life coach coach and begins to feel quite tame around her.

What's your favourite episode of Peep Show? What do you hope to see in Series 9?


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