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A "Turn of the Shoe" Leads To Mayhem On PLL

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/20/2013 4:08 pm


Erika Rivera

Managing Editor

Welcome back, all you Liars! It’s time to see what A has in store for our girls from Rosewood. If the season premiere was any indication, A is showing no signs of slowing down nor will she be taking it easy on our girls. The Liars better buckle up; looks like rough times are on the horizon. Let’s get down to it!

(As always, spoilers ahead)

The episode begins with the girls gathering in their favorite haunt, trying to figure out what is going on with Hanna’s mom as she doesn’t have her cell with her. Hanna is still freaking out as the other girls talk about the mystery veiled woman. Aria asks Spencer where Melissa is but Spencer is distracted. She is using the girls’ food to recreate the night of the fire as she is trying to figure if the person who landed via plane had enough time to go and save the Liars from the fire. Aria jumps on Spencer as she doesn’t think it was Alison who saved them. Hanna tries to back Spencer up but Spencer starts backpedaling when Emily and Aria team up to shoot down that idea.

Mona then pops up as the Liars keep finding holes in Hanna and Spencer’s Alison fantasy. The Liars start getting up from the table, appearing not to care about what Mona has to say. Mona tells them that she is on their side and reminds them that she has given them all the proof for them to believe. Hanna is not so sure. Mona offers up the RV lair again, which Spencer agrees to follow her to since she doesn’t want Mona to clear it out in case she turns out to be lying.

The Liars follow Mona to see what she has in the lair. Boy, are they going to be in for a surprise?!  The RV is gone as Toby stole it in the previous episode. Mona is shocked but the Liars aren’t buying (Poor Mona). Hanna and Spencer take off but Aria and Emily stay behind to watch Mona.

Mona gets in her car and is attacked by the masked hoodie person. She is nearly strangled to death when she manages to hit her attacker with her flashlight. Aria and Emily see the commotion and come running to Mona’s aide. The masked hoodie person recovers and drives off in Mona’s car but not before trying to mow the girls down. Emily gets the other two out of harm’s way but is injured when she lands on a rock, causing damage to her shoulder (that looked PAINFUL).

The next morning arrives with Hanna finding her mom at home. Her mom is acting totally weird for my liking about the whole Wilden thing and hurries off to work. Hanna decides to give her mom back her phone, with her mom questioning how she found it. Hanna lies about where the phone was found but finds her mom lying to her about where she lost it. What’s going with Mrs. Marin?

Spencer’s morning is going equally as rough. As she is reading the mail, she finds a letter from the admissions office at the University of Pennsylvania. She opens it to find that she has been rejected as an undergraduate (OUCH!).

Hanna later meets up with Aria to discuss the night’s events, with Hanna still not liking Mona. Aria tries to defend Mona but Hanna is more worried about her mom.  Both Hanna and Aria soon spot Shauna drinking coffee, which apparently sets Hanna off. Hanna marches up to her and just lays into the girl, no mercy in her words. Shauna is left kinda dumbstruck as Aria pulls her away. YOU GO HANNA!

Paige, in the meantime, meets up with Emily, with the former being super stoked about their future dorm room at Stanford. Emily tells her she hasn’t heard from the coach yet but Paige is confident that Emily is going to join her on the West Coast. Paige goes to give Emily a hug when Emily winces. She lies to Paige about why she is hurt. Don’t think Paige believed her…

Back to Spencer: she’s in the process of hiding her failure when Toby shows up. She suggests ditching school that day when Toby gets a call and starts acting weird again. Spencer questions him but he hurries off, not answering anything nor seeming surprised when Spencer tells him about the RV being missing. Spencer calls after him, looking dumbfounded and worried by his behavior (I hope he’s not falling back to the A-Team again).

Spencer ends up going to school, with the other Liars wondering why she’s being so quiet. They all get through English class, with Aria looking at Fitz with pain her eyes. The Liars head out of the class but Spencer stays behind and has a tearful breakdown in front of Fitz about her rejection. He is sympathetic and offers to help her with her essays and encourages her to apply to other schools (he’s so sweet!). Spencer thanks him and makes him promise not to tell anyone as she walks away.

Emily and Hanna have a decision via phone about Paige and Shauna’s former relationship, with Emily wanting to leave Paige out of it. Hanna, as she talking to Emily, finds a bag with her mom’s muddy Manolos in it and wonders where her mom really was. Emily, on the other hand, grabs some pain killers to ease her injury. I hope these two don’t land themselves in any more trouble…

Back to Aria: she goes to her friend’s Holden dojo, trying to find him and finds a hella cute instructor instead. He looks interested as does she and the next thing you know, she’s signing up for Karate lessons (Way to go, Aria!).

