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Abigail's Fate Will Tear At Your Heartstrings In This Week's Forever

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

04/24/2015 11:44 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Abigail's Fate Will Tear At Your Heartstrings In This Week's Forever | forever
Media Courtesy of ABC

Alright, Forever fans, this is a long one.

Henry can't let Abigail go. He stares longingly at her newfound nurse information, where she is under the name Sylvia Blake. Abe insists they should visit her last address to find more clues. Henry wants to drive but Abe totally shuts him down “Nuh uh, dad.” I love it when he calls him dad, it's fantastic.

Hanson is on the phone discussing his kid's ski trip with a person I can only assume is his wife. Is he married? He says he's the one taking them, implying that “Karen” isn't going. Interesting. He took the time off so he could avoid the other people at the office because Jo was going to be in France. Change of plans! Jo asks Lucas where Henry is and he of course knows nothing. Jo thinks that Henry might have taken time off because of her and how she almost spilled the beans that SHE LOVES HIM -ahem-. After more pressure, Lucas says he's in Terrytown, hunting down more clues about Abe's mother.

Abe and Henry are on the road and come upon the cutest little cottage in all of Christendom. Outside a lady is doing yard work and for a moment - “It can't be her...” - of course, it isn't, but the little moment of hope was nice. The current homeowner has no idea where Abigail went, but did know her. She says that Abigail seemed like she was getting over a bad breakup, which stings both of the Morgans pretty hard. The homeowner has a box of her things and just as they go inside to see, Henry notices a particular flower outside – Hellebore – that reminds him of the lovely Abigail...

We flash back to 1946, in Brooklyn, where we see the happy little Morgan family move into their first apartment in the United States. Abigail is a little apprehensive about starting their family in this city, but Henry comes to her rescue with the ultimate comfort; he kept a flower (Hellebore) alive during their voyage across the pond on the Queen Mary to the US for his “english rose”. A-damn-dorable. How do I get a Henry?

While observing the flowers in modern times, Henry notices that there's an indentation in the ground, showing that there is more than likely a shallow grave there. Digging... he finds bones. Oh, no. Did he just find the bones of his long lost wife? Can you even imagine something so heartbreaking?

The police show up to the crime scene, with the head policeman being a bit of a jerk. LUCKILY, Jo shows up, because she's queen. The sheriff, still being a jerk, says they can have the bones... but not before being a jerk even more. See a trend? Someone digs up a flowery chain – Henry flashes back to when Abigail held that chain over baby Abe – and the realization gets even darker. At the lab, Lucas goes over the body, and a little bit too enthusiastically. The body has been dead for at least 25 years, the cause of death is from a puncture to the back of the head. The victim was left conscious but pretty much paralyzed, which is just awful. Lucas notices though 'the growth plates were still open'... the victim wasn't much older than 20. It's not Abigail!

Henry and Abe go through the box they got from the current homeowner of Abigail's old residence. Inside are little mementos, things that mean nothing to the Morgan boys. Maybe these items belong to the dead body?

Going back over the victim, Henry sees there are fractures that were put back into place before the cause of death. Lucas gets his detectivetry on, seeing that the bones match the age and time of a missing girl – Belinda Smoot. Back to Terrytown we go!

At the hospital (St. Timothy's – remember that name?!), Jo and Henry have a moment about her almost spilling the beans to him. Apparently he didn't catch what she was going to say at all, and the love crisis is temporarily avoided. Henry sees another nurse, who looks like she's been working around the hospital for a few years. She did remember Sylvia (Abigail) but hasn't a clue what happened to her. She recalls the crazy night that Sylvia disappeared. There was a hit and run, and Belinda Smoot was there that night, arm in a sling. Sylvia marked the girl's file as a 273, meaning it was likely an assault. Belinda went home with Sylvia, as she wanted to protect the girl. Who checked her in? A man by the name of Teddy Graves.

