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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

"Time And Tide" Wait For No Man In This Week's Episode Of Agent Carter

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/20/2015 7:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
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It’s already been a week since we first and last saw Agent Carter and there’s no way you don’t already love this show! In this week’s episode, Peggy explains everything that took place in last week’s 2-hour premiere and goes on as a double agent for the S.S.R. and her friend Stark. It all kicks off with our lady looking into a book of symbols for her findings, before a man is seen climbing the wall, all the way to her window. Of course she’s waiting for him with a gun, but he claims to have gotten to the wrong place, telling her that his girlfriend lives in that women-filled group of rooms. At the same time, her fellow S.S.R. agents look into the hotel room of their now-late suspect Leet Brannis, finding some passports and money, along with his typing machine. Back where Peggy lives, the girl who had that late-night visitor gets kicked out due to the no-men-allowed rule. With the S.S.R. still looking into Brannis, Agent Carter pays Jarvis a visit to look into Stark’s stolen files, before her colleagues knock on the door to ask some questions. However, they only end up leaving with Jarvis and the femme fatale heads back to the office, to watch him being questioned. As soon as he’s ready to break (due to some old treason charges and wife-related questions), she jumps in to save the day and gets him out, but not without having to hear a lecture from her boss. Angie attempts to catch up with Peggy, but Agent Carter is not really up to making friends at this point. She’s quick to visit Jarvis again and looks into Stark’s belongings, going down a hole in the floor and to figure out what went on during the break-in at Stark’s facilities. At the workplace, Sousa is advised to stay away from Peggy, as she and Stark’s hand go deeper in the case. He fills her cup about his former treason. It doesn’t take long for them to find the stolen items hidden on a boat, but now Peggy wishes to call the S.S.R. and let them take care of the weapons. However, Jarvis thinks that won’t benefit neither his boss nor Agent Carter herself, who would be looking just as suspicious as Stark. Therefore, he gets to call and tip-off Sousa about where to find those goodies. With Peggy waiting for Jarvis right on location, the one on hold of the boat returns and is ready to put up a fight. He’s a tough guy as it seems, and even though Agent Carter gives him a hard time and kicks his ass, he eventually gets her down. Thankfully though, Jarvis returns to save her, but she later has to save him! In order to do so, she makes use of one of the super-catastrophic, bone-breaking weapons, courtesy of Mr. Stark. As her colleagues arrive, she and Jarvis make their sweet escape, but not without leaving a witness behind. The S.S.R. gets its hands on the weapons and takes them back to the base carefully, with a companion car taking the bad guy there as well. While on their way though, someone stops the latter and kill both the driver, Krzeminski, and the one previously on hold of the goodies. Back at the office, it’s a sad day for everyone, with Agent Carter being informed about her colleague’s tragic death. Devastated by the incident, Peggy offers salvation in the final moments by visiting Angie at the diner and trying to make it up to her for earlier. Where will the story take her from there? Don’t miss next week’s episode of Agent Carter to find out!

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