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Television PopWrapped | Television

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words And Your Life This Week On Supernatural

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/06/2014 10:32 am
PopWrapped | Television
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words And Your Life This Week On Supernatural
Media Courtesy of Diyah Pera/The CW

Susan Booth

Staff Writer



Hello again everyone! It’s been another long week since the last new episode of Supernatural. This episode was a good one, even with the return of the Ghostfacers. Sam and Dean investigate the death of a local girl that may be connected to a ghost, which in turn, brings back Ed and Harry who are also working the same case. Here’s what happened on Supernatural:

In what may be considered a ruse to make anyone ACTUALLY question taking any selfies ever again, a young Christian girl discovers that there's something else in her extremely large amount of selfies, and this is the same something that kills her in her closet before the 911 operator can even contemplate the idea of sending any help. Dean is instantly drawn to the case because the girl died in a room with the door and windows locked from the inside. In no time at all, Dean is ready to investigate without even bothering to give Sam any details about the case because that is where their relationship is at this point, all kinds of f**ked up.

The girl's mother can't afford a private investigator, so she stupidly jumps at the chance to have these “supernaturalists” who called her take the case, and that's when our boys find out about the Ghostfacers being in town. Sam and Dean do everything they can in order to get rid of the Ghostfacers, which fails. The Ghostfacers figured out they're not dealing with a ghost. Instead, they're dealing with a Thin Man. This masked figure chooses to lurk in the backgrounds of photographs of his victims until he decides to kill them. Could be kinda scary, right? As you might have guessed, Dean doesn’t believe it. Whether or not that's because he does not care for, much less like the Ghostfacers or whether he's ready to take the opposite side of Sam on this particular issue is not really clear right now. Instead, Dean looks into deaths in the area only to come up with nothing on a possible suspect.

That’s when the manager at the diner ends up dead. Then, both the girl's photo and video of the manager's death manage to end up online right after their deaths. Now THAT’S CREEPY! Well, it's not nearly as creepy as you might think, considering that Ed made up the whole thing about the Thin Man in order to keep Harry in the Ghostfacer business because he was going to leave him to marry a girl, so he could have a normal life, which he confesses to Sam and Dean after leaving Harry alone to hunt for Thin Man in the woods, because APPARENTLY the Thin Man likes to hang out in the woods and behind a local grocery store. Harry ends up being attacked by Thin Man, that’s when the truth finally comes out. Does anyone else feel like they have been getting hit with parallel anvils through this ENTIRE episode?

The boys track some tire tracks and follow them to a mill, where the deputy attacks them, cuffing the boys to some chairs, as he reveals that he and his partner faked the whole Thin Man thing, and they basically ripped off Scream 4.  His partner turns out to be the busboy whose appearance earlier in the episode was just a little too obvious for him to not to be connected to the case in any way, and all those murders were done to anyone who made the mistake of offending the deputy and the busboy. Basically, these two guys have a real sane, normal way of solving their problems. Basically, they're just really f**ked up people. The busboy is ready to slit Dean's throat, with Sam still working on getting out of his cuffs, when Ed and Harry show up and by some f**king miracle, they end up saving the Winchesters. The killers end up dead and the case is solved, but neither the Winchesters nor the Ghostfacers' relationship is fixed by any means.

Seriously? It’s a hardcore parallel, followed by a large amount of big anvils, one right after the other! Honestly, It would have been a lot better to see the Ghostfacers back without all of those f**king anvils , but oh well.  After the case is closed and Ed hasn’t forgiven Harry, Ed asks Sam and Dean for a ride. AJ Buckley and Travis Wester were very good in this episode, perhaps we will see them again, considering that they are the only recurring characters to still be alive, and they’ve been around since the first season.

What could have been a very sweet moment was ruined because of all these unresolved issues and their behavior the rest of the time, as Sam and Dean reminisced about being kids, Sam dressed as Batman and Dean as Superman, with Dean having to drive Sam to the ER on the handlebars of his bike. "Good times," Dean says. Sam agrees with him, but then they remember they're only about business now. Yes, those two seriously need to talk some things out and soon, because this s**t is killing me! Sam obviously cares about his brother Dean, given how he tends to react when Dean's life is in danger. These last two episodes have in fact proved that. And while he did have  some pretty good points in all of his harsh, yet truthful statements, it’s pretty clear that there are MANY other things that he still needs to say to Dean.

Best Quotes: “The name Thin Man doesn’t make any sense, considering you look like you just ate a whole fat camp.” -Dean to the deputy

That concludes this week’s recap of Supernatural. We’ve got another hiatus coming, as the show won’t be back with a new episode until March 18th, where Crowley might as well face it, he’s addicted to blood! Until then, I will be covering Creation Entertainment’s Salute To Supernatural Convention  in Las Vegas next week! There will be pictures, interviews and maybe an inside scoop on what you can expect for the season finale! Until then, do as the Winchesters do and stay classy!

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