We see the Honorable Theordore Graves adjourning a courtroom, blowing Jo and Henry off because he's oh-so important. Jo whips out her magical badge and stops him in his place. He explains during the night in question (see what I did there?) he was home from college, saw Belinda was drunk and took her to the hospital. Henry explains that she was not murdered and then buried in a shallow grave. Graves books it a little faster to his fancypants Spyder sports car and Henry gives him an earful – the Italians couldn't ever match the British 'racing green', showing that Graves had his car repainted. He was driving that night and got himself and Belinda into a crash, which is consistent with her collarbone injury. Don't lie to Henry, Mr. Graves... he's a walking encyclopedia. The judge blows it off with some legal mumbo jumbo. “Did we just accuse a federal judge of murder?” “Damn, did it feel good..”

Lieutenant wonders what in the ever loving Hell got into Henry and Jo so that they'd think it's okay to accuse a federal judge of being a murderer. She says they need to let it go... as if. Hanson is about to head out on his trip and is chomping at the bit about this case... he suggests to find the motorcyclist that the judge hit that night and ask him what his recollection of the night was, completely avoiding the judge again.

Lucas has some HOT MERCH on his hands, opening up the back of a van. He's got boxes and boxes... of dirt. He dug up dirt. Dirt dirt. Lucas, you fantastic beast you. However, he doesn't have access to a lab. The Morgan boys share a look - “What do you say, Abe... do you think he's ready?”

Lucas heads down into the basement of the antique's store... “Whoa... you have your own lair. You're a beautiful man. Just when I thought you've peaked, you just go and take it to a whole new level.” Lucas is a kid in a death-themed candy store.

forever Courtesy of ABC

Hanson is at St. Timothy's hospital, where his two sons are dueling with ski poles. Father Hanson gets the boys to stop before one of them “puts out an eyeball”. I have to take moment to stop giggling. He's on the phone with Jo... the file of the motorcyclist doesn't exist. She suggests that someone must have stole it – Judge Graves, perhaps?

Henry reminisces back to when Abigail reads him a poem by Yates titled “When You Are Old”. She reads the poem from a book, practically making love to him with words. Hot damn. He comes back to his senses, finding the book on a floor... and a note falling out of it. Abigail left him a note – she never wanted to leave him, she was simply finding a new place for them to go. Abe comes in as Henry is about to get choked up beyond belief. The letter indicates that Abigail had no intention of leaving, that she never wanted to give up on their family. It also shows that something happened so that she didn't send it, which can't be good. Lucas finds something in the dirt, an earring with Latin writing on it - “Under God She Flourishes”. Henry absolutely recognizes it, but steals away before Lucas and Abe can figure it out.

Henry goes to visit the judge... the piece of jewelry is from a club at Princeton, the college Judgey VonJudgerson went to. Henry traps him in the lie and the Judge swears up and down he didn't do it. Henry doesn't care; he just wants to know what happened to the nurse. Cops rush in and take Henry away, since he's trespassing and all.

Jo bails Henry's spunky ass out of jail and Jo has her spidey senses tingling. Figure Henry out, Jo! You're so close! Her phone rings; Graves just walked into the station in NYC to talk. Graves knew Belinda, had a fling with her. The hit and run was exactly as Henry had said, that he hit a man on a motorcycle who was mortally injured. {As a sidenote, this is when MY spidey senses started tingling...} Graves wanted to go to the police, but Belinda didn't want to because her actual boyfriend would find out. He confirms that Belinda did go home with the nurse at the hospital, but that he didn't follow up on her at all. He's clearly remorseful and pulls out the medical file of the motorcyclist. He stole it from the hospital so that he could continue on with his bright future. Stay classy, Judge.

Abe catches Henry staring at Abigail's letter and tells him to snap out of it, things are in the past. A gigantic lightbulb goes on over Henry's head - “The root cellar!” Henry takes off to Jo's place (she invites him in oooh la la), explaining that Abigail spoke of a root cellar, something they didn't see the first time visiting the home in Terrytown. Jo and Henry head there in the dead of night and dig around... -thump, thump-. They descend into the cellar and find preserved food down there, but not much more. Hanson calls Jo but the reception is crap, so she heads out to call him back. Hanson says that nobody signed in to visit Belinda, but who can hang around a ER and not have to sign in? Cops.

A police car pulls up outside of the home, all dark and mysterious-like. Henry shuffles through the preserves, in his own little world, as a very distinctive clicking noise is behind him. The sheriff was Belinda's boyfriend that she was so afraid of. Henry asks for an answer about Abigail; what happened to her!? The sheriff is about to pull the trigger when Jo comes in to save the day, and Henry's life. Or one of his lives. Henry is a cat, I promise you.

At the station, the Lieutenant is once again like “what have you two crazy people done now!?” when she sees the Terrytown Sheriff in holding. Henry found his bloody jacket, matching up with Belinda's murder. Lieutenant once again proves how awesome she is, “No-one with a badge goes near that man, have I made myself clear?” Henry and Jo both agree to behave, but the Lieutenant slyly looks at Henry, “I wasn't talking to you...”

Henry goes in and interrogates the sheriff. That night, the sheriff brought in the motorcyclist and noticed Belinda there, sending him into a rage. He admits that he had been drinking when he showed up to confront Belinda at the farmhouse. It really was an accident, as Belinda slipped and fell, but he did the wrong thing by burying her in the backyard. Henry asks what happened to the nurse; the sheriff saw Abigail leave in a car with a dark-haired man.

OH. MY. GOD. This was my moment. This was when I KNEW who was about to just ruin everything. Why was he there!?

The sheriff remained in the house, as the land lady showed up and knocked on the door. This makes no sense to Henry though... that house is secluded. The land lady would have seen Abigail on the road, driving in the opposite direction.

Unless the car didn't make it that far.

Jo and Henry scour next to the road when Henry sees it. There's a car down in the ravine, covered in branches and brush. A giant hole is in the windshield. Henry's worst nightmare is absolutely confirmed, him finding clues while having flashbacks to wonderful points with Abigail.

The first time he saw her with Abe. The first time he told her that he loved her. A tender moment together about focusing on the present, the here and now. Him pledging his undying love to her, as long as he's alive, he'll love her forever.

He finds a skull. And I plow through a box of Kleenex.

In the lab, Abigail's bones are laid out on the table. This is so morbid and heartbreaking, I can't imagine the emotional toll that will leave on Henry. She died from a fractured sternum, likely from being ejected from the car. There was a cut through her lingual bones, meaning her throat was cut. Lucas clears his throat... he doesn't agree with Henry's diagnosis. The fracture to the sternum is consistent with chest compressions, something you do when you're trying to SAVE someone. The cut on her throat... that was made by a knife, not anything to do with the car. Henry agrees and congratulates Lucas on his observation, however saddening it is. Lucas goes on further to explain that this cut to the throat was self-inflicted. Abigail cut her own throat.


Why would Abigail cut her own throat? She was resuscitated by whoever was in the car with her, only to take her own life moments later. Why?

To get away from someone...

Henry and Abe pour over the details, trying to figure out who the mysterious motorcyclist is, as he's the common denominator. Henry sees that Abigail's diagnosis pretty much says that the man wasn't going to make it, but there's no death certificate...


. Henry figures it out. He dials a number and would else would answer but... Adam.

ADAM YOU SONOFA@*$#&. Oh, the rage.

Adam explains that a kind and skilled nurse saved his life. He asked this nurse to kill him, but she explained he was going to be alright. He insisted on being killed, actually. He confessed to the nurse that he's immortal, he'll come back to life without a scratch.

And what was odd about this, what set Adam off? The nurse actually believed his story. Oh, Abigail.

Adam knew that night he wasn't alone, and killed himself with charging paddles. He showed up to Abigail's house the next day, while Belinda was still there. Adam showed Abigail that he has a knife and would absolutely kill Belinda if need be.

Abigail drove herself and Adam off the road in an attempt to kill herself and hide Henry's identity. Adam tried to save her, and he did actually bring her back after giving her chest compressions.

Adam is hysterical, being so close to finding another immortal, “For 2000 years, I've thought I was alone.”

She stares him in the eye, “You are alone.”

Abigail reaches for the knife and cuts her throat.

“She died to protect me.” Henry stares into the distance, realizing that she took his secret to the grave, to protect him.

Okay. If you weren't sobbing before, you are now. I can't think of a more true love than when someone is willing to sacrifice themselves for someone else.

I tweeted out to the writers of Forever on Tuesday night (and they saw!), applauding them for how they handled Abigail. Truly, I can't imagine her story coming to an end any other way. We all knew it would be a sad ending, but damn, she went out with a bang.

There is one episode left, Foreverists. I don't know if my heart can take it.

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