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Television / Celebrities PopWrapped | Television

A Wedding, A Scandal And A Girl-On-Girl Smooch Rock This Week's Nashville

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/15/2013 12:56 pm
PopWrapped | Television
A Wedding, A Scandal And A Girl-On-Girl Smooch Rock This Week's Nashville
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Ben Patton Staff Media Lead Last week ended with lots of loving. Charlie & Juliette, Deacon & his lawyer, Zoe & Gunner, Scarlet & Avery, and even Rayna, got in on the action with a smooch from Luke Wheeler. Where will all the sensuality lead this week? Well, for starters, Rayna is cashing in on her kiss and batting her eyes to get Scarlett out on the road with Luke Wheeler’s tour. The flirting pays off and Scarlett hesitantly signs on the dotted line. Gunner gets a call from Edgehill’s boss-man about his highly sought after new song. Gunner meets with Jeff and they come to an arrangement that gets Jeff the song he wants for Will, and gives Gunner the big break he’s been after. Juliette is in Houston about to begin the first leg of her major tour with Will and Leila. When Charlie shows up backstage, Juliette happily “bows” to his…wishes. Charlie butts in on Juliette’s war with a Radio DJ, but it actually ends up giving her the upper hand and the additional air-time she’s been after.
Photo courtesy of EW Photo courtesy of EW
Scarlet and Avery’s rekindled “not togetherness” comes to center stage with Deacon, and he didn’t look too pleased. Though Deacon turns to Avery when he needs a guitarist for a gig at the Bluebird, and the two seem to work together just fine…well, mostly. Will takes his “fake” relationship with Leila to the next level after meeting Brent’s boyfriend. He also witnesses Brent and his man getting bullied by a couple of homophobic Texans while out to dinner, which later led to him teaching them a little lesson of his own. Bandages anyone?
Photo courtesy of The Tennessean Photo courtesy of The Tennessean
Maddie is still upset about Teddy’s marriage to Peggy – and she has yet to find out that Peggy is “pregnant.” To make things even more complicated, she’s refusing to go to the wedding and wants to start seeing Deacon. So to cap the night: Rayna sleeps with Luke, Maddie goes to her dad’s wedding and even sings, Scarlet finds herself on Luke’s big tour bus with Gunner (part of his big break), Maddie and Deacon share some father-daughter time and Juliette gets a visit from Charlie’s wife, Olivia. To Juliette, “I know you’re sleeping with my husband. The question is why aren’t you sleeping with me?” Then Olivia plants a big ole kiss on Juliette’s face….talk about a twist! Will the lesbian love triangle continue into next week or will this all come crashing down on Juliette? And will Jeff’s vendetta against Rayna effect Scarlett’s first big tour and bring a firestorm down on Rayna’s head? Check out next week’s promo and get ready for war; Nashville style. [youtube=]


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