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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

A One-Footed Ballerina Sends The Forever Team On A Chase

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

04/09/2015 8:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
A One-Footed Ballerina Sends The Forever Team On A Chase | Forever
Media Courtesy of ABC
Good evening, Foreverists! After rocking out pretty hard last week at The Trash Bar, I'm ready for a nice, chill evening at the ballet. The final stage appearance of a 'true prima' is about to happen, and she feigns appreciation. Odessa, the primadonna ballerina of the evening has been in pain for a while and the director is forcing her out. She takes the stage and gives the performance of a lifetime, of course. Her name shall live on forever! Between acts 1 and 2, we see someone carting a laundry bin around... that also happens to be bleeding. The director notices that a woman named Eva is missing just as the laundry attendant holds up a severed foot with a ballerina slipper on it. Methinks that belongs to Eva, but only time will tell. Henry is at home, pondering Adam's words about the gun that he gave to Mr. Morgan. Adam claims that in order to properly die, one must use the weapon that was used on them when they became immortal. I find this odd because how on Earth would a very much alive Adam know that? Abe is on the phone, snooping for Abigail when he's told he  needs a request from the police or medical examiner (PLOT). Henry busts him and wants to know what's up, but Abe brushes it off as just another lady he's trying to wine, dine and um... other things. They side-eye each other a bit, knowing the other is hiding something. Like father, like son. Jo and Isaac are sitting having dinner when Isaac proposes that they take his uber awesome jet to the middle of wherever Jo wants to go. It tempts her a bit as Hanson calls her - the ballerina's foot is now the center focus. Jo and Henry meet up and he notices she's in a good mood thanks to Isaac. The press are already on the scene, thanks to it being the primadonna's final night on stage. Henry notices, all from a severed foot, that the cut off appendage belongs to a 5'4 female latino. How on earth can you get all that from a foot!? Hanson points out that a ballerina by the name of Eva Selgas took off earlier in the day and failed to show up for the evening performance. Whoever cut this foot off knew what they were doing and that she likely bled to death in minutes. Oddly enough though... there is no body. Ava hails from one of the worst slums in Havana, making tracing her and her family difficult to do. She's in line to become the first prima ballerina of Cuban descent, so she's kind of a big deal. Lucas and Henry are playing with Ava's foot, finding steroid injections on the bottom of it. "It's amazing what some people will do for art...." Flashback to 1929 in Paris; Henry walks into a smokey room with loud music and flappers. This is my kind of atmosphere. His friend Valerie greets him and steers him away from getting in a fight with Ernest Hemingway (yes, THAT Hemingway) over a woman Ernest stole away. Also, Picasso is there...  because why not!? Another friend pulls Valerie away from the party into a dark room. The night progresses then Henry goes to say goodbye - finding Valerie and friend with needles in their arms, barely conscious. Henry is mulling over the detached foot, finding wool. Jo says they know where Ava's brother is, and leave to go make a house visit. Just as they leave, Abe walks in and explains to Lucas that he needs a medical examiner to do some digging for him. Lucas explains he's an awful place to put secrets, thanks to Henry's "Jedi mind tricks", but surrenders to Abe's request. Javier tells Jo that Ava had a stalker just as Henry finds a half-empty can of pepper spray. He notices a classic car photo that Ava is posing on in a photo - maybe the wool is from that car? They locate the classic and inside is a pool of blood; however, the spot is too small, so perhaps she made a tourniquet to hold off bleeding to death. We aren't looking for a dead body anymore, but a possibly very alive one! Henry is analyzing the ever living crap out of the car - funky grass and a bit of sand. A lady comes in for Lucas, telling him that he has to sign for a bunch of files from St. Timothy's Medical Group. Naturally, Henry is suspicious, and just as naturally, Lucas is all awkward turtle about the situation. Jo and Hanson talk to the director of the ballet. He explains that Odessa was on her way out, not by choice, and that Ava was her replacement. Hanson sees a weird pattern on a nearby mirror - "You dance, you die." They go outside to see Odessa with some mobster-looking dudes, one of which is branding some pretty swollen eyes... possibly from pepper spray? Jo and Hanson drill the mobster and Odessa at the station. Odessa is insulted that she's being replaced, a pretty good motive. The mobster has a pretty hefty record and quite a short temper, but he was only following her to pressure her so she'd slip up. He did follow her the day she went missing, explaining it was raining pretty hard and didn't want to keep following her. Henry drags Jo and Hanson back to the ballet. There is a statue outside; in ancient Rome, lovers used statues to leave notes on so that they could correspond. Henry finds a note: "Oyster Bay Motel. Room 6. 