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Music / Reviews PopWrapped | Music

Digit + Stas Offer Up Their Creative 'Violet' EP

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

06/24/2016 12:24 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Digit + Stas Offer Up Their Creative 'Violet' EP | Violet
Media Courtesy of AXS

From Brooklyn, New York comes a truly unique listening experience going by the name of Digit+Stas. Looking to turn more than a few heads with their inspired and creative EP titled Violet, Digit+Stas are set to make some waves in 2016. A cross between Bjork, Adele, and Dead Can Dance, Digit+Stas will be accepted quickly by advanced music listeners, but might also take a bit longer to absorb for the casual one.

Opening with the moody and beautiful track titled “Find”, this song will no doubt gather some polarizing opinions. It is both beautiful and dark, with haunting vocals and a unique approach to song writing. The opening synth horns are met with an, almost, tribal like approach to singing. The song sounds both pure and wild, and although powerful in its message, it chooses to lean on many vocal layers to boost the tracks power over adding heavier drums; which may more may not have been the best production decision.

Doors” is an instantly catchy track with similar Portishead style vocals, and manages to bring the EP into a more cinematic field of sound. With the violin hits and the reverb-drenched vocals, this song sounds like it belongs on NIN’s epic The Fragile album. Dark, edgy, and always with a sense of saying something important, “Doors” is a welcome addition to the inspired Violet EP.

One of the later tracks on Violet is titled “Route”, and is very much a true star player on the album. It showcases the unique style that Digit+Stas brings to the table, and also solidifies this is an EP worth playing loudly on your high end system. Make no mistake, this is not an easy trip down the musical rabbit hole; Digit+Stas do not seem to care about holding our hands for the ride. Every song is a bit different, and yet similar in the way they challenge you with very artsy vocals, add in a true touch of devious emotion, and this song is an exclamation point on a very interesting album.

Violet is on one hand a brilliant and risk taking new album, and on the other hand is a tough project to embrace because of that fact. On a first play through, this EP is a bit of a tough pill to swallow, but it is the second time around that the album truly shines. There is depth within Violet, a sort of controlled chaos, and a respectable intent on keeping the music raw and honest. Although this album could have easily benefited from some more focus on the live instrument side of it, it is also the basic synth that gives it its own charm.

Digit+Stas can be found on Facebook.



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