Back at Chez Marin, Hanna decides to ask her mom what the deal with her shoes is when her mom goes on the defensive and questions why Hanna cares. Hanna is left speechless by her mom’s attitude as it looks like Mommy Dearest has been up to no good….

The next day, Hanna tries tracking Spencer down – without luck – when she runs into Mrs. Di doing yard work. She’s appropriately weirded out by her (as am I) when Mrs. Di shows her this parrot that sounds like Alison for a second. Mrs. Di then insults Hanna by telling her she doesn’t think that Alison taught her Hefty Hanna (BURNNNNN).

Spencer, as it turns out, is with Fitz, working on her essays. He tells her that she shouldn’t’ be so forthcoming in her essay and that she needs to hold back a bit. She rages at him, saying that she is sick of being dishonest and that is has gotten her nowhere…nor anyone else for that matter (so true).

Aria, meanwhile, is spending her Saturday at the dojo with the cutie. They have a Dirty Dancing-esque moment but she clinches up. He asks her what she is so afraid of, and she just rants. He gets her to be truthful and she does so they are able to get on with their lesson. Sparks are definitely flying with those two…

Back to Hanna and Creepy Mrs. Di: Ali’s mom recalls a lunch she had with her before her death. Alison apparently wanted to invite the Liars to Cape May but her mother wouldn’t budge on it. Alison then blackmails her mom by holding her breath, and Mrs. Di caved as she didn’t want Ali to cause a scene. Hanna tells Mrs. Di that Alison never invited them to Cape May, which doesn’t surprise the older woman as she found beer cans at the house.

Back to Aria: she is still with her instructor when she ends up kissing him. She freaks and runs out on the lesson, quite upset with herself. She later spots Mona talking to some police men and promptly pulls over and snatches Mona up. Watch out, Mona….

Aria lays into Mona but Mona doesn’t flinch. She tells Aria what she overheard, and it doesn’t sound good. The police have taped off the lake as the crime scene; there they found Wilden’s footprints and women’s heel prints. Mona suggests the heels are like the ones Alison liked to wear (we, the viewers, have reason to think otherwise).

Spencer meets up with Toby again and fights with him about his attitude earlier. He confesses to moving the RV under A’s orders. She flips but pips down when he shows her why he did it. A gave him his mother’s file from Radley; turns out she killed herself (Poor Toby!).

Emily has her hands full while all this is going on. She keeps taking painkillers before the swim meet when Shauna shows up, trying to psych her out by mentioning that she knows about Paige and Stanford, and that she wants the last spot on that team. That only causes Emily to take more drugs. This cannot end well…

Back to Spencer and Toby, she reads the file while Toby questions the suicide as his mom sounded happy in that file. He thinks Radley is hiding something and is determined to find out. Spencer questions A’s info when Aria shows up. Toby makes her swear to keep this a secret and leaves.

Emily’s meet is in full swing when she takes the plunge to go next and starts feeling funny in the water. Her vision fades, and she runs right into the wall, smacking her head and loses consciousness. Someone pulls her out as blood begins to show up in the water (this girl is FOREVER getting hurt!).

Emily comes to as she is being wheeled out for stitches, with Paige looking on worried. As their friend is hospital bound, the other Liars gather at Spencer’s house, with Aria talking about her instructor and Hanna showing up with the parrot. She thinks the parrot will tell them something about Ali, which Aria questions.  The bird does say something but it makes no sense to the Liars. Hanna tries to tell Spencer about her mom’s shoes as Aria mentions the heel prints at the lake but stops when Spencer tells her that her mom is safe. Hanna doesn’t look so sure…

Hanna later confronts her mom about the shoes and asks her point blank if she killed Wilden. Her mom denies it (of course) but Hanna still looks like she’s full of doubt. Spencer, on the other hand, is reading up on Toby’s mom as the parrot begins to annoy her. She repeatedly calls Hanna to come get the bird when she realizes the bird isn’t singing a song but a phone number (dun, dun, dun!).

Aria gets a surprised herself when cutie instructor (his name is Jake, I know), pops up and asks her out, sensing that she wasn’t coming back. She agrees, and he leaves happy ( I like this so far). As for Emily and Paige, Emily comes clean about her injury and how she got it. Paige gets worried but Emily doesn’t want her to, which is why she kept the secret. The two reconcile…

As for that number the parrot kept singing, Spencer figures it out but no one answers. The girls got to record the number again from the parrot but find it’s been taken. Hanna’s mom, in the meantime, goes to dispose of the shoes as evidence as the hooded figure is seen with the parrot….

There you have it, my fellow Liars! Time to come up with more questions that need answering!

Until next time,



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