4PM. Love -P" They get to the hotel, which happens to be on a coast (with sand similar to what was found on the car). Henry finds a bloody 2x4 by the door. They go outside as he explains that the grass from the car came from there. Seagulls are hovering over a patch of land - a place where a very much alive Ava is lying on the ground. Talk about a resolve to live. In the hospital, everyone is amazed she's alive, but desperately want to speak with her about her attacker. Her brother Javier wants a guard  nearby to protect her. They ask if he knows who her lover is; he explains that they were super tight, they wouldn't dare hide things from eachother. Lucas and Abe are digging through the files from St. Timothy's Medical Group. They hit a dead end and share a tender moment over losing people. Lucas has lost a few girls without explanation (I'd never leave, you Lucas!), to which Abe replies that he can't imagine his mother in a place like a morgue, nameless, without anyone to claim her. My heart hurts, again. Lucas tosses on a scarf to head home and suddenly becomes quite inspired. Dialing up St. Timothy's, he throws on a British accent and poses as Henry. I went from heartbreak to hysterical laughter in about .5 seconds. Jo and Isaac are talking about travel - Africa. Nah, not their style. How about Paris!? Say yes, Jo. SAY  YES. Henry strolls in though to find her unsure about things with Isaac. She's afraid that she may like him, which freaks her out (I feel ya, gurl). Henry sits down and explains, "You can't let the fear of getting hurt stop you from opening up to someone you care about." Foreshadowing?! Let me first explain to you that I do not ship Henry and Jo. I desperately want him to tell her his secret, if she hasn't already figured it out. But I have very, very mixed feelings about them together romantically. Jo and Henry go back to the ballet where they are trying to find a replacement. A girl gets hurt and Henry assists her to a chair, where she injects some cortisone into her foot. She has to suck up the pain - "We do what we have to, to be the best." Flashback to Valerie and Henry having a heart to heart about her heroin addiction. She does it to get inspired, to unlock the artist within. Living in Paris though is difficult for an artist, as they are a dime a dozen... she's simply doing what she has to so that she can survive on her art. The things people will do, I tell you. They part ways, as Henry is not about to feed into her addiction. Back at the theater, Henry sees a poster featuring the performers of the first Pyramus and Thisbe,which featured the ballet director. They take him to the station and he admits to placing the note, but it's a week old. He explains that he loves Ava and the secrecy was her idea; she didn't want people to know she was boinking the boss. Ava is awake, staring at her leg, which is now without a foot. She's lived a hard life, especially back in Cuba. Henry wants to know if she remembers anything - all she does remember is waking up to her footless leg in the trunk of the car. As he leaves, Henry talks to a doctor, asking if they'll have to amputate the rest of her leg which is usually commonplace in these types of scenarios. Whoever cut her foot off cauterized it - making sure she'd live. Who happens to have a medical background? Ava's brother - who was a battlefield surgeon for the Cuban Army. They visit Javier, who isn't at home. Hanson finds a mysterious box with tools in it, "And ohhh, a bone saw." Gee willikers, Batman. Javier comes in just then, realizing he's in deep crap since there's two cops rummaging through his place. He takes off out the window, Hanson following him. They run along the rooftops when Javier comes to the edge of the building. He gets up on the side, gauges the jump to the next building. He takes the leap - and barely makes it far enough to cling to the next building's edge. But that isn't enough... Javier falls. Hanson and Jo look down to see Javier lying in a pool of blood. You're not Spiderman, bro. Henry zips up the bodybag holding Javier, wondering why he'd do such a thing. Something isn't right with our medical examiner. Isaac rings up Jo and she excitedly explains that they're taking off to Paris, tonight. Henry is just as excited for her and dishes his love for Paris. "So what are Henry Morgan's 'must-sees' in Paris?" "In my humble opinion, the single best thing to do in Paris is get lost." "Lost?" "Yes. Wake up, start walking, in any direction really... and get lost. Wander the streets until you're so terribly weak that you have no choice but to stop at the nearest cafe and order something wonderful to eat, along with a glass or two of wine, and then... you set back out into the city and do it all over again. But know that this regimen works best only if done with someone you find.... very special." You can watch Jo absolutely MELT into this idea. Is this going to happen? Is she into Henry? Is he into her? What is going on here?! Lucas brings up the final report on Ava's foot - it's odd to find that she wasn't injecting cortisone, but asathuprene (alright, I can't even Google that one). They look over the foot again; she didn't have arthritis that she was fighting, but a degenerative bone condition, something she was fully aware of. Henry meets up with Ava at the hospital as she's about to be released. He wheels her out and she knows that Javier is dead, noting that she can't believe he'd mutilate her. And this is when Henry calls her out on her shit. He knows. He knows that Javier was helping to treat her degenerative bone condition. He knows that she realized her lifetime of dance was down the drain with the bone condition. She starts to squirm... "He would have done anything for you.... or should I say, to you." "At your bidding, Javier cut off your foot. He loved you enough. He had the medical skills. At Javier's house, the police discovered the antibiotics, the adrenaline-saline solution... the perfect cocktail to keep you alive long enough so the police could find you. You had Javier drop off your foot at the ballet to ensure the attention of the press. Thanks to the media coverage, you'll always be frozen in time as the prima that could have been the best ever. History will  never forget you." "That is quite a story, Doctor Morgan. Very dramatic. I'll take it from here, doctor." She wheels herself around the corner to a cluster of paparazzi and fans. Music sweeps through as the tears roll down her face. Flowers and photos surround her - the prima who can't ever be. Jo is pissed and wants to arrest her for fraud. With Javier dead, there's no way to pin her down. Jo fights back but the Lieutenant stops her, telling her to just let it go... as she's got a plane to catch. Jo is wondering how Ava could put herself through that. Henry explains that he knew someone similar to Ava and to "never underestimate what some people will do to..." Jo cuts him off "... to live forever?" Straight up, she knows. SHE KNOWS. She HAS to know. She's slick and wonderful and a great detective. The look she gives him, I swear to you if she doesn't know then she should be a damned psychic who is completely oblivious to her brain powers. Jo gets in the car with Isaac, who is stoked to go to Paris with her. She kind of throws on a fake smile. He promises her she'll have an amazing time thanks to his "100%-fool-proof-Paris-is-magical itinerary". You can see her face fall. "Any chance of getting lost?" "Lost? I would never get us lost. I got you, girl." Lucas is at the lab when a phone call comes in about Abigail. What happened to her?! One last time, we see Henry in 1929, visiting Valerie. She completed her statue - the same one that was outside the ballet. She looks over to see her on the ground, needle in her arm... dead. "How much are we willing to sacrifice to endure?" Back in the antiques store, Henry eyeballs the gun Adam gave him. Put it out of mind, sir! "Because it's one thing to yearn for something... but quite another to find the strength to achieve it." There is a knock on the door. It's Jo. "Shouldn't you be on a plane?" "I realized that I didn't want to go." "What!? To Paris?" "With Isaac..... I didn't want to go with Isaac." "Why?" "I don't know. Maybe I thought that..." Abe walks in and just BUSTS UP THE MOMENT. She catches herself (she was about to get all lovey on him!!!) and says she'll just see him at the station. So, I've got my damn heart in my throat and then Abe drops this: "I found mom."
forever Courtesy of Tumblr
forever Courtesy of Magnafox
forever Courtesy of Imgur
I still don't want to ship them but the writers are making this SO difficult. Also, if you could not toy with my emotions with Jo maybe being in love with Henry followed IMMEDIATELY by oh lah-de-dah we found Abigail, that would be great. I don't think my neighbor appreciates me simultaneously squealing and screaming at the TV at 11 o'clock in the evening. ABC, I know you can hear me - renew Forever.

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