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From Gumball To Goldbergs: Actor Jacob Hopkins Gives PopWrapped The Rundown

Nick Tucci | PopWrapped Author

Nick Tucci

08/28/2014 1:30 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
From Gumball To Goldbergs: Actor Jacob Hopkins Gives PopWrapped The Rundown | Jacob Hopkins
For some of us, our first job was not very glamorous nor star-studded. Mine was at fifteen at an ice cream shoppe in Florida, and you better believe my waffle cone-making skills were second-to-none. For young actor Jacob Hopkins, one of his first jobs was a national campaign for Kmart, acting alongside the iconic Jaclyn Smith. Unsurprisingly, he admits that he was mostly excited to meet the iconic "Big Blue Light," and was quite disappointed to have his first encounter with the magic of CGI. With acting in his blood - Jacob's father acted in General Hospital - it was no surprise that the roles came easily to the blue-eyed kid. Jacob soon took the acting world by storm with his break-out role as ancient child vampire Alexander Drew on True Blood, as well as other memorable appearances on the hit CBS comedy series How I Met Your Mother and NBC’s Animal Practice. He is currently the  new voice of Gumball Watterson in the animated hit The Amazing World of Gumball, which airs on Cartoon Network with new episodes every Thursday at 6:30 PM EST (THAT'S TONIGHT!). Jacob has also been keeping busy with his recurring role as Chad Kremp on ABC’s new hit show, The Goldbergs, playing the cool-yet-geeky-at-heart neighbor to the titular characters, including actors Jeff Garlin and Wendi McLendon-Covey. Jacob sat down with me to dish on the rigorous schedule of a child actor in middle school and how he lets loose in his free time. As you will soon find out, he is pretty much the most articulate, drum-playing, Pokemon-crazed twelve-year-old that could probably kick my butt. Oh did I not mention he has a black belt in taekwondo?
Jacob Hopkins Credit: HBO

First thing's first, what was your favorite part about being a vampire?

Well I'd have to say other than the pale makeup it would have to be the FANGS! They made them look super authentic by matching the color of my teeth and gums to the prosthetic. Luckily they didn't have to color any of them yellow! It was also fun to play a grumpy old man in a kid's body. I had SO much fun on the harness for my death scene with Chris Meloni, pretending to fly. I really tried to make sure I exploded very nicely. Have you had any memorable fan meetings yet? I made an appearance as Gumball at a kid's birthday. The venue had zip lines, XBOX Kinect, ropes so it was a lot of fun. During the autograph signing, a lot of the party-goers and their parents were asking me for pointers in show-business!

Speaking of "Gumball", do you have a favorite catch-phrase now that you are performing the voice of the main character?

I was a huge fan of the show before I got the job so I knew my favorite phrase even before I started! It has to be, "What the what?!" Classmates at school would say it to me when the news was released. I was like, "Oh, everyone knows [that I'm on the show]!" By the way, it's really cool to be able to go to the recording studio wearing whatever I want, even my pajamas if I wanted!
Even Liz Lemon loves saying it. Coincidence? I think not! Even Liz Lemon loves saying it. Coincidence? I think not!

Moving on to your time filming for "The Goldbergs", what was it like learning about the magical time known as "the 80s"?

From the hairstyles to the interesting wardrobe, it was really an experience. Slicked back hair and braided leather belts seemed funny to me. I really enjoyed learning some of the slang they used back then! My favorite thing had to be all of the video and arcade games we had on set, like Nintendo and Pacman. OH, and the computer monitors were huge back then, too! [When asked about working with Wendi McLendon-Covey] Oh she was a PARTY on set! When she met me she shook my hand and we ended up making a secret handshake! It was a secret to me that we were even going to be making one! After one scene in between takes she randomly asked me, "Do you like zucchini?" I couldn't keep it together because the question was so random! She apologized but I knew she was trying to get me to keep laughing!
Jacob Hopkins Jacob and his Kremp family costars on "The Goldbergs"
Jacob was sure to mention his new guest-starring role on the season 2 premiere (Oct 14) of NBC's About A Boy, as Eddie, the leader of Marcus’ new group. Be sure to look for The Amazing World of Gumballwhich airs on Cartoon Network with new episodes every Thursday (THAT'S TONIGHT!) at 6:30 PM EST. Keep up with Jacob Hopkins on Twitter at @HopkinsJacob5!

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