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A New Villain Is A Shock To Arkham In This Week's 'Gotham'

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

03/20/2015 11:16 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
A New Villain Is A Shock To Arkham In This Week's 'Gotham' | Gotham
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Your favorite Gotham recapper, Sharmake, is unable to fulfill his duties this week because he’s currently traversing the Russian mountain ranges shirtless, in search of mountain lions to slay and bears to wrestle. He has entrusted this week’s episode to my care; let’s hope I do it justice! After what seemed to be a year-long holiday hiatus, we rejoin Jim in Arkham Asylum. Needless to say, it isn’t a pleasant place to be, made even more insufferable by Dr. Gerry Lang, the director. He’s a pain in the derriere, and Jim isn’t his favorite person at all. The opening scene is of some of the inmates and staff performing “The Tempest” by Shakespeare (beyond creepy, let me tell you), which ends with one inmate, “the frogman” diving into the watching crowd and starting an all-out brawl. The frogman eventually turns up brain-dead, a result of electro-shock “therapy” at the hands of some sadist. Jim, of course, starts to investigate. He and another staff member, Jack Gruber, interview several inmates once Jim discovers that a guard’s keys have gone missing. The inmates aren’t much help, since half of them can barely function. As he investigates, Jim meets Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a doctor charged with treating the inmates. Right away, she gets my attention. Barbara began to irk me episodes ago; Jim could use a new love interest. Fish, of course, is still hell-bent on assassinating Falcone and taking over as leader. However, she isn’t the only one with her eye on that prize. Saviano, another Falcone lackey, informs her that he, as second-in-command, would become the leader. Penguin gets himself into yet another jam when he and his lackey attempt to harass some fishermen, claiming taxes have been raised and they need to pay up. Whether Maroni actually sent him on the mission is up for debate, because despite Penguin’s threats that they own the GCPD, cops show up in response to a fisherman’s phone call and give him a black eye. A second inmate turns up with electro-shock injuries, although this time he’s still alive. For whatever reason, the only thing the victim is able to do is recite Shakespeare over and over. Jim warns Leslie to watch her back, because the perpetrator may just be a member of the staff. Lang gets involved, swearing that Jim’s police days are over if he opens an investigation without the proper authority. As if Jim gives a damn; defying orders is his trademark at this point. It isn’t long before Harvey pays a visit to the Asylum, kissing Jim on the side of the head in greeting and proclaiming that the entire situation is now a GCPD investigation. Lang whines and complains, but Harvey, quick on his feet as ever, convinces him within seconds that he’s now a primary suspect and needs to go down to headquarters for questioning. Meanwhile, Jim is left behind at Arkham to comb through staff records without interruption. Barbara and Renee are still shacked up in some hotel together, which doesn’t piss me off any less than it did in the beginning. Renee turns the tables on Useless Barbie this time around, though. She’s started to reconsider their actions and is wondering if the two of them should be together at all. Drugs and alcohol inevitably become a part of the equation whenever they spend time together, and Renee decides it’s just not healthy. Barbie goes on a tirade, which only escalates when Renee suggests calling Jim. Eventually Renee leaves, hoping Barbie will calm down. What. Ever. Butch meets up with Saviano. They’ve known one another since they were kids, and are actually good friends. This presents a serous test of loyalty for Butch, especially when his friend suggests that he leave Fish and join him instead. Butch tells him he’ll think about it. Fish asks Butch for an update back at the club. Butch tells her he feels optimistic about things. Her reaction would only be comforting to someone completely naive; she definitely doesn’t trust Butch, and probably with good reason. Someone gon’ die, y’all! Over at GCPD HQ, Penguin pleads with Harvey to release him from prison, but Harvey most definitely ain’t buying the innocent act. Harvey interviews Lang, who explains that the electro-shock therapy couldn’t have been administered by a skilled doctor. However, he won’t name any suspects. Jim convinces Nurse Dorothy to show him the basement, where more staff records are located. Leslie finds them there, and the whole atmosphere just feels downright sketchy. Sure enough, Dorothy shoves Leslie towards Jim and then makes a break for the exit. Jim tells Leslie to find a guard and have the asylum locked down. Of course, Jim gets a phone call from Harvey; Lang told him that Dorothy isn’t a staff member, she’s actually an inmate. I’m surprised Jim never called this before; Dorothy never seemed as if she was running on all cylinders. Dorothy sets off the system that frees the inmates, who end up chasing Leslie through the building. Jim gets to Leslie in time, but Dorothy ends up trampled by the crowd. The irony. Jim and Harvey report to Essen that Dorothy, now dead, was an inmate even before Arkham closed down. She hid out inside the basement until the reopening. Maroni shows up at HQ, revealing that he had Penguin arrested. Sure enough, Penguin raised the taxes without his permission. Maroni makes it clear that once he’s free, Penguin needs to keep in mind that Maroni is the one in control. An autopsy reveals that Dorothy had been put through electro-shock therapy too. Uh-oh. Jack Gruber was the mastermind all along. He and his most successful “therapy” patient, Aaron, kill Lang and escape from the asylum. Butch meets up with Saviano, only to conclude the meeting by shooting him. That was a bloodbath, as usual. Stay tuned for next week’s recap!

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