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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

A Peek At Version-Exclusives From Pokemon Sun And Moon

Noelle Ogawa | PopWrapped Author

Noelle Ogawa

10/01/2016 4:55 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
A Peek At Version-Exclusives From Pokemon Sun And Moon | Pokemon sun
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With Pokemon Go being the talk of the summer, fans are greatly looking forward to the latest installments in the series, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The Pokemon Company released a trailer debuting brand new version-exclusive Pokemon for these games, along with the renewal of some favorite features.

Players who buy Pokemon Sun can encounter the Teamwork Pokemon, Passimian. It has a unique Ability, Receiver, which allows it to take on the Ability of the last ally Pokemon that faints in battle. In Pokemon Moon, players will encounter the Sage Pokemon, Oranguru. Oranguru has a special move, Instruct, which allows an ally Pokemon to repeat its last attack. The trailer depicts both Receiver and Instruct in competitive double battles but has yet to show how they will function in single battles.

Fans had previously speculated that the evolution of one of the earliest Pokemon to be unveiled, Rockruff, would depend on the time of day. So far, this unique system of evolution has only applied to the Eevee line, where Eevee evolves into either Espeon or Umbreon. Although it has been revealed that Rockruff evolves into only one Pokemon, the Wolf Pokemon, Lycanroc, there is a twist. In Sun, Rockruff evolves into its Midday form, while in Moon, it evolves into its Midnight form. The two games are set twelve hours apart from each other, so fan theories came very close. Rockruff is the first Pokemon to have a different type of evolution based on the game it originated from, although it hasn’t been confirmed whether it will retain its unique form when traded between games.

The trailer also reveals that two classic Pokemon, Pikachu and Eevee, are the next in line to have unique Z-Moves. Pikachu’s Catastropika boosts Pikachu with enough energy to charge forward and unleash a devastating electrified tackle. Eevee’s Extreme Evoboost harnesses the power of all of Eevee’s potential evolutions to raise its stats by two tiers.

Trainer customization has also returned. First debuting in Pokemon X and Y, this feature allows the player to change how their avatar looks, including hair color, eye color, hairstyle, and clothing. Instead of spending the normal in-game currency of Pokedollars for accessories, trainer customization in the Alola region seems to utilize Festival Coins instead. It is still unclear how these coins are obtained, although it is likely to be from completing tasks throughout the islands.

Lastly, a brand new feature called Pokemon Refresh has been introduced. Similar to Pokemon Amie, where trainers can feed, play, and pet their Pokemon to increase their affection, Pokemon Refresh centers on trainers grooming their Pokemon. Trainers can brush dirt off their Pokemon, wash and dry them off, and dust away status effects using a makeup brush. They can also pet their Pokemon and feed them a new treat. Pokemon that are cared for in Pokemon Refresh will grow closer to their trainer and will likely unlock a special element at maximum affection.

The new games have a lot of fresh charm, and players worldwide are excited for the next adventure. Both Sun and Moon will be released on November 18th.


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