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Music PopWrapped | Music

MJM Releases Emotional And Eclectic New Album

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

07/19/2016 2:24 pm
PopWrapped | Music
MJM Releases Emotional And Eclectic New Album | MJM
Media Courtesy of Facebook

Within seconds of hearing the urban inspired R&B album titled MJM Parables Part 1, by the very talented MJM, you know you are in for a true musical treat. Coming in with some emotionally charged soft piano playing, and a great voice to match, MJM wastes no time with the impressive introduction to his unique sound.

The current single titled “Hold You Down” featuring Delanor Page, is a world apart from what we heard from the opening track “With You”. Where “With You” captured us with a smooth and beautifully crafted R&B track, “Hold You Down” polarizes the album with a very rap heavy track, which is a bit awkward when MJM has a clear strength in singing over his own rapping skills. Of course this is just one writer’s opinion, and for many this might actually be the opposite case; but when it comes to rap there is one thing I know for you, you do not want to dabble in it. You are either a rapper completely, or you are not playing at the top of your game. “Hold You Down” is a decent choice for a single as it is mixed in a very interesting way, and it does give you a clear idea of the unique sound MJM brings to the table.

“All That Is” is my personal favorite track off of the MJM Parables Part 1 album, which is no surprise, because this song is closer to the opening track than it is the current single.  It sounds more like what MJM should be doing, and much more focused on the harmonies than how fast MJM can rap, which I think is the best choice for his music.

The final track titled “For The Culture” opens with a beautiful piano track, and a captivating beat. Did I say that “All That Is” was my favorite song? I am changing that to this song, this is the albums true single, the albums true shining song, and if MJM needs to know what he needs to be doing more of, then he needs to look no further than this song. From start to finish this song has it all, solid rapping, beautiful harmonies, exciting beats, and some real passion in the lyrics and delivery of the songs message. “For The Culture” shines so brightly in comparison to the rest of the songs on this album, that it feels like it deserves to be on another album altogether.

The album as a whole is a bit challenging, it doesn’t completely know what it is trying to be, and it can come off a bit convoluted in essence; that being said, MJM Parables Part 1 does bring us some very interesting music with a definite show of skill in many areas. If it was up to me, I would ask that anyone looking to dive into what MJM offers, start with the albums best song “For The Culture”

MJM can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